Author's note: This chapter is rated M for mature content.

Owen listened to Nikita and Michael discussing their plan and he was impressed but there was one issue that had yet acknowledge, "And Roan?"

The couple told him what they had in mind but stated that they wouldn't go through with it unless he agreed.

"I'm fine with that," he said with a slight nod of his head as he opened the basement door.

"We'll see you in the morning," Nikita told him.

Birkhoff typed on his laptop and didn't try to hide his annoyance, "Our flight leaves at 8 AM."

"What's your problem?" Alex sat next to Thom and handed him a bottle of Dr. Pepper.

The hacker looked at Michael and Nikita, "I thought I was going to have some actual down time."

Nikita placed a hand on his shoulder, "And you will, after we get back from China."

A proud grin on his face, he stared at Michael, "Dude, your girlfriend can't keep her hands off of me."

"Gross," Nikita removed her hand using it to slap his shoulder.

Michael rolled his eyes, "We should all start packing and then get to bed."

"He's right," Nikita gestured to Alex and Thom with her head.

"We're going," Thom placed their drinks back in the refrigerator.

Alex took a hold of Thom's hand leading him to the stairs, "Night Nikita..Night..Dad," her lips were pulled into a smirk.

Michael's face formed into grimace, "I'm not THAT old."

Alex said back, "You still own CDs."

"And a walkman," Nikita couldn't help herself.

"Ouch." Thom commented while following Alex up the stairs.

With a smug look, "I see, so you two want to sleep in separate rooms tonight?"

The young agents' eyes became wide before they ran up the stairs and said, "GOOD NIGHT!"

Roan's bloody face looked up at Owen with pure hatred. He was Division's best cleaner yet here he was, defenseless and beaten by a lesser man.

Owen grabbed Roan's chin lifting his face, "You're a coward."

"I'm the one that's a tied to chair.."

"I was right in front of the window, you had a clear shot at me but killed Emily. She was an innocent unarmed civilian."

In his cold voice he said, "She was a distraction that needed to be dealt with."

Reaching down, he pulled back his index finger breaking it, "She was a person not a target or a threat."

The pain he was feeling didn't stop him from saying, "You made her one."

He glanced at the floor, "Percy did."

"He'll find me."

"No he won't. He's gonna see that you had your third and last strike." He removed his gun from its holster and shot him in the stomach.

Stunned, he looked down at the bleeding wound feeling and smelling it burn into him.

"Emily's death was fast..yours won't be." He turned around and went up the stairs leaving the dying man in the cold dark basement.

On Michael's bed Nikita rested on her side gazing at him as he approached her. He slid underneath the blanket embracing her.

"Control yourself." She joked.

He told her, "With Alex and Thom across the hall and Birkhoff in the room next to us, we have no choice."

"We? I didn't get to be Division's best by being undisciplined."

"Right. The only reason I'm not having my way with you is because you're probably a screamer."

A low laugh came from her, "Really? Because it sounds like you're just afraid to find out."

His eyebrow rose, "Is that a challenge?"

Her face became closer to his, "Absolutely."

"I see.." His hand went underneath the night shirt she wore slowly traveling to her braless chest.

Her lips closed withholding a gasp but her dark eyes briefly fluttered at the sensation of his masculine hand caressing her breasts.

His lips went to her ear, "If you scream I'll stop..understand?"

She nodded then rested on her back taking in the pleasing feel of his hand on her. Just as his hand moved down her stomach she grabbed it and brought it to her lips.

He nearly lost control once he saw her bring his fore and middle fingers into her wet warm mouth. The curse that wanted to escape his mouth was swallowed the moment she brought his hand down to where she wanted him to touch her.

"Michael…" She sighed his name relishing his touch.

With his free hand he cupped her face, "Nikita.." He kissed her lips.

"Mmmm.." she moaned into his mouth.

He teasingly began withdraw his fingers from her, "That was loud.."

Grabbing his wrist she pleaded, "It wasn't a scream.. Please don't.."

"Don't what?" He needed to hear it from her.

"Don't stop..because..I-I


"I need you," she pulled his wrist towards her and thrust her hips.

A sharp gasp came from him; he resumed working his skilled fingers until she turned her face screaming into the pillow as her body succumbed to his caress. Both his hands grasped her beautiful beaming face.

"I love you Michael." She touched his face.

A brief yet wide smile was on his lips, "I love you."

"I know," she playfully answered. In one smooth movement she was top of him pulling down his boxers.

In quiet delight he watched her teasingly kiss her way down his body.

"Remember, if you get loud I'll stop.."

"I thought it was screaming?"

"You're the one that changed the rules.."

"True." In a flirtatiously yet defiant tone he said, "What are you gonna do about it?"

"You're about to find out.."

"Ooooh," a long quiet groan escaped his mouth once he felt her on him.

Tears nearly filled her eyes when she felt him take her free hand into his intertwining their fingers. Using her hand and mouth she made love to him bringing her beloved into a realm of ecstasy that he had never reached before.

As he tried to catch his breath he reached for her other hand and pulled her up to him.

"Goodnight." She whispered to him.

"It definitely was..."

They shared a small chuckle before falling asleep in each other's arms.

"Michael!" Lily ran into the country home and threw her arms around Michael as her dog followed her.

"Hey Lily." He hugged her.

"Michael meet Michael!" She introduced him to the eager Golden Retriever.

He petted the friendly canine, "Hey there Michael."

"Birkhoff!" Lily ran over to the hacker immediately embracing his waist.

" look good, kid." He lightly hugged her before pulling away.

"Thanks, you too. I like your glasses."

Nikita walked in carrying the Yorkshire terrier that Lily named after her, "Come on guys, we're gonna be late if we don't leave now."

