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- Love You, Love You Not? -

Chapter One ~ Sakurazaka Student Council

Looked up at that gigantic gate, Mitsuki amazed at how big and wonderful it was. Today was her first day in new school named Sakurazaka academy. Mitsuki's parents were moved to Tokyo for her father's job. Then they decided to enroll Mitsuki to that honoured school. Sakurazaka academy is a really executive-class school, only a son or daughter of rich man who can make their way to this school. And of course Mitsuki is not just an ordinary girl. Her father, Koga Aoi is a vice-director of powerful company in country. While her mother, Koga Hazuki is a famous lawyer. From the brain-strength aspect to the money aspect, she is perfect.

"So, Koga Mitsuki, you are in class 2-B. Then, they are your class-representative and vice class-representative, Sakurai Eichi and Meroko Yui," the school principal told Mitsuki while introduced the two person stood behind her one by one.

"Nice to meet you, Koga-san," the girl named Meroko Yui overed a hand and shook it with Mitsuki's. Mitsuki amazed with her appearance, she is really pretty, with a pink long hair which seemed as smooth as silk and a pair of peach-colored eyes.

"Nice to meet you too, Meroko-san," a bright smile plastered on Mitsuki's face.

"Then I'm Sakurai Eichi, Koga-san. Glad to know you," this time was for the boy one.

At first Mitsuki saw him; she felt her heart beat faster. That Sakurai boy is very handsome and moreover his eyes, that pair of caramel-colored eyes seemed could pierce anyone's heart who saw it. Mitsuki couldn't get off her sight of him.

After few seconds later, finally Mitsuki could get back her conscience, then answered him, "Ye-yes, it's glad to know you too, Sakurai-san. Please treat me well!" she bowed deeply in front of Sakurai Eichi. Looked at him made her felt deadly nervous that time, then suddenly Mitsuki's butt didn't purposely bumped the principal's desk and she lost her balance. But luckily Eichi wo stood facing her caught her exactly at the right time.

"Are you okay, Koga-san?" he said automatically. His worry face appeared for first time.

As she felt the touch of Eichi's hand on her body, Mitsuki could feel her cheeks became much warmer than before. She didn't expect it. It was too much for their first meeting.

"Yeah, I-I'm okay, Sakurai-san. Thank you," she said haltingly while tried to stand on her own feet again. A slight of red color still plastered on her chubby cheeks.

"Please watch out your way, Koga-san. You can be hurt," Eichi told her with his warm voice as he showed his brilliant smile.

And because of that, Mitsuki hung her head in timid, "Ye-Yes."

"So, can we just give a short tour to Koga-san now?" suddenly Meroko got in their conversation and ruined Mitsuki's romantic situation. Then the pink haired girl grabbed Mitsuki's hand and dragged her walked around the school to do the tour.


"And then room over there is the first music room," Eichi slowly explained to Mitsuki while walked a few meter in front of those two girls.

"Then say, Koga-san. What do you think about Eichi?" Meroko asked the other girl beside her while whispered silently.

At a short time, Mitsuki's face turned into bright red, "What? Wha-what are you talking about, Meroko-san?"

"Hey, just be honest to me. You interested in him, don't you?" Meroko replied as a perverted smile appeared on her face.

Right after that sentence reached Mitsuki's ears, she started to speak haltingly again, "I-I.. Uh.. Maybe-maybe yes, Meroko-san."

Meroko laughter exploded, "I'm right after all. Many girls feel the same as you at the first time they meet Eichi. But not including me of course," she said to Mitsuki.

"How can you know if I- "

"I can tell when see your face, Koga-san," the pink haired girl's smile widened again, "Oh, can I just call you Mitsuki? It's uncomfortable to call you Koga-san whereas we are in the same age. Of course you can call me Meroko too."

"Yes, it will be more comfortable if we call each other first name instead family name," answered Mitsuki cheerily.

"Excuse me, but did you hear my explanation just now, Koga-san, Meroko?" suddenly the only one boy in that group got near while cleared his throat.

