A/N #1: This was written by one of your hosts, ImHereToReview, who wanted to join in on the fun. It is uploaded simply for your reading pleasure and is not eligible to win for obvious reasons. Enjoy.

A/N #2: This is a bit of a tribute to the great Lasmke who we lost a year ago this month. You may recognize parts of this scene from her first story. I wanted to do this in honor of her so I took this scene and streamlined it for the Quickie Contest.

A Great Performance

I walk through a familiar employee entrance with the collar of my trench coat clutched in my fists and pressed tight against my chest.

The heels of my boots echo loudly as I pass a man who tells me the hallway is restricted. Using my persuasive powers I convince him to let me pass.

Safe now in the small room I remove my coat and hang it next to his many suits and tuxes. I sit on a nearby table in silky blue and lacey white…waiting.

The door opens and Edward leans against the open entrance with a sexy smirk on his lips. He's pleased at what he sees and I'm pleased with his reaction.

"You gonna close that door or do you want everyone to see the show?" I ask.

He steps further into the room, loosening his tie. I hear the lock click into place.

"Have I ever told you that you look beautiful in blue?"

"I think you might have mentioned it."

Edward runs his hand up my boot to my knee as he stands between my legs. Then I feel his fingers between my legs, where he finds no barrier. "How long were you sitting here wet like this for me, Isabella?"

I don't respond.

"Not long, I hope," he answers his own question.

He backs away from the table, quickly unbuttoning his slacks. Letting them drop, he pulls his boxers over his ass and they slide down his thighs.

"Lean back on your arms and lift that gorgeous ass up, Isabella."

He uses his hand to place the head of his cock in me. I let out a deep moan as his hand reclaims its spot on my hip.

He gently pushes in, pulling me to him. After several slow thrusts they become stronger, harder, and he mumbles something along the lines of him being fucking lucky.

I lower myself back on to my elbows, deepening our connection.

My head falls back; I'm stuck in a repeating loop of "yes" over and over. I can feel my orgasm building and all I want to do is scream.

"Watching my cock fucking you, Bella. Uh, so beautiful."

With his words I lose it. I bite my lip and scream with my mouth closed to contain the noise, as my orgasm shoots through my body.

Edward leans forward, roughly pushing himself into me faster. He stops mid thrust, deep inside me and growls - his cock pulsing inside me. He pulls half way out, slowly, and then thrusts back in. Repeating the slow motion thrust while he finishes his release.

He kisses me deeply. Releasing my lips our foreheads press together – loving eyes look deeply into one another.

"I love you," we say in unison.

"Great performance tonight," I tell him – meaning both his show and our dressing room escapades.

He smirks in response, "Thank you, love."