Fang laid in the dark room, staring at the ceiling while unintentionally listening to the rain. She really began to ponder whether, or not Vanille's words held truth in them. They couldn't of though, it just didn't make sense for her to be that kind of person. Vanille hated to hurt people, or even animals, so such a twisted confession must have been forced somehow. A deep sigh escaped her lips, as she struggled to wrap her head around the spoken words. The door swung open, Fang rolled towards the window to avoid the light. The slammed shut with thump, Fang sat up, as she heard foot steps approaching.

"Whose there?"

"It's me Vanille."

But, it wasn't really Vanille, but Lebreau with a well played imitation of the girl's voice.

"Did you really mean what you said?"

"Of course I did."

"Vanille...but why?"

"I don't love you in that way. I realized this while you were asleep."

"I see..." Lebreau could hear the pain in Fang's voice, and it almost made her feel a pang of guilt, almost.

"We're still best friends right?" Lebreau said this is a sugar sweet tone, as Vanille usually did.


"Goodnight then."


Lebreau slipped out of the room, Fang was turned on her side and did not see she was being fooled. Her heart ached in agony, she still loved Vanille so much, so much that it hurt. Fang's hand gripped the gown over her heart and squeezed it tightly. She felt her chest writhe from the pain, and was shocked herself when she felt liquid descend down her cheek. She had not experienced hurt like this since she learned of her parents death, and Vanille was always there with her when she felt like this. Vanille had always been the one to wipe her tears, and vice versa. Despite being in tremendous anguish the senior managed to dose off, perhaps from crying so much.


"Hey why is there a girl here?"

The brunette man questioned while turning to face his friend, and friend's girlfriend. Lightning walked over to see said girl, and was shocked to see Vanille. Cid recognized her as well almost immediately.

"It looks like she was jumped." Light made her way over to vice captain's girlfriend and helped her up. Rydgea took over from there and lifted the girl into a bridal hold.

"Shouldn't Fang of been with her though?" Cid gave Lightning a inquisitive look, which made a though burst through Light's mind.

"Serah! Do you think Serah is ok?"

"Call her and find out." Cid pulled his phone out, and Light exited the scene for a moment.

"So, who is this cutie anyways?" Rydgea looked quite pleased at the little red head in his arms, admiring her delicate features.

"She is Fang's girlfriend, Vanille. Don't get any ideas."

"Well, maybe they're not going out anymore. If Fang really cared she wouldn't of let her get hurt now would she?"

"I know Fang personally, and I know for a fact no matter what the situation she would not want her hurt. If anything Fang would let herself get beaten to a pulp just to ensure this girls safety."

"It doesn't matter. I'll win her heart." Rydgea looked at Cid smugly who gave him a glare in annoyance.

"Then expect failure."

"H-Hey! That's cold man."

"It is the truth."

"Hey, Serah is ok. She said Vanille went off on her own, and she couldn't find her. I guess she really was jumped. I got to tell Fang about this."

"Don't. I want to talk with Vanille here first." Rydgea smiled at Light who in turn rolled her eyes.

"Fang deserves to know the truth who cares what you want." She pulled the phone out again, pushing buttons on it.

"Hey, why are you guys so against me today?"

"Maybe because you're being selfish." Cid looked at Light as she scrolled through his contacts, he didn't have Fang's number.

"I guess we will have to go back to our hotel, so I can get her number." Cid nodded, and the couple started to walk off without Rydgea.

"You guys really gonna leave me alone with her?" A perverted smirk enveloped his face, Light immediately yanked Vanille from him.

"I knew that wouldn't last long.." He sighed in disappointment.


The morning had come and gone, the afternoon was settling in. Fang sat up in her hospital bed with a solemn look on her face. Her eyes lacked life, she felt a thousands times worse today than she had ever the night beforehand. Her point of vision was focused on the pale white wall straight ahead, and did not change at any point. Fang didn't want to think, she didn't even want to move. She did not flinch at all when the door swung open, and Lebreau bounced in.

"Hey Fang! How ya feeling today?" She grinned from ear to ear, as she walked over to crush observing her. Fang did not answer she continued to stare at the wall, she was in a totally different world then Lebreau. Lebreau gave her a good shake, and Fang looked at her. The brunette felt herself frown when she saw the pain in Fang's eyes, it hurt to see her like this.

"Hi. What brings you here?"

"I wanted to see how your head was."

"It's fine."

"Then, how are you?"

"I'm fine."

"You sure?"


"You look awful upset. I think I can cheer you up."

"I doubt it."

"I can too."


