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- Love You, Love You Not? -

Chapter Fifteen ~ Voice of Echoing Confession ~

It was really hard to bear, Meroko knew that.

After those unexpected incidents in Shibuya, she realized that she couldn't take a deep slumber every night, although she had trying hard. Her body was really smart, it remembered clearly how Izumi Rio embraced it, and put his warmness to hers. She refused to admit it, although deep inside her brain and heart, she called for his name. She declined to admit that she was still in love with him, although her lately insomnia was clear enough to prove that. She just being stubborn and it only made her suffering more day by day.

She sighed deeply, looked at that bright and beautiful moon hanged on the sky, "What should I do?" muttered her.


The day after, it was an early morning in Sakurazaka Academy. The whole school was still a bit quiet, since there wasn't any students who had came to school. Mitsuki was in a good mood today, and it made her went off to school earlier than usual. She couldn't hide her cheerful feelings to go to school, since this afternoon she would meet someone who has a special place in her heart, Kira Takuto. It was a really special occasion for them, being only two of them in that music room without someone knew about it. At least that was all they knew all this time.

That brown-haired girl was heading to her class when someone called her name from behind, "Mitsuki!"

She turned around and saw that it was Eichi who called her, "Good morning, Eichi!" said her with a bright smile plastered on her face.

But it was unusual for Eichi for just have a simple smile for her, "Good morning. Mitsuki. Do you have time?" he got straight at his sentence.

Mitsuki was a bit bewildered, since it was only an early morning and he asked her if she have time, "Sure, I have. What is it, Eichi?"

Those caramel eyes took a straight stare on the golden ones, "Can we have a talk? Just two of us, privately," he said. Mitsuki could feel his eyes became more tensed and serious. It was strange of him, and of course it made Mitsuki a bit nervous.

The Koga heiress nodded silently then followed Eichi who had walked passed her and heading to the school garden.

The time when they have arrived in the school garden, Eichi stopped his footsteps, so did Mitsuki. Then he turned his body and faced Mitsuki.

"What do you want to talk to me, Eichi?" asked Mitsuki, kept the distance between them since Eichi was being strange that morning.

At first that class rep sighed for awhile then said, "I will go straight at my point, Mitsuki," he cut his sentence for awhile then after saw Mitsuki nodded as her agreement, he continued again, "Yesterday I saw you went out from the same place as Kira Takuto, Mitsuki."

That sentence made Mitsuki frozen, and it made her instinctively avoid his eyes. Sakurai Eichi knew it! He saw her with Takuto together! She impulsively tried to lie to him, "Re-Really? I- I'm not–"

"Don't lie to me, Mitsuki. I saw you with him in the third music room yesterday, and actually I have seen the same situation twice," he said with an increased tone at his sentence, and it made Mitsuki became more confused what to do.

The brown-haired girl was in panic, her brain thought hard to make an excuse. But then as she more thought about it, she realized that it was impossible to deceive him, whereas sooner or later he would know the truth. She took a deep breath first, then said, "Yes, you're right, Eichi. Yesterday I was with Kira Takuto in the music room," admitted her.

Eichi didn't surprise at all. Then he asked her again, "Be honest to me, Mitsuki. Do you fallen for him?" he was being serious at his words.

This time for sure, she needed to lie to him, "I'm not! I'm definitely not falling in love with him, Eichi! Trust me!" squeaked her while her voice automatically became louder.

It was a big lie, a really big lie that she made. Although she knew that she shouldn't do that, but the situation that time didn't let her told that Sakurai boy the truth. She pretended to look solemn in front of him, looked straight forward at his two caramel eyes. Mitsuki would do anything, as long as it could make Eichi and her friends in class 2-B believed at her lie.

Eichi looked at her eyes for awhile then asked, "So, you still remember about our plan in destroying student council, don't you?"

Mitsuki paused for a seconds, so did her breath. That sentence made her remember if that was her purpose all this time, tried to get closer to that student council president just for destroying the student council from the inner side. She almost forgot that, since she was too captivated by the Koutei's warm attention for her which made her fallen for him in a short period of time.

She made sure her heart then answered Eichi's question, "Of course, Eichi. I still remember it. I always think about it every day and night and it stick in my head like glue. It's our goal, isn't it? To befriend with Koutei then destroy the student council," said her without hesitation.

Eichi looked a bit surprised as she could answer his question that sincere. He sighed then said, "Good, Mitsuki. Glad that you still remember our purpose, since I thought that you've completely forgot it," he showed her his brilliant smile.

"Of course, Eichi. How can I forget about it?" she said again.

Eichi laughed, "Haha. Yeah, you're right, Mitsuki. Sorry for doubting you."

"No problem," this time was Mitsuki's turn to show her cute smile to him, although it was a fake one.

"So, let's heading back to the class," said him and after Mitsuki nodded her head, she walked first, leaving him who was still stood on his spot.

