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I had to write this and upload it off my iPhone so I apologize ahead of time for any mistakes. There will be things you might not understand yet in this chapter, but do not fear, they will be explained soon(:

"Follow me." a pretty blonde with an Italian accent says to us, after we had arrived in the Volturi headquarters. Alice pranced off after her, prattling on about how cute her shoes were, and the woman replied that Alice's haircut really flattered her. I began to follow, but Jasper pulled me back to him and looked me in the eyes.

"Do not say a word, unless I tell you to. I don't say that to be controlling, but the slightest mistake could put us all in danger. Do you understand, darlin'?" he asked solemnly.

I nodded, and he pulled us after them. My brain was trying to wrap itself around the expansive and intricate walls and ceilings. Gold trim and roman looking murals embellished every surface. The flooring must have been renovated, as it was a random mixture of large black, red, and marble tiles. After making several turns into different hallways, we traveled up a small flight of wide stairs that led up to a great ornate door consisting of two ancient looking brass door knobs. On either side of the door were giant bowls filled with a clear substance.

The woman, who Alice called Gianna, stopped at the door and before pulling it open dipped her fingers in the pot, and brought it to each of our foreheads, and whispering, "Misericordia vobis".

I gave Jasper a curious look, and he rolled his eyes slightly. Gianna then held the door for us and we walked through into a room with just barely enough light for me to see. It was decorated just as, or even more, as the rest of the building, but seemed more authentic.

Around the room was a crowd of vampires, probably 50 or more, with differing expressions of hostility, fearful interest, or plain boredom. Seated in the center of it all were three handsome men. As soon as we had begun our entrance, the middle one stood with great show, and raised his arms in greeting. Speaking in Italian, he turned slowly in a 180, addressing the whole room, before gesturing to Jasper. The only thing I managed to make out was "Dio della Guerra", which I assume was him introducing Jazz as the God of War.

Some of the vampires reverently bowed their heads with their fists on their hearts, some narrowed their eyes or stepped back, and some cracked their knuckles or necks.

"Cut the crap, Aro." my mate growled out. It felt odd to call him "mate" in my mind. Yes, he was attractive as hell, but would I really want to be stuck with such a moody bastard for all eternity?

"I don't understand your reluctance to be present, my son. You know your place amongst my guard will forever be welcome." the man spoke out in an eerie, smooth voice, that was just slightly too high for a man's tone.

"You know why we're here. I'm sure the pain in the ass has already contacted you, yes?"

"You speak of the mind-reader. As a matter of fact, he has been here, complaining of losing his mate, who happened to be human..." he said as his eyes slowly transitioned to me. His stare felt examining; almost as if I was a bug to be squashed, or a steak to be savored.

"She is mine. Write it down in the book, and we will have no conflict." Jasper demanded.

"Nonsense, it is unheard of. A human mating with a vampire? I can see how you might be confused; she does smell...entrancing." he argued.

Jasper's snarl ripped through the air, and left a silence in the room, followed by cautious murmuring from the bystanders. His fingers dug into my hip, and, from his position behind me, he knelt his head to inhale my hair. A gesture I had seen Emmett do to Rose, or Carlisle to Esme. At such a threatening noise, the tall man from the airport stepped forward from the crowd in a counter threatening position.

Alice chose to speak then.

"You know not to antagonize him, Aro. If you are so wary of this situation, why not ask Marcus of their bond?"

"Very well. Brother?" Aro held out his hand for the man with the disinterested expression to take. When he did, Aro snatched it up and clung to the other man's hand with both of his own. His smile faltered, and then grew as his eyes became unfocused. He stepped away and laughed manically.

"How wonderful? How intriguing? Oh, I do love surprises!" he covered his mouth with his hands to contain his theatrical show of joy. "The bond is young still, but Marcus has not yet seen one with such potential, or such strength."

Jasper relaxed a little until Aro came closer and looked him in the eyes, and beckoned to me.

"May I?" At the responding hiss, he tried again. "Oh, don't get too wound up Major, I only wish to see what she sees."

Jasper relented after a moment, and nodded his head. Aro stuck his olive skinned hand out towards me.

"Come, dear. I won't bite." I figured he was attempting a joke, but there was honestly no humor poking through his expression. I assumed he wanted to read my thoughts, as he had done with Marcus, so I gave him my hand. Jasper's hold on me tightened to slightly painful, but it actually made me feel safer.

"Ah. She is a blank canvas." his brows furrowed. And he glanced at Jasper before making eye-contact with me, with a slightly worried expression. "A shield."

Alice turned towards Jasper, "That explains why Edward couldn't read her mind!" Jasper hissed at Alice.\

"The mind-reader too? She may be more powerful than we think-as a vampire of course." Aro murmured while keeping his eyes on me. Occasionally they would glance inquisitively at Jasper, before returning to me, which made both of us uneasy. "Prepare them a few rooms. I wish to converse later."

A few guards left the room and Jasper stepped forward. "That is completely unnecessary Aro. We have matters of our own to attend to back in the U.S."

"And you shall attend to them, just at a later date." Aro replied in a bored tone, while turning and walking back to his "throne", and waving a hand in dismissal. So, apparently all vampires are that moody? Jasper glanced at Alice, and I noticed her eyes seemed slightly unfocused. No one would notice, unless they were aware of what was happening; she was in the middle of a vision.

Hey guys. I know it's been awhile so for that I am sorry. For such an ancient empire type thing that the Volturi had going on in the books, I would have imagined a much more ceremonial and formal feel to their traditions. So if you don't like the small change I'm making please feel free to let me know, but I probably won't change it.

Throughout the Volturi chapters, you will see many Latin and Italian words. I figure such people as the three brothers, who had lived so long, would be more acquainted with Latin than the more modern form of Italian.

(latin) Misericordia vobis: Mercy unto you. (an allusion to vampires being "damned", but a polite and ritualistic greeting in the Volturi castle.

(Italian) Dio della Guerra: God of War

The book, the clear liquid, and more will be explained in the coming chapters. Leave a comment, my loves!