Mitsuki surprised when realized that Sakurai Eichi was a few centimeter near her, "Ye-yes, I pay attention on your explaination, Sakurai-san," answered her haltingly.

Unexpectedly, Eichi showed his warm smile again, seemed if he didn't get angry at all, "Really? Good then, Koga-san."

And because of that brilliant smile, Mitsuki more fell for him.

After about a half hour later, the school bell rang as the sign of lunch break. Another students got out from their classrooms happily and went to the canteen in rush. They were too hungry right now, so canteen was the right place to spend their lunch break.

"How about go to the canteen now? Mitsuki haven't known our canteen and it is lunch break, so we can just bring in it to her while fill our stomach. I'm beginning to hungry," Meroko gave suggestion to the group as she rubbed her empty stomach.

"It's a good idea. Do you agree, Koga-san?" Eichi turned to Mitsuki who stood behind him.

Mitsuki startled, "Yes, Sakurai-san!" she was too high spirited therefore she didn't notice if her voice volume was too high. And now all the students in that hallway stared at her.

Mitsuki's face turned into bright red in a flash and she deadly shy after recognized what have she done just now.

But Meroko and Eichi just laughed uncontrollably looked at her.


"You are so cruel, Meroko, Sakurai-san! You didn't help me but just laughed loudly!" Mitsuki protested at the two teenagers who still giggled secretly in front of her, remembered that shameful incident in the hallway.

"But you're so funny, Mitsuki," Meroko said in the middle of her laughter.

"Yes, just what did happen to you, Koga-san? It was not a usual reaction for a girl," Eichi got in their conversation.

Heard that sentence, Mitsuki felt really embarrassed, even Sakurai Eichi laughed at her. She thought that she couldn't show her face in front of him anymore.

"Do you feel nervous in your first day in school?" Eichi continued as smiled simply.

Of course Mitsuki couldn't say the true reason to him, "Ye-yes, I'm too nervous today," answered her shyly, still hung her head low.

But after she finished her sentence, something surprising happened out of the blue. That warm-eyed boy patted Mitsuki's head gently while said, "Don't worry, Koga-san. Sakurazaka is not a dangerous place. Everyone here is friendly. Moreover although there maybe something bad happens, I will be by your side to protect you," said him in sincerity. Those caramel eyes met the brown ones.

After heard that promising sentences, Mitsuki couldn't back to her sense. She was too happy and felt like floating to the air. That was the first time a boy said something like that to her. Her heart pounded faster again, "Tha-thank you, Sakurai-san."

"Just call me Eichi if you want to."

Mitsuki's face turned even more reddened, "Okay. E-Eichi."

"Good, Mitsuki. Can I call you like that from now on?" he asked.

And the pig-tail haired girl just nodded timidly. She even couldn't lift her head. She was afraid if the two would see her as a walking tomato.

"Hello? Do you two recognize if you forget someone here?" Meroko interrupted their − actually, it was Mitsuki's romantic situation again because she felt abandoned in these last ten minutes.

"Of course not, Meroko. We will go to canteen, right? So just let's go then!" Mitsuki said cheerily as walked first to the canteen which could be seen from their spot.

But then secretly behind Mitsuki, Meroko whispered to the only one boy in that group, "You said to her that 'everyone here is friendly'. I think you forget about the student council members, don't you?"

Listened to what Meroko said, Eichi's face became serious, "Of course not, because they are completely not included."


"Which one do you think is the most delicious, strawberry shortcake or cheese cake, Meroko?" asked Mitsuki when she was going to choose her menu for lunch break.

"Which one do you like most, strawberry or cheese?"


"So just take the strawberry shortcake then."

"Right. Great suggestion, Meroko!" said Mitsuki seriously. Meroko got two thumbs up from her.

"Have you got your lunch menu, ladies?" Eichi asked to them as he got near to those two girls. He brought his favorite meals, sirloin steak, asparagus soup as appetizer, fruit salad as the dessert and combined with orange juice.

"Yes. Luckily I get this spaghetti bolognaise and mushroom soup. Ah, I really want to eat these lately," Meroko told them happily.

"Good then," replied Eichi simply, "And what about you, Mitsuki?"

