My black converse slapped the ground as my breath began to turn heavy when my home came into view. When I ran inside, I slammed the door behind me and fell back with my back pressing against it. I panted for a minute or two, trying to catch my breath as silence filled the house. Wait…silence…either the twins are trying to find my diary again or no one was home. Maybe mom finally dragged the twins away from their video games and took them shopping. I finally caught my breath so I walked up the stairs and lay down on my bed, only wanting to feel like I was in a different world than this one.

I screamed, thrashed and kicked my legs as fast as I could but I was still just floating in the air by the green man.

"Save your energy, kid, you'll need it" he flashed me a sick smile as he walked through the dark woods.

He stopped, picked up a camouflage tarp and threw it off the opening. It looked like there was a type of cellar. He started walking down the stairs as I desperately grabbed the edge of the opening but couldn't reach. I screamed for help as I was swallowed up by the darkness of the cellar.

I sat up screaming in my bed as cold sweat covered my whole body. My wail died down until it was completely silent…sighing, I wobbly got up and walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

The next day, Friday, I went back to school but Wally wasn't there so I almost felt…relieved. I felt like I just couldn't confront him for a while, I bet he would have wanted to see me either. The walk home was silent and like a ghost town, why was it like this today? Usually on Fridays, a car would pass by every few seconds and the sidewalks wouldn't be completely empty. I glanced around cautiously, 'Maybe today's a type of holiday I forgot about and everyone has a day off' I thought as my hands grew hot.

Then, someone grabbed my shoulder hard. At first, I thought it was Wally again so I let my hands cool down until I heard "Excuse me, are you Alice Thorne?"

I gasped, whirling around with my fingers turning red hot and my attitude slightly changing aggressive. Behind me was a tall man with dark eyes, black hair, a black suit and large muscles. He was fairly attractive-looking but I thinking more about if he was an enemy or not. I didn't let my hands cool when I began to talk.

"What do you want with Thorne?" I narrowed my eyes slightly.

"I am Bruce Wayne; I wish to talk to her".

My eyes narrowed a little more, "Just to talk?"


"Well then, you've come to the right person, I'm Alice".

"I'm told that you have pyrokenesis, is that true?"

"Why do you ask? Does it scare you or are you just here to take me away for experimenting?" I growled, steam beginning to curl off my hands.

"Neither, I work with unnatural people that could help you with your powers" he kept cool, not showing a hint of anger or fear.

"You almost make it sound like a problem but let me tell you something, Wayne. I can control my powers just fine on my own so you can just tell your people to piss off!" I raised my voice a little and jabbed his hard chest with my nearly burning finger.

"It's not just your powers you have to control, there is also that temper you seem to have." his stone-like expression stayed the same as he eyes slightly glared down at me.

"I can hander my temper just fine!" I yelled at him, red stripes appearing in my hair as my hands bursting into flames (I didn't mean like they blew up, I meant they lit on fire) and my eyes looking like uncontrollable embers.

He raised an eyebrow, saying nothing except "Give me a call if you change your mind", holding out a small white card with words on it.

I took a deep breath, making the flames on my hands die and my normal features returning with my normal attitude. I still kept a menacing glare at him as I decided to take the card, never know if I could need something to burn quickly. He turned away from me, walking into a fancy car and drove off. Wow, that was kind of quick.

I glanced down at the card, my eyes skimming over it before shoving it in my pocket and walking the rest of the way home.

The next day, I went up to my room to do my homework but I regretted opening the door. The second I opened the door, water poured down on me and a metal bucket fell as well, landing upside down on my head. Down the hall, I could hear Dylan laughing in triumph and Evan apologizing. Then I did one thing I tried not to do all my life, I snapped.

Throwing down my backpack, I spun around on my heels and threw the bucket at the wall, my eyes filled with rage as I stomped over to Dylan, my hands burning hot. He stuck his tongue out at me and made a face until I grabbed his arm, squeezing it hard. Suddenly, he cried out and thrashed to get out of my grip but I wouldn't let go or slightly eased my grip.

"Hey, Alice let me go, let me go" he yelled and was soon screaming! Begging for me to release him as Evan tried to save his twin by hitting my back. Then, I shoved him away until he slammed into the wall, knocking the wind out of him. He desperately gasped for air as it barely reached his lungs. I turned my attention back to Dylan as tears leaked from his eyes and I immediately realized what I was doing. I released him and he fell back on the carpet, screaming as he held his burned arm.

Shock was completely written all over my face as I saw Evan still gasping and Dylan crying in agony. That Wayne-guy was right, I couldn't control myself…I hurt the twins and I would have killed them if I didn't stop myself. I slowly backed away, watching them for a minute until I whirled around, grabbed my backpack and ran out to the front door. I nearly crashed into my dad when I threw the door open.

"Alice, what are you-" he trailed off when I went right passed him and dashed away without looking back. I could hear my dad calling out my name but stopped when he heard Dylan cry out for help.

After running for a while, I sat down on the bench in the park with my backpack next to me as it began to rain. My clothes were getting more soaked as I let tears flow from my eyes and my breathing hitching. I hugged my knees to hide my face until I remembered the card that was still in my pocket. I took it out and my cell phone, dialing the numbers on the card. I held the phone up to my ear, waiting for him to pick up.

"Hello, Bruce Wayne is talking" he started.

"Y-you were r-right" my voice quivered so I tried to stop the quivering. "I can't c-control my anger or my powers, I-I need help".

"Where are you?"

"In the p-park near Riverside L-Lane" I replied.

"I'm on my way" he hung up.

I hung up as well and slipped my phone back into my pocket. I rested my forehead against my knees and closed my eyes, still crying. I could feel the rain drops pelt my back and my head hard as I waited. It was that day that I realized I couldn't go through life without help to be like a normal girl because…I could never be normal. I let all sounds be ignored as I stayed where I was, cold and soaked by the rain until my body started to become numb.

Then, the faint pounding on my back and my head stopped but I could still hear the rain drops fall.

"W-where are going to t-take me?" I asked as I could sense his body heat behind me.

"To my mansion to get you dried off and to some where with people like you so you can learn how to control your powers and your temper." he answered as I glanced up at him, seeing his black umbrella.

I sniffled and nodded as I stood up, grabbing my backpack and holding it close to my chest. He led me to his fancy car and I had a little hesitation before getting in. He closed the door behind me and got in on the other side. It was a quiet ride to the large house until I finally asked something.

"How did you know I was going to snap?"

He didn't even glance at me, "All people with pyrokenesis are hot-heads and short tempered."

I didn't say anything after that.

He pulled up to a large house and allowed me in. The white-haired butler hung my backpack on a hook on the wall. I thought I heard something coming from the large living room. Ignoring what Bruce was saying as I lurked toward to living room and the voices got slightly louder. I peaked around the corner to see Wally with a black haired boy but they looked a little more than friends. My face turned red and as steam rose from my entire body when I saw them because from the angle I saw them, it looked like they were kissing! The black haired boy tilted his head as Wally gave him a confused look. They must have just been talking and had an awkward moment or something. Then his green eyes switched from the boy to me as the amount of steam increased. My whole body was heating up so all the water on my body and in my clothes evaporated.

"H-Hey, Alice, I didn't know you were coming here" he smiled, standing up.

"Uh, yeah, you did" the other boy muttered.

I took a deep breath, cooling my body down, "Hey, Wally" I slightly lowered my gaze until my face went back to its normal color.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"He is going to help you with your anger with the help of the other team mates and you will need to stay under their constant supervision until you can control yourself" Bruce explained.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, and wait" I said quickly. "Are you suggesting that I live with total strangers that can kill me if they wanted to?"