Title: Call me Clyde
Summary: Sometimes the best gifts come in strange wrapping.
Word Count: 497
Rating um whats betwen T and M? lol
Disclaimer: I don't own Clyde or Pac-Man. I do, however, own cherry and strawberry tatts on my lady bits...Wanna come munch on those Pac-Man?
Picture #3..the pac-man pic

"Alice! What did you do!" I cried, staring at my neon-orange hair in the mirror.

"I don't understand...the box said to leave in for 10 minutes for subtle highlights."


"Bella...you know I'm not one for subtlety."

"What am I going to do? The costume party starts in two hours! I can't be Xena when my head looks like a pumpkin!"

"Um...I'll fix it...just..uh...let me...just..run to the store... It'll all be ok. Trust me!"

"That's what got me into this mess!"

"Get undressed and meet me in my bedroom Bella. I got the PERFECT costume for you!"

I warily put down my book and followed the psychotic pixie to her room, cringing as I passed the mirror in her bathroom. Undressed, I grabbed the garment bag she passed through the slightly open door. Unzipping it, I stared down at it in confusion. It was a ghost costume. Not a booooooo-scary-white-sheet-with-holes-in-it. No-not even that cool. It was an ..

"I thought it would compliment your hair!"

"Alice! I'm not wearing this! I'll just stay home."

Twenty minutes later I found myself being dragged into the costume party by a mutant-midget dressed like a hooker with cat ears. Yeah, that looks so much like a cat. At least SHE'D get some attention tonight. Well, I'm sure I will get tons too, just not the good type.

The party was pumping and I was sweating to death in my horrid full-body-ghosty-costume. I found it impossible to navigate with my limited vision, so I had spent the night up against the wall. The heat was starting to get to me, so I attempted to make it outside.

"Excuse me. Sorry! Oh sorry about that! Scuse me! Pardon me." I fought my way through the crowd, knocking into bodies, spilling drinks and stepping on feet. I finally made it to the door, but had to turn sideways to get the bulky costume out. Turning to right myself I ran right smack into...

PAC-MAN? ...

I felt a tingling run through me, gathering in the pit on my stomach. What the hell? We aren't even touching? Its costume-against-costume! I felt Pac-Man hardening against me. Definitely male...Although he felt really good up against me, the tingling sensation was starting to freak me out. I turned to run off, but he followed.

"Clyde's a good choice for someone skittish like you." I stopped dead in my tracks. "The orange ghost-his name's Clyde-he always ran away from Pac-Man."

"I didn't know that."

"Thank God!" he yelled at the sound of my voice.


"You're a girl! I couldn't tell since you're all covered."

"Yeah? And?"

"Well...it's just that...um...I have this incredible urge to eat you."

A hour later...

"Holy fuck Pac-Man! That was incredible!"

"You're welcome. By the way, call me Edward."