Mitsuki showed the boy her lunch menu, "Meroko suggest to me this strawberry cake. It looks delicious," she said with a wide smile grew on her lips.

"You don't take any main course that available here, Mitsuki?" Eichi said to her.

And the brown haired girl shook her head, "No, actually I don't used to eat lunch, Eichi. I gained weights these days, so I think I should start dieting," replied her as she looked at the strawberry cake in her hands.

"Don't be too much, you still look slim by the way," Eichi looked closely at her appearance from top of her head to her feet.

Mitsuki left a small chuckle, "You praised me too much, Eichi."

"I just want to be honest," replied Eichi as he lifted her shoulder.

"Guys, can we just find some seats before it aren't available anymore?" Meroko told the two while clapped both of her hands to make them realized that they have abandoned her again. Meroko's face started to look annoyed right now.

"Okay, okay. Let's find some seats then," Eichi started to walk first. His head turned left and right as he searched for empty chairs for them.

They walked around the canteen, since it was thirty minutes after the lunch break bell rang, there wasn't empty seat left. The students have filled the whole canteen, made it really chockfull. Mitsuki just followed her new friends searched for the seat, afterall they know more about this place than her. She didn't want to get lost in this crowded place.

"Ah, there! Meroko, there are empty seats over there!" Mitsuki suddenly cheered happily as she saw five empty chairs in another corner of the canteen, "Come on! Let's go there before another students use it!" without any thoughts before, she directly ran to that spot.

When Meroko saw which seats that Mitsuki meant, she startled and then shouted at her, "Mitsuki! Not those chairs!"

But too late for her, Mitsuki already sat at one of those chairs and put her meals on the table, "Luckily there are still five seats left. It would be enough for three of us," she said cheerily, not heard Meroko's shout.

Looked at Mitsuki, Meroko and Eichi quickly ran to her, "Come on, get off of here, Mitsuki," said Meroko while pulled Mitsuki's arm.

Heard her friend's sentence, she innocently asked, "Why? Don't you want to get a chair? It's empty, Meroko."

"Actually, not completely empty, Mitsuki," added Eichi.

"What? What do you mean?" Mitsuki asked them again.

But just right before they could answer Mitsuki's question, a deep voice came from the back made them surprised, "What are you three doing here?"

They quickly turned around to see the owner of that voice, "Izumi," murmured Meroko with a pale face.

It was the same as Eichi, his face turned into annoyed one in a flash as he knew who he was facing right now.

Mitsuki who knew nothing just looked at them with a confusion face. In front of her, three boys and a girl stood arrogantly while looked irritated with her and her two friends, 'What's going on in here?' she thought.

"Get off of here," the blond boy snarled at them. He looked scary for Mitsuki, as he saw her with his fierce yellow eyes, "You know the rule, don't you?"

"Of course I know," Eichi replied. As he said that, his face turned red in anger.

Meroko pulled Mitsuki's arm once again, asked her to stand up, "Come on, Mitsuki. We must move from here," whispered Meroko in Mitsuki's ear.

"Why?" Mitsuki asked while half shouted.

Heard Mitsuki's complaint to Meroko, the only one girl in that group chuckled, "Why? What kind of question is that? Don't be silly, you shorty! You should know the rule of this place!" she shouted while pushed Mitsuki's shoulder in rude.

"Hey!" Mitsuki defended herself, "Who are you actually? And why do you drive us away from here? We have rights to seat here! It's a public place by the way," she said bravely, not recognized that the whole canteen paid attention at her right now.

They chuckled in unity, "You're really funny. You don't even know us?" another boy in that group said. He looked friendly with his big round eyes, but after heard his sentence, Mitsuki changed her judging at him.

"Of course I don't know you! I'm a new student here," she answered.

"So, you are that new student who transferred today?" somebody from the back walked forward.

Mitsuki looked at him in amaze. His appearance was different with other students. Although he wore the same uniform as them, but something made him looked more special. Maybe it was because of his charisma which could make everyone felt nervous when he struck his blue eyes on them.

"Ye-yes," it worked at Mitsuki. Right now she started to feel timid when he stared at her.

