Title: Thoughts
Rating: T
Pairing: Edward/Jasper
Summary: Jasper and Alice join the Cullen family
Word Count: 314
Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns everything, I just have ideas.

I could hear their thoughts as they head towards our house. One, a man, kept repeating the same thing. Please don't let this end badly. The other, a female, was enthusiastic, opposite of her companion. Almost there, we'll finally be a family.

Their thoughts, especially hers confused me, but I alerted everyone that we would soon have the company of two vampires.

We wait for them out on the porch. Carlisle stands in front so his position as head of the family will be known. They stop about 30 feet in front of him. I don't pay much attention to what's being said as I look them over.

I check out the girl first, Alice, I think. She is small and fidgety, black pixie hair sticking out in all directions, eyes gold and looking straight at me. Interesting.

My eyes move to the man. He is talking with Carlisle so his attention is elsewhere. I look him up and down. Tall, muscular, with blonde curls framing his face, wild from running here. I must be appreciating the look, because I notice the tightening in my pants.

His golden eyes are suddenly on me, his thoughts too. The girl is jumping with excitement beside him. I don't look to see why. I find myself walking down the porch toward him. Unable to control my actions, I tell him my name. "I'm Edward." He steps closer, hand outstretched, "Jasper."

When our hands touch, he gasps, and my world shifts. I can taste the venom pooling in my mouth, my unnecessary breathing increases. His eyes open wide in shock.

My family's thoughts echo with their confusion. The girl next to him chuckles and thinks, Yes, I knew it. But it's his thoughts that matter. They reflect my own.

My mate.

I can't help the smile that takes over my face as I say, "Welcome to our family."