"We know Niki," Birkhoff walked out the front door.

"Thanks Nikita," Lily accepted her dog from the rogue agent.

Inspector Riley shook Michael's hand and kissed Nikita's cheek, "I wish you all the best of luck."

"Thank you Inspector," Michael shook his hand.

Nikita spoke to him, "Everything you need is here but if there's a problem, you have my number. Call me."

"I will Nikita." He grinned.

Mrs. Riley embraced her husband saying, "Besides, we've been meaning to go on holiday for sometime. Thank you both."

They smiled at the older couple.

Michael placed his hand on Nikita's back guiding her to the car. He took one last look at the Rileys waving to them. Seeing the happy family reminded him of a dream that only became alive again because of the woman next to him.

She knew what he was thinking, "Some day."

He simply grinned and kissed her lips.

"Guys, stop making out we're gonna be late!" Birkhoff called out from the back seat of the Escalade.

In the hotel suite's bathroom Owen sat in front of the mirror watching Nikita dye his hair.

"You left out this part last night." He folded his arms.

Throwing the plastic gloves in the waste bin she answered, "It'll only last a week and if I told you would have said no."

He knew she was right, "It gets me closer to killing Percy."

"It does. Don't wash out the dye until the timer goes off."

Owen looked at himself in the mirror, "Why do women choose to go through this?"

He shoulders shrugged as she sat on the counter next to the sink, "We like to change and experiment with our looks."

A small smile passed his lips, "One time, Emily came to my place with red highlights. She was surprised that I noticed..none of her other boyfriends ever did. I don't know why but she was really..touched."

"We like it when men notice the little things."


Her long legs crossed, "It shows that you paid attention to her, that you cared."

After a small silence he said, "I did."

The subtle vulnerability in his voice pulled at her heart. She had Michael and Alex had Thom, he had no one. Before she can assure him that he would move past his grief and be open to love again, her phone rang.

"You should get that.."

"I won't be long."

He tipped his head watching her step out of the bathroom to answer the call.

It was a quarter past midnight and two guards roamed the roof of the bank. On another roof top Owen watched the men through his sniper rifle's scope.

"I've got a clear shot, just give the order." He told Nikita.

"We're in position," Alex said as she and Thom walked into the alley behind the bank.

"Birkhoff?" Michael asked.

He sat in the van watching the bank on the x-ray camera, "Now's the time, guys."

Nikita approached the bank's front entrance with Michael on her arm, "Owen, now."

The guardian pulled the trigger killing one guard and before the other could speak on his radio a bullet entered his brain, "It's done."

The guard outside of the bank noticed a drunk Michael and Nikita heading his way. They spoke Mandarin to him asking for directions to two different hotels which led to them arguing about where they were staying. Once he got close enough Nikita hit his face and throat. Michael used the guard's gun to knock him unconscious then shot down the approaching guards.

"Now." She calmly told Alex and Thom.

Hysterically crying, she ran up to the guard pleading for help. He lowered his gun returning it to his holster. She took advantage by striking him in the face and stomach before crouching down letting Thom shoot him in the chest.

Alex removed the keycard from the guard's belt and accepted Thom's hand allowing him to help her up.

"Are you ok?" He asked her.

She nodded and briefly touched his face before unlocking the door with the keycard, "Nikita, we're in."

Birkhoff spoke in their earbuds, "Ok guys I've killed the power, you have ten minutes to get in and out."

"We got it." Nikita answered while they entered the safe deposit box room.

Using their tools they took out eight safe deposit boxes. Nikita removed the one containing the black box.

"We're heading out." Michael opened the door for the agents.

The hacker pulled up in front of the bank opening the door for them.

While they all gathered into the van Birkhoff returned power to the bank. The alarm sounded in the streets as they drove into the darkness of night.

Shang woke up with soreness in his hip. His eyebrows furrowed when he saw the stitches on his side. Then he took in his surroundings finding himself in the bedroom of a small home that he had never seen before. He sat up rubbing his eyes. A ringing came from outside the bedroom, he followed it until he spotted a phone on the coffee table in the living room.

"Who is this?" Shang asked.

Using a voice changer, Nikita spoke, "A friend..depending on what option you choose for yourself."

"You're the one that removed my tracker.." The guardian said.

"I'm also the same person who left that envelope on the coffee table."

He opened the envelope finding money and new identification, "Who are you? Why are you doing this?"

"Last night the bank where you kept the black box was robbed. Percy is gonna make someone pay for that. I've made sure that it's not you, unless you decide to contact him.."

His eyes went to the red spec of light on his chest, "You're watching me?"

"A friend of mine is."

Owen watched Shang through the scope on his rifle.

That's when he realized who he was talking to, "Nikita?"

She ignored his question, "You have thirty seconds to make your decision. Either take your second chance or a bullet through your heart."

Shang never thought that he would be able to escape Division; he wasn't going to let this opportunity slip through his fingers. He held up the envelope and looked out the window nodding his head.

"Good choice." She hanged up not waiting for his response.

Birkhoff answered his mobile phone, "Percy?"

"Birkhoff, I need you to locate a guardian, Shang," Percy paced around in his home office.

"I'm on it," he turned to Michael who was driving.

"Where is he?"

"There's no signal, he's either underground or his signal is jammed by.."

"Nikita. I want you to check every camera for her, NOW."

"I'm on it," he lied.

"If she was there I want you to call me immediately."

"Will do, boss." The hacker listened to Percy hang up.

In a warehouse on the outskirts of Beijing, the President of China's chief staffer turned around the instant he heard footsteps. A white man with gray hair wearing black framed glasses walked towards him. Behind him were two masked men carrying Kasim.

"You must be Roan."

Owen nodded, "Were you expecting someone else?"