"I'm sorry, how rude of us. We angry at you whereas you don't know us completely," he said politely, "Okay, let me introduce you to my friends. Here in my right is Wakamatsu Madoka, while in my left is Shidou Souichirou, but we always call him Nachi. Then the first one who admonishes you just now is Izumi Rio, and me myself is Kira Takuto. Nice too meet you─ umm what's your name?"

'Mi-Mitsuki. Koga Mitsuki," Mitsuki felt there was something wrong in his tone when he spoke. His friends were really rude; it was strange if he is the only one in that group who has that kind of good personality. Mitsuki still felt suspicious at him.

His smiled grew widely, "So, Koga-san. I'll tell you a basic rule in this canteen," that boy named Kira Takuto said.

"Ba-basic rule?" shouted Mitsuki, didn't believe at what she heard just now.

"Yes, would you mind to hear it?" then without heard Mitsuki's answer before, he started to explain the rule," You know Koga-san, in every school there is a student council, isn't it?"

Mitsuki nodded.

"And student council always has special rights, am I right?"

'Ye-yes, but not all of them, just most," Mitsuki replied.

"Okay, most of them," Kira Takuto paused, "Of course here in Sakurazaka Academy, we have a student council too, and Sakurazaka Academy student council is included to the many numbers of that student council that has a special rights like you said just now, Koga-san."

"What is it all about?" Mitsuki was going straight at her question.

"It means that we have that special right, Koga-san," Takuto's face got near at Mitsuki's face. It made her startled, "And just for you know Koga-san, one of that rights is for owned one of the tables available in the canteen. It means that we have a special table prepared here," his calm face disappeared, turned into threatened one, "So, this is our special table, Koga-san. You do not allowed to sit here!"

Mitsuki really shocked, her eyes opened widely as she heard Takuto's saying, "What kind of rule is that? That's nonsense!" Mitsuki screamed and looked around at another students in that canteen, hoped if she would get some supports from them. But how surprised she was, when there was no one against the student council's regulation. Everyone seemed to be accepting that.

"What? Lack of support from your friends?" the boy named Shidou Souichirou mocked her; then continued with another chuckles from all student council members. Mitsuki felt a bit ashamed.

"Do you understand my short explanation, Koga-san?" Kira Takuto continued.

"Ye-Yes," answered Mitsuki haltingly as she hung her head low. She was really angry right now, but just tried to hold it.

"Good," said Takuto simply, "So, why do you still sit here? You already know the rule, don't you?"

Not long after Kira Takuto said that, a little amount of water was poured on Mitsuki's face. Mitsuki was really surprised and felt humiliated; when she looked at the one who did that, Wakamatsu Madoka held the water glass in her hand, "Oops, sorry. My hand is slippery," she said with a devious smile plastered on her face, "Maybe you should change your uniform first, Koga-san. It means that you have to get off from here!" Madoka shouted.

But Mitsuki didn't afraid at all. She still stared straight at Wakamatsu Madoka's eyes without any hesitation.

"What are you looking at?" Wakamatsu Madoka shouted at Mitsuki again while threw the glass down on the ground rudely.

"Come on, Mitsuki. It would be better if we use another chairs," Meroko pulled Mitsuki's hand, and this time it worked. Mitsuki started to leave that place, without took her stare off from Wakamatsu Madoka's violet eyes.

Wakamatsu Madoka's face turned red as anger filled her mind. Then she sat down just when Nachi asked her to.

But Mitsuki haven't finished yet. Without any thoughts about what could happen later, she took the glass from the floor and threw it towards student council's table. And luckily it hit Kira Takuto's head, although it wasn't hurt at all but that was enough to humiliate him.

"Mi-Mitsuki!" Meroko said in scare, really afraid what would happen after her friend's carelessness.

Now all the students in that canteen stared at her, shocked at her brave action.

"Hey student council members! You can pour me with water just because I stole your precious seats, indeed," Mitsuki paused. Kira Takuto started to look closely at her with his tensed blue eyes, "But at least put that on the trash bin, as I know student council DO NOT LITTERING!"


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