Lebreau grabbed hold onto Fang's shoulders, and pulled her into a steamy kiss. She transferred all her passion for Fang onto her lips, she pulled away with a satisfied smirk. Fang wiped her lips, and Lebreau felt her heart sink.

"It didn't cheer me up. You're a bad kisser."

"What! I am not!"

"If you say so."

"Why are you being so mean to me!"

"I am just being honest."

Lebreau clenched her fists tightly feeling insulted, and hurt beyond belief. She thought getting Fang to love her would be a piece of cake. She seemed to be terribly mistaken however, Fang really wasn't lying to her when she said she only had feelings to Vanille. She couldn't take it anymore, and decided to let her crush in on the truth.

"Look. Vanille didn't break up with you. That was me pretending to be her."

Fang shot back to life in an instant, grabbing Lebreau's shoulder giving them an almost violent shake.

"Is this the truth!"

"Yeah..I forced her to call you, and say that stuff too. It was all apart of my evil scheme to get you to go out with me."

Fang tightened her grip on Lebreau's shoulder which caused to her to shriek out in pain, the senior stared her down maliciously.

"What did you do to my VANILLE!"

Fang's voice came out as more a ferocious roar than a simple question, Lebreau was shaking in fear now.

"I..slapped her, and punched her. My friends dumped her in an alley somewhere."

"Well then maybe I should do the same to you!"

Fang raised up her fist in a blind fury, Lebreau just flinched while tears streamed out of her eyes. Fang forced herself to refrain from hurting the girl when she saw that she was crying out of fear. She figured that Lebreau wasn't even worth hitting, but she was a perfect target for fear.

"Get out now, or I'll track you down, and rip you apart!" Fang said this while ripping the sheet off her bed in half, Lebreau's hands covered in her mouth. She stumbled a bit, and ran out of the room as she fast as she could. Damn that felt good. In the midst of calming down from her height of anger, Fang mentally punched herself for not asking where Vanille was. A loud buzz went off, and Fang knew it was her cell phone. She picked it up and was surprised she saw the name displayed was Lightning's.

"Hey cap'n."

"Fang, do you know what happened to Vanille?"

"I just found out. How do you know?"

"Cid and I found her. She's awake now in our hotel room. She really wants to see you."

"I'd love to come see her, but I don't think the hospital would let me."

"That's what she said."

"Will you bring her over?"

"Yeah I will."

"Thanks cap'n."

"Heh, I'm your friend before your captain."

"AW! That's so sweet of ya Claire."

"Only Serah can call me that!"

Fang was tempted to mention something about a sister complex, but decided against it, now wasn't the best time for it.

"Hurry up and get over here!"


Light hung up, Fang placed the phone back on the table. She was completely at ease now that she was going to see her girlfriend again. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of her shoulders.



The two ran over to each other and straight into each others arms in tight loving embrace. Rydgea rolled his eyes, and left the room. Light decided she should keep an eye on him and followed suit. The couple held each other for a while, and then started dishing out multiple kisses to one another.

"I'm so happy to see you, you have no idea." Fang nuzzled the short girl's neck lovingly which caused her to giggle.

"I'm very glad you're awake now Fang." Her fingers ran themselves throughout her girlfriend's hair.

"Vanille, I love you so much."

"Fang, I love you so much more."

"That's impossible!"

"Is not!

"Is too!"

"Excuse me, love birds." Rydgea stood in the doorway looking angrier than he had beforehand. Vanille looked over at him curiously, observing all of his masculine features. She had to admit she did have a thing for his facial hair, but she would never tell Fang.

"Yes handsome?" Vanille sad in a chipper tone, Fang did not like this. It almost seemed to her that Vanille was flirting with the guy. She kept her mouth shut, Rydgea smirked at being called handsome.

"Can I talk to you privately miss Vanille?"

"Sure! Is that ok, Fang?"

Vanille looked at her girlfriend with an excited look, Fang only nodded. Vanille pulled away almost immediately, and jointed the brunette man in the hallway. Fang couldn't help but feel a bad vibe from him, and how Vanille was acting. She decided to shake off the negative thoughts, and focus on something else for the time being.

"Look, I know we just met, and all but. Would you marry me? I come from a rich family, and by the time I graduate I'm expected to marry, and take over the family business. I know you're in love with that chick, but I'm asking on account of my own skin. I don't want to disgrace my family, and I'm rich so you can have whatever you want, see? You'll be married to me, but we don't have to do anything ya know. It'll be like a business partnership. You can still be with Fang too. What do you say?"

"Marry you!" Vanille felt her face heat up, and she held her cheeks in embarrassment. Sure he was cute, but marriage?