Rachel POV

I snuck into the phone booth and quickly closed the glass door behind me. I peeled off my leather jacket and wrapped it around my fist to punch the blinding light bulb. Glass rained down, and the entire booth filled with darkness. After shaking out the jacket and tying it around my waist, I turned to the phone and pressed on the grimy silver keys. Holding the blue, plastic phone to my ear, I heard the dial tone. Someone picked up.

"Hello, what project are you calling for?" said a lady's monotone voice.

"It's Rachel, experiment 2145. I'm calling to make a status report on the Genesis project. I know things didn't exactly go as planned, but tell Dr. Davidoff that I still have everything under control. The subjects still trust me enough to keep me with them. I will bring back these failed experiments as soon as possible."

"I sure do hope so, miss Rachel. Because if you fail to do this one job, your own life and freedom will be at risk," says the voice. I sighed and nodded.

"Yes, yes I know. But I won't fail. I have to get back to them now, or else they'll actually notice that I've left."

"Good luck, miss Rachel. And please try to report back on a regular basis."

"I don't know if I can do this as often as I have in the past. Without the stability of the safe house, I think the other experiments will find it strange to see me making so many phone calls."

"I honestly don't care about any of your excuses Rachel. I'm sure you'll figure something out." I gritted my teeth and rolled my eyes.

"Yeah. I'll figure it out. Bye." I slammed the phone back into its place without waiting to hear her reply. I stepped out of the phone booth and back onto the street sidewalk. It was the middle of the night, and only a scarce amount of cars were whizzing by. The cool air gave me chill bumps on my bare arms, but I didn't mind.

I made it back to the alley where we were camped out. Tori and Simon were still bickering to each other, and I silently sat back down in the spot where I was sitting before I went to make the call. They didn't even notice that I left. Idiots. Chloe and Derek were still out "getting supplies" for everyone. Whatever that means. I just hope Chloe didn't forgive Derek yet. Having them be all chummy with each other again, would seriously give me a disadvantage with my plan. Tori's voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Rachel! Don't you think that if I had a brother, that I'd want to know about it?" Tori's face has been red for a while now, and she was still fuming. I flipped my dark brown hair, and gave her a "genuine" smile.

"Of course, Tori. That's definitely the type of information that a true friend should tell you," I said. Tori turned on Simon again.

"See? At least she understands me!" Simon just shrugged and sat down on the ground.

"You know what, Tori, I'm done fighting with you today. Looks like we're gonna have continue this little conversation tomorrow," he said, leaning against the wall, and sleepily looking towards the dark and cloudy sky. Tori shrugged as if she didn't care.

"Fine! I was wasting by breath talking to you anyway," she said, pacing back and forth. Simon's eyes were only closed for about thirty seconds, when Derek came rushing in the alley, Chloe a few steps behind him. They both dropped their bags of stuff, and were breathing heavily as if they sprinted the entire way here.

"Get your stuff together guys. We gotta get moving," Derek said.

"Why, what happened?" I asked him with an innocent voice.

"We'll explain later, but I'll tell you that we're being targeted again," he said.

"Aren't we always?" Tori compained.

"Wait. Derek, what's this really about?" Simon said, wanting an explanation. Chloe sighed.

"It's about me. An old friend of mine from school caught sight of me at the convenience store and he recognized me right away. Long story short, he now wants to turn me in for a one million dollar prize."

"A Million dollar prize? Ugh, there's always something chasing after us, isn't there?" Tori said.

"I'm really sorry, guys. I come back, and I immediately start causing problems." Chloe said, close to tears.

"Don't say that. This isn't your fault. All we have to do now is find a way to leave town, settle down somewhere else." Derek said, rubbing his temples.

"Hey guys, I know a place we can go." Everyone's eyes turned to me. "It's kinda far from here, but it's definitely our best choice right now."

"What place are you talking about?" Simon asked. They all waited patiently for my answer.

"Vancouver island."

Author's note:

Hi everyone! It's been so long and I really missed this story, so I decided to make an epilogue. I thought this would be a great lead-up to a potential merge between these characters and the characters in Kelley Armstrong's Darkness Rising series. However, if you have not read the Darkness Rising series, then you probably won't get the ending to this chapter. Read on, everyone! :) April 03