The Maiden and The Captor

Okay so this is part one of...many...

The prompt boils down to something along the lines of, "Elizabeth and Robert have time alone together". I clearly like imagining this very much because it's nowhere close to being finished! I'm not even entirely sure what the ending is! I do have a bit of the second part written, but I don't know exactly when I'll have it finished.

Hopefully there aren't too many mistakes. The words were starting to blur together so I thought it was time to post it!

He heard the sound of leaves crunching and turned to see a figure hooded in a velvet cloak. Was that her idea of a disguise? He laughed softly to himself. Only Elizabeth would believe this outfit was appropriate for the situation. She could never be anything but a queen. It was in her blood.

She rushed up to him breathless, her cheeks bright spots of red against her pure white skin. He couldn't help but find the way her chest heaved and the way her black eyes shone awfully appetizing. His body started to lean forward, but he told himself to hold back and wait until they were truly alone.

Before he knew what happened, her lips were pressed against his. If she wanted to, who was he to tell her no? When she broke the kiss and backed away he saw her eyes wide in surprise.

"A little eager, are we?" he lifted his dark brows in jest.

She squeezed her lips together in annoyance. "You know there is nothing stopping me from turning around and leaving."

"I was merely teasing. Well, partly..."

She gave him a disapproving glare, but the way she easily let him swing her onto the horse told him she felt otherwise.

He swung himself onto the saddle behind her. There was hardly a space between them and it made his desire for her increase painfully. Elizabeth wasn't helping by leaning her body against his. He did not doubt that she was doing it intentionally. She turned and pressed her lips to his neck. Robert no longer cared if they were outside. The dark cloud of night was hiding them from the world. He captured her lips with his own, desperate to possess her. He sensed hesitation from her lips, but any resistance from her soon slipped away.

It was the impatience of his horse that caused their lips to part.

She turned her face away from his quickly. "Let's go before the beast throws us both."

"As you wish, your Majesty."

When they arrived at the lodge Robert had suggested, she seemed to be having seconds thoughts. She lingered by the horse and scanned the surrounding woods.

"There's no one here, right?" She shifted slightly on her feet and he could sense her hesitancy.

"I sent them all away and with plenty of money to keep them quiet."

"You make it sound as if we are committing a crime."

He instantly regretted his phrasing.

"Loving is not a crime, Bess."

Her eyebrows creased to form a frown. "It can be." He knew exactly what she was thinking of. Suddenly she looked like the frightened girl who told him she would never marry.

"You're under no obligation to me, Bess."

Her eyes lit up at his words. "Of course, I am under no obligation to you. I am under no obligation to anyone!"

Every word he said was coming out wrong. He was beginning to realize he had absolutely no idea what he was doing. Why had he asked her to come in the first place? What was he expecting to happen? He knew what he wanted to happen, but he was completely unsure of what was really going to take place.

It wasn't like him to be so flustered around a woman, but seeing her bright red hair gleaming against the green of her cloak made him realize that she wasn't merely a woman. She was a goddess. For a moment, he marveled at how magnificent the girl he knew as a boy had become.

But his unintentional insult had given her a newfound confidence. She lifted her chin in determination and grabbed his hand. "Let us go inside."

She looked around the room and turned towards him. "You're sure there is no one here? How is everything...?".

"I have my ways, Bess." he said, bowing dramatically. He was quite pleased to have pulled it all off. The room was freshly made, but there wasn't anyone in sight besides the two of them.

Suddenly she broke out into a laugh.

"How lovely, Robin. Seems you assumed I would come."

"I had reason to hope. You rarely go against your word."

"I never go against my word," she corrected, her tone every inch the regal queen she was.

Robert paused long enough for her to pick up on his hesitancy. For a brief second a flash of recognition shone in her eyes, signaling to him that she knew exactly what he was thinking of, but she did not put words to it.

She had promised him a few times that she would marry him and many more times she had hinted at marriage. He was still hoping that eventually she would make good on her promise.

To give her the answer she wanted, he thought of how she had so far stuck to her girlhood promise of never marrying. "You never go against a promise."

She gave him a small smirk to let him know that she knew he was lying, but was happy that she had won and he had conceded more than anything else.

She turned capriciously from him and started to wander about the room. "I'm really alone."

