Well guys it's the final chapter…wow never thought I would actually finish this story! Haha but I do promise there will be a sequel soon. I just need to work on these unfinished stories I keep forgetting about XD And I think the sequel is also gonna be rated M not much for sexual content but for more torture reasons.(I need some serious help..) Haha! But anyways thank you to: Tyrean14, Rokunami123, Kimrailover07391997, Anomynous, Xioalin Fan, Kaylee214, XemlovezyouX11233, and 21 hugs! I love you guys and be ready for the sequel because its gonna be nuts!

Please enjoy the final chapter…

13 years later…

It was a bright and sunny day in China. The birds chirped as the butterflies flew from flower to flower. At the Xioalin temple from the outside was peaceful. But of course in the inside it was completely opposite.

"AH!" Screamed a voice. Suddenly a man landed on his back in the training courts. He was wearing a grey and black Tunic with a black sash and white pants. He had long shaggy brown hair and bright green eyes. He was tall with semi muscle. He also wore a black medallion around his neck.

"Geez Phoenix you gotta be so rough?" He asked with a smirk still on the ground. A young girl stood in front of him and put her hands on her hips. She wore the trainee female robes. She had long layered black hair and bright green eyes. She was tall for her age and very slim.

"Papa you seriously need to stop letting me win!" Phoenix yelled. The man laughed as he stood up.

"Now what kind of father would I be if I didn't let my daughter win every so often?" He said with an evil smirk. She whipped her hand around sending a gust of wind at him making him fall over on the ground laughing.

"Your suppose to be teaching me not letting me win!" She yelled with anger in her eyes. The man stood back and looked at his enraged daughter He walked over to her and smiled.

"Well I promise you, you will be the best Wind Dragon there ever lived, besides me." He said pointing at himself with a large smirk. Phoenix smirked as she slapped him in the back of the head.

"Hey!" He yelled rubbing his head.

"Like im really going to beat the great Raimundo Pedrosa!" She said sarcastically with a smirk. He laughed as he ruffled her hair.

"And since when did I have such a smart ass for a daughter?" He smirked. She pushed it away and laughed. The two were distracted by a tall yellow skinned man coming from the front.

"Hey Omi! Got the new student?" Raimundo yelled waving at the tall Asian man walking up with a teenage boy about the age of 14 with black hair and bright blue eyes. He was just a tad taller then Phoenix and was very shy. Raimundo elbowed his daughter and raised a brow and smirked.

"Don't you dare papa or I swear your gonna wake up with no hair!" She threatened He laughed loudly as he looked back at his old friend.

"So Omi what's his name?" He asked folding his arms.

"Tyler Sherman from the United Kingdom. I will be training him to be the new Dragon of water." Omi said with a warm smile. Raimundo laughed as he looked behind him to see his old buddy Clay teaching his son another roping lesson.

"Oh this is gonna be good." Raimundo said as he walked over to the porch with his daughter and Omi and his new student. Clay was standing up, taller now with more muscle and thinned out. He was doing tricks with his lasso in front of his 12 year old son.

"Now ya see Anthony its all in the wrist." Clay was explaining. Nicki sat on the chair next to Clay. Her body was slender and tall. She had a smirk on her face as she watched her son look at his father in irritation. He was just an inch shorter then Phoenix and had long shaggy blonde hair like his father and bright green eyes like his mother. He watched his father lassoing the rope around and sighed and decided to instead escape by riding his skate board outside. Clay stood there with his jaw dropped. Nicki let out a laugh and hugged him tight.

"Come on Clay he doesn't need to know about any of that if he is gonna be the Dragon of Electricity." She said making a spark in her hand. Clay "hmphed" making her laugh harder.

Anthony was about to pass Raimundo till Rai put out his arm to make him stop.

"Aw come on Uncle Rai! I dont wanna learn about flinging around a rope!" Anthony yelled. Raimundo looked down at him and smirked.

