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Meet Valerie, the dragon of electricity.

It was a bright sunny day at the Xiaolin temple. It has been exactly one week since Raimundo Pedrosa had been promoted to Shuko warrior and leader of the Xiaolin team. The team was all sitting at the table eating their morning breakfast. Clay, the dragon of earth, was eating himself a plate of bacon, eggs, and a side of steak. Omi, dragon of the water was having himself eggs, toast, and a side of goat milk. Kimiko, dragon of fire, was having herself eggs, bacon, and a cup of apple juice. Raimundo, the Shuko warrior and also dragon of the wind was having eggs, toast, and a side of sausage. The morning seemed to go excellent…then master Fung walked in the room.

"Good morning young monks. I hope you all are ready for a day of surprises." Master Fung said with a warm smile.

"I don't know how many more surprises I can take." Raimundo said very annoyed.

"What do you mean Raimundo?" Master Fung asked. "Well for the fact that all my soccer balls are gone, my MP3 player somehow ended up in the toilet, and that a golden dragon is now imprinted on every part of clothing, I'm pretty sure I'm done with surprises." Rai explained.

"Raimundo, as a young leader there is much you still need to learn so small things like your soccer balls and 3PM player are nothing more than a nuisance to your training. And as for the dragon, I believed that was just a good fashion statement." Master Fung said with a little sarcasm. Rai had smoke coming out of his ears. He knew that it was Master Fung's nice way of saying that he needed to grow up.

"Well I think it's a mighty fine idea to get Rai to start focusing." Clay said.

"Oh yes. Rai may take years of a million to have focus." Omi said.

"Uh I think you mean a million years." Kimiko pointed out.

"Why would it take him that long to have focus?" Omi asked. Kimiko slammed her hand against her forehead. Rai began to grow very red and angry.

"Neither the less, Raimundo will be going on a solo quest today. Dojo will be accompanying you and be your guide." Master Fung stated.

"I remember going on this quest with Dashi, still can't get that burn off the back of my tail." Dojo said as he lifted his tail up to show everyone his burn. It was pink and squishy looking. Everyone gave a huge BLECK! "When you return tomorrow afternoon, a surprise will be waiting for you." Master Fung said.

"I swear if I come back and I learned that you moved my room to the top of the mountain and changed my name were gonna have some problems." Raimundo said as he got up to go outside with Dojo. He hopped on the over grown lizards back and flew off into the distant mountains.

"Master Fung, what exactly is the surprise Raimundo is getting?" Omi asked feeling a little jealous that Raimundo gets a surprise and not him.

"I actually wished to show you three first before Raimundo to see what you three think." Master Fung said while leading them to the front of the temple.

"Well there she is." Said master Fung pointing to the entrance. The young dragons gasped in surprisement. It was a young girl.

"Yo." Said the girl.

"Her name is Valerie and her and Raimundo are very close." Said master Fung.

"Like how close?" Kimiko said coldly.

"I will explain later but the real surprise is that she is a new student of this temple and also a chosen one." Everyone looked at Master Fung like he was a mad man. "Her element is electricity. She will be taught the same way as the four of you and hopefully you will all get along.

"Rai has actually told me a lot about you three." Valerie said with a smile.

"Oh well hello Valerie I am Omi and I am quite skilled when it comes to knowing the secrets of a female." Valerie looked at him a little creeped out.

"Oh don't mind the little critter, he just doesn't know how to approach a lady." Said clay while Omi looked at him little offended. "I'm Clay it's very nice to meet your acquaintance." He said.

"Well it's very nice to meet you." She said while shaking his hand. Kimiko walked over a little shaken.

The word CLOSE was playing over and over in her head. "Umm" Kimiko snapped out of her trance with the confusion of Valerie wondering why Kimiko was so close.

"Oh! I'm sorry I'm Kimiko!" She said nervously holding out her hand. "Um hi ha-ha." Valerie said a little uncomfortable. Valerie was very pretty. She had long red hair with green eyes. She was about three inches taller than Kimiko and she was very well built. She had a whole bunch of freckles on her face and a very nice smile. She was wearing a "above the influence" T-shirt and some grey skinny jeans and black converse. Kimiko became very jealous.

"So how close are you and Rai anyway?" Kimiko asked Valerie a little mean like, and before Valerie could answer master Fung told her to come inside to make herself at home. She left Kimiko and her, Omi, and Clay went in. Kimiko felt something she never felt before, but what is this hatred but at the same time hurting feeling?

As she went inside she noticed all of them talking. Obviously about HER. Kimiko didn't want to interrupt so she sneaked by to hear what they were talking about.

"Well are most confusions done and over with?" asked master Fung. Omi and Clay nodded their heads.

"Very well I will leave you to show our new friend around and how things work."

"Um excuse me when is Rai supposed to be coming back?" Valerie asked.

"Tomorrow afternoon don't worry we won't keep you away from him." Master Fung said with a smile and walked out of the room. Kimiko tried to walk in but heard Clay start talking to Valerie.

"So Val, how old are you anyway." Asked Clay. Omi looked very interested too,

"Well I'm one year younger then Rai so I'm 14. She said proudly.

"You and Rai are really close aren't ya?" Said Clay

"Oh yes you two seem to be two pods in a pea." Said Omi

"Uh I'm pretty sure you mean two peas in a pod and ya we are we do everything together. It was really hard to say good bye to him in Brazil but now we will be together every day." Said Valerie very happy like after putting everything in her room. "Can I ask where the beds are?" she asked.

"Boy you and Rai are like a cow and bull, way too similar." Said Clay. The three of them went out to the court yard. Kimiko came out ready to do some sneaking around. She went into Valerie's room and was snooping around and found her bag. She opened it and it was filled with her clothes and she found a Linkin Park CD and a couple of band T-shirts. About ready to give up her search to find answers of how 'close' they truly were, she stumbled around a box hidden under a pile of clothes on the side of the door. She knew it was wrong but she needed to know. She opened the box and saw it was filled with pictures of her and her friends Kimiko was guessing. She looked all the way down and found pictures of her and Raimundo. They looked as though they went to exotic places. Somewhere in the forests, the beaches, and even amusement parks. Kimiko thought she knew it. They were dating. For the rest of the night Kimiko became real quiet. She went in her room and didn't even bother to eat dinner.

Kimiko's thoughts.

I don't understand why I feel like this. Why do I care that Rai has a girlfriend? I bet he wouldn't care if I had a boyfriend so I do I care he has someone? Why do I feel kind of hurt? I do not understand this at all.

Kimiko started to dread the fact Rai was coming home tomorrow.

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