Robert hadn't moved far from the side of the room, not wanting to make her feel trapped. For now, he was more than content to watch the giddy smile that grew on her lips.

"I'm really alone!" she said, louder this time. "I don't think I've ever truly been alone in my entire life." She looked about the room in awe and bounced on her toes as if she was dancing.

She glided towards him, grabbed his hand, and spun her herself around before backing away from him and tossing herself on the pillows by the fire.

"Come lie with me, Robin." she held her arms out to him with a flirtatious smile. Elizabeth was always playful and he was uncertain as to whether her words were just for fun or had any element of something more to them. But that wasn't important now. He would enjoy every moment with her tonight, whether or not it was exactly what he wanted.

He took her hands and fell beside her. She let out a coquettish laugh before moving herself closer to him.

"We are alone."

"So I've been told." Robert teased, receiving a light slap from Elizabeth.

Turning away from him, she declared, "Oh, but you're no fun."

"I am a lot of fun."

"Show me."

"What would you like me to show you?"

She turned back and gave him a sly grin. "Surprise me."

He wasn't sure if that was an invitation or a trap, but his heart beat fast at the thought of it being the former.

Taking his chances, he placed his hand on her thigh and let it slide up her body. When it reached her breasts, he could feel her take a deep breath and he thought that perhaps...

But instead she rolled away from him. He swore that he could hear her laughing softly. She knew exactly what she was doing to him. It seemed she delighted in giving him hope and then denying him. Sometimes he wondered why he let her play this game with him. There was the thrill of the chase, the forbidden fruit, and then there was...this.

But he wasn't going to give up that easily. He lunged at her neck and began to kiss it. Elizabeth scrunched her shoulders and began to giggle. "Now I know what your idea of fun is!"

"You said you wanted to be surprised."

"I'd like to say I was surprised, but isn't that what all men consider fun?"

"Ah, but cannot a women consider that fun if it is with the right man?"

She briefly paused to consider his words before whispering, "Do you know what I think is fun?"

Before he could even utter the word "what", she had pushed herself off of the floor.

"Catch me!" she called, as she began dashing around the room.

He lifted his eyebrows in surprise at her request. Elizabeth would never consider losing fun, but he was fairly certain he would be winning this game.

She ran to the opposite corner of the room, a distance he quickly crossed. When she saw him coming, she turned quickly and leapt onto the bed. Her cheeks were flushed and the sound of her laugh filled the room. There was nothing more beautiful than her smile. It lit up her entire face, smoothing out any tension she carried. If his only legacy was being the man that made her happy, then he would die a content man.

"Are you even trying?" she called, placing her hands upon her hips like a petulant child.

"Perhaps you are just too good at running." he responded, marking the irony of his words before running towards her.

When she went to jump off of the bed, it was his arms she fell into. There was a breathless moment when he simply held her in his arms.

She pressed her body closer to his and whispered, "It seems you've caught me. Now that you have caught me, what is it that you want?" Her lips twisted into a sly smile.

"All this captor asks for ransom is the maiden's heart."

Her eyebrows raised in suspicion.

"Just the maiden's heart? But she might as well give all of herself for if she gives her heart she has nothing left."

He picked her up to fully claim her as his own. "The maiden has uncovered the secret plot! Now does she want to be free or trapped with him forever?"

Elizabeth looked at him knowingly, a hint of sincerity behind the playful light in her eyes. "It seems she has no choice. Either way she is his forever."

Robert noted how very vulnerable she was at the moment. It wasn't often that he had any advantage over her. At least he didn't think he had any advantage over her. But the look in her eyes made him realize he did have something. Something that was possibly more powerful than anything.

He had her heart.

It was something he wished he had, hoped he had, but was never entirely sure he had. As much as he didn't want to admit to it, he needed reassurance. He needed to be reminded of her love when she flirted with other men, when she was in the midst of marriage negotiations.

And now, with her emotions showing clearly in her eyes, he wanted to see just how much she loved him.

"But," he said as he placed her upon the pillows. "If she does not give her heart willingly, perhaps it's best to let her go."

For a moment, panic flashed across her face. The confident mask that pretending gave her began to falter.

She sat up quickly and looked up at him. "Does anyone willingly give their heart? Aren't we all fortune's fools when it comes to love?"

"From experience, this man can say yes."

"Then the maiden and the captor are in agreement on something."