A.N: This story is based in the Luthor-verse. I'm not trying to fix anything from that episode, because I don't think there is anything to fix. I just have this obsession with that world and I love exploring it. It's kind of sick to be honest. I had a lot of fun writing this. It wasn't always easy. I had to go to some pretty dark places sometimes. But I am pretty proud of the end result.

I hope you enjoy. :)

Chapter One: Earth I

He crashed into their safe haven through the roof on purpose. He wanted to prove to them how powerful he was. But other than that, he was angry. She'd betrayed him. His own sister had forged ties with the enemy and sold him out.

He looked up slowly before he stood up tall. He surveyed the minimal damage he'd caused and looked over at the fallen traitor. "Get up, Tess." When she didn't even move, his rage got the better of him. "GET UP!"

"Clark, if this is some kind of Red K episode we can work this out."

How did she know about Red K? He quickly grabbed her by the lapels of her jacket and tossed her aside, as far away from him as possible. He listened to make sure she was alive. He'd never actually hurt Lane.

"Leave her alone."

He turned toward the pleading voice on the floor.

"I wouldn't worry about Lane, sis." He smirked before frowning again. "It's remarkable what you can hear when you stop to listen."

"You can't stay here…" Tess said.

"I can do whatever I want." He walked toward her, crushing glass beneath his feet. "I'm not going back to Lionel's world, because that's exactly what it is… Lionel's." He kneeled down in front of her. "This world will be mine." Clapping his hands twice, he extended one toward her. "Give me the box."

He loved when she tried to manipulate him with just one look. She really believed she actually had any power over him, when it was he that had been manipulating her for years. She glared at him and he raised his eyebrows with amusement.

A small smile touched her lips but was gone instantly. "And if I don't."

He smiled slowly before folding his hands on his knees. "I'll kill you."

The look she gave him would always be his favorite. He loved scaring her.

He lifted her up roughly. "You are going to get me that damn box. Or I'll kill you and your new bosom buddy over there."

Tess looked over his shoulder and saw Lois passed out behind the desk. "You won't hurt her."

"Don't be so sure of yourself, sis." He smiled. "I've never really been fond of her. You know that."

"You would have done it already." Tess smirked. "She'd be broken in two right now not out of your way."

He pushed her forward and sighed. "The box, Tess. Now."

She shook her head as he pushed her along. "Is every version of you destined to love the same woman?"

He spun her toward him and dug his fingers into her skin. "Then why am I with you, Tess?"

"Because she hates you?"

His eyes flashed red and she shrugged him off her. He stepped back and eyed her angrily.

"You don't even know what you're talking about."

Tess glanced at the screen and walked toward it.

"You better be finding that damn box, Tess."

She looked over her shoulder with a glare and hit a few keys.

He watched her type at the computer and looked around Watchtower again. He'd recognized the building instantly. In his world, Oliver Queen owned it. He played with the ring on his pinky and let his eyes land on his fiery sister. He smirked.

"Are you almost finished?" he started toward her. He found what he presumed was her bag behind her and walked toward it. He smiled when he saw the mirror box inside and took it out when he suddenly felt the effects of the green meteor rock surrounding him. He looked up and saw Tess was holding a gun in front of him. He could see the bullets had green meteor rock. "That's not necessary, sis."

"You damn right it is, you bastard."

He rolled his eyes when he recognized the voice behind him.

"You teamed up with boy wonder too", he asked shaking his head holding the mirror box in his hand tightly.

Oliver held his bow and arrow up and walked around the man standing in the middle of the room.

"You weren't kidding, Tess… he does look just like him."

Clark stepped back away from them and away from the one thing on this planet that could literally make his blood boil.

He smirked as they held their weapons up toward him. The further back he walked, the better he started feeling. When the pain had almost subsided he focused his eyes behind them and shot bursts of fire at the computers. Oliver pulled Tess away from the exploding screens and in the scuffle they dropped what they were holding. They looked up from the ground.

Clark smiled menacingly and walked over to do them. "You are going to pay for that."

He lifted Oliver up by his shirt and tossed him across the room. His limp body hit the computer screens and landed by the door. Clark turned back to Tess. "You betrayed me. I never expected that from you."

"I'm not your Tess." She seethed.

He grabbed her by her neck and lifted her off the ground. "Then killing you will be easy."

The effects were hitting him again. Tess was getting heavy; he felt his arm go limp and dropped her to the ground. He turned to find Lane behind him with a bow and arrow. The arrow was tipped with meteor rock.

"I don't know who the hell you are but you better get away from her."

Tess scrambled toward the gun and picked it up. She pointed it at him. "Oliver!"

He looked behind him to find Oliver standing up slowly. He'd caused some damage. Their computer systems were ruined. There were wires hanging from where the flat screens used to be. He'd even destroyed their lights. Oliver walked up to him. He gave the blond billionaire a smug smile. Oliver's fist made contact with his jaw. Clark saw stars as he fell to the ground in front of him.

"You're lucky I'm surrounded by this crap." He said as he tasted blood in his mouth. He wiped it with his forearm and groaned at the stain, rolling his eyes. "That's going to stick."

Oliver walked back to Tess and Lois who were standing away, but not too far away that the meteor rock wouldn't affect him.

"Oliver, do it." Tess was saying. "Now."

"You can kill me…" Clark taunted. "But that doesn't guarantee you'll be getting your Clark back."

Lois snapped her neck toward Oliver. "Wait."

"Lois, he's lying…" Tess was telling her.

"How do we know that?" she asked them. "He might be telling the truth."

"Oliver, damn it, kill him." Tess said pointing the gun at Clark's head. "Or I swear to God, I will."

"Wait!" Lois pleaded. "Tess! Stop! It's Clark!"


Oliver walked toward him with his arrow poised. "Nighty, night."

"Wait!" Lois screamed at them before she jumped in front of Clark Luthor.

Clark grabbed her by the waist and held her close intending on using her for cover when a flash of light blinded them.

Oliver's eyes widened at Clark suddenly holding his hands up with the box still in his hand. "I'm me."

Oliver looked around. "What did you do with her, you bastard!"

Clark gulped at the sudden pain and looked behind them at the brunette holding an arrow. "Lois? Please, tell them… I'm me…"

She lowered the arrow with confusion and the realization hit him hard. He blinked. Lois wasn't his Lois.

"How did you…"

"Clark… Kent?" she asked slowly.

Oliver and Tess lowered their weapons at the same time and looked toward her. They took in how different she looked.

"What the hell just happened?" Oliver asked.

"Oliver, the Kryptonite…" Clark muttered in pain.

Oliver reacted quickly and took the gun Tess was holding and the arrow Lois had dropped. He ran them across the room and put them in the lead lined locker. When the effects wore off, Clark stood and walked toward Lois. She took a step back and he cringed.

"It's okay… it's me… Clark Kent…"

She let a smile graze her lips. "I recognized you…"

"How did you get here?" Clark asked.

"I don't know…" she shrugged. "One minute, I was on the roof top where you left me and the next, I'm here." She looked down at the teal blouse and pants and scrunched her face. "What happened?"

Clark looked at his friends for an explanation and frowned when he saw they had none.

"I don't know…" he promised. "But I'll get you home to your fiancée."

She nodded.


He looked at Oliver.

"If this Lois is here… then our Lois is…"

"On Earth two…" he nodded. "With that monster."