"Look your dad just wants to feel useful since you didn't inherit his element. Just hang about for an hour. It won't kill you." He said with a smile. Anthony looked up at him and groaned as he walked back in.

"Why do you gotta make him suffer?" Phoenix asked her father. He laughed and looked at her.

"Because its fun." He simply said. His body froze and a huge grin grew on his face as he saw his wife walk out with a bulged belly and a bright smile. Her blue eyes shinned bright and her raven black hair hung down. Raimundo gazed at her for a moment then walked up to her.

"Hey Kim how you feeling today?" He asked. Kimiko shrugged and laughed.

"Well Zachary has been kicking me like crazy today but other then that im fine." She smiled as she rubbed her stomach. Raimundo put his hands over hers and leaned in and kiss her sweetly. They stayed like that for a while till they heard an "ew". They looked to see Phoenix standing there covering her eyes.

"Oh my god! Old people should not make out!" She yelled. Raimundo laughed as he looked at his daughter.

"Excuse me but by the time you're my age ill probably still look younger then you!" He said with a smirk. Kimiko watched the two till she felt a presence behind her. She looked to see it was Master Fung with Dojo around his neck.

"We have mail for you." He said with a smile. Both she and Raimundo walked to the back. They stood over a table with Omi, Clay, and Nicki. Raimundo wrapped his arms around Kimiko as he laid his head on her shoulder. Dojo dove into the pile of mail.

"This one is for Clay." He stated. Clay grabbed the letter from the lizard and observed it. He opened and was surprised.

"My daddy soled the ranch to Jesse." He said laughing.

"That was defidently not a surprise." Omi said. Raimundo snickered.

"If it aint a surprise for Omi then it's not a surprise at all." He said with a grin and to be elbowed by Kimiko.

"This is for you Kim." Dojo said handing her a letter. She opened it up to see it was from Keiko.

"Wow Keiko wrote me a letter. She said she wants to try things more modern since everything is so high tech now. Huh weird….but anyways she said she is now the Co-owner of her fathers company and she said my father has made the partnership with Pathfinders public!" She looked at the letter with Awe.

"Geez my dad needs to get a life..." Raimundo whispered under his breath.

"Ya he's like 50 years old and he still plays with toys." Nicki said with a laugh. Kimiko looked at the siblings and sighed.

"Well our fathers will forever be kids like someone I know." She narrowed her eyes at Raimundo who laughed nervously.

"Ok kid you got two." Dojo said handing two of them to Raimundo.

"Who they from Rai?" Nicki asked. Raimundo opened the first one and laughed slightly.

"This one is from Nick and Naomi. They said since the partnership was broken, they moved on to be traveling performers. Harmony and Serenity are going to become famous singers of Brazil while the boys are gonna open up a car shop. Naomi and Nick have been traveling with a group of performers from country to country." He said with a smile.

"Well that's good there making something of their lives now." Clay said tipping his hat forward. Raimundo put the letter on the table and looked at the next one to see the fancy writing He opened it to see it was an invitation to a wedding. Raimundo went bug eyed.

"What Rai?" Nicki asked.

"You, Raimundo Pedrosa, Kimiko Tohomiko, Nicki Pedrosa, Clay Bailey, Omi, and the children are cordially invited to Micah Pedrosa and Damian Shaws wedding." He said quietly. Everyone gasped.

"Little Micah is getting married!" Nicki said with excitement. Kimiko looked at Raimundo who was looking at the letter carefully.

"Rai you ok?" She asked.

"I just cant believe my baby sister is getting married already...Im already imagining by the time shes thirty, Ill still be 23.." He said quietly. Kimiko touched his face softly.

"Hey. You always be her big brother." She said sweetly. He smiled and laughed as he saw on the bottom of the invitation was a hand written note saying "I love you Rai-Rai!" With a heart symbol next to it. He looked up at Master Fung who smiled. He heard laughter coming from outside to see the children playing. He knew that evil will return one day. He didn't know when and didn't know how. But he knew, he will be ready!