Sakurai Eichi looked straight at that brown-haired girl who was a few meter in front of him. When he thought that the distance between them was far enough, he suddenly muttered in a low voice, "You are not telling the truth, Mitsuki," then took his steps to the classroom too, following that Koga heiress who was calling his name now.

They never realized that there were not only the two of them in the garden. There was someone behind the big sakura tree who had secretly listening to their whole conversation just now. He held his cell phone tightly then pushed one of its buttons.

"I think it was enough as prove for Koutei," muttered him in a low voice while his eyes locked at the voice record file in his cell phone memory.

It was Shouichirou Shidou, Nachi.


That was terrible, for being caught by Eichi if she was in love with Kira Takuto. But as she thought about it again, it was her entire fault. She realized that her defense wall wasn't strong enough for kept her heart away from falling in love with him. She was too weak, and it was too late for recognized it. She had already fallen for him, and her heart couldn't change in a short time.

Mitsuki was really into her own thought, since she couldn't hear that someone called her name now, "Mitsuki? Mitsuki?"

That voice's second call made her came back from her inner mind, "Ye-Yes?" answered her, while turned her head to left to facing that person.

"You're spacing out," that voice said. It was Kira Takuto who sat right beside her, still had his hands on the piano tunes.

That brown-haired girl was a bit startled when turned her head as that Koutei's face was only a few inches to hers. He stared closely at her, while had a concerned look on his face, seemed that he was worried about her again.

"I'm not spacing out, Takuto. I'm just really into your play. It's really beautiful, I enjoy it," said her, lying for the second time that day.

And as usual, he gave her his best smile then said, "Thank you, Mitsuki," he paused his sentence for awhile, "But you're lying to me right? Just tell me, did something happen to you?" this time he stopped playing the piano then turned his body to face that golden eyes owner.

Saw that the Koutei was being serious, Mitsuki automatically avoid his eyes and said, "Nope, Takuto. I'm okay."

"Really? But your face doesn't seem so," he was still being stubborn, forcing her to look straight at his eyes.

Many thoughts were fighting inside Mitsuki's head. Kira Takuto's sentence just now made her defense wall became much weaker. His deep blue eyes which stared straight at her golden ones was like hypnotized her to tell the truth. But Mitsuki knew that it would be turn terrible if she spit out her class' plan. Came back to her own senses, she turned to the piano again, put her hands on the tunes.

"It's nothing, Takuto. I'm alright," said her with a fake smile plastered on her face.

By the corner of her eyes, she could see that Koutei lifted his shoulder.

She didn't want this awkward situation lasted longer, so she changed the topic immediately, "But I wonder do you have time tomorrow?"

Takuto mumbled for seconds, "Let's see. I think I just have one appointment tomorrow."

"What time?"

"At two. Why?"

"Do you like books? I heard that there is a book fair in Shibuya, and tomorrow will be the last day. I don't want to miss it," said her, turned to Takuto and facing him, "How about we go there tomorrow?"

The Koutei nodded his head, "That would be great. I like books after all," answered him and Mitsuki automatically showed her bright smile. It seems that Mitsuki felt really happy after Takuto agreed with her invitation, "What time will we meet?"

"At ten? Eleven? What time do you prefer?"

"I think ten is better, since I'm sure that we won't just look around that book fair, right?" said him, with chuckle between his sentences.

Replying his words, she chuckled too, "You've got the point, Koutei."

"So, should I pick you up and then we go to Shibuya together?" offer him.

"No. No need to do that, Koutei. My house is quite far from Shibuya. We can just meet in front of Shibuya train station," she rejected as quick as she can. Actually, beside those reasons, she didn't want her parents ‒especially her mother knew if she was planning to go out with someone, moreover they have met him before. If they met each other once again, her mother will come to an idea that she had crush on him from the beginning.

"Okay if you say so," said Takuto, agreed with her arrangement, "So, tomorrow, ten o'clock, in front of Shibuya train station?"

Mitsuki nodded her head with a smile on her face, "Yup. You have to treat me lunch if you come late," said her jokingly.

"And you have to give me a kiss if you are the one who come late," replied him quickly.

And as she heard that sentence, she couldn't help when her cheeks turned red, "Wha- What kind of punishment is that?" complained her, but with an angry tone at her voice yet a small smile on her chubby face.

Again, Kira Takuto leased his laughter, "Why? Since you'll enjoy that rather than annoyed by it? I bet that you'll come late tomorrow."

"What! I-I won't, Koutei!" squeaked her with her highest tone of talking. Now her face turned into a fresh red tomato.

Looked at Mitsuki being that annoyed by his tease, he couldn't help but laughed uncontrollably, "Fine fine, I'm just joking," he said between his laughter.

Mitsuki still pouted her mouth while suddenly a sound of vibrating cell phone made them a bit startled. Then she took out hers from her pocket and found out that it wasn't hers who vibrating, "Not mine. It's yours," said her as she noticed that Takuto was looking at her with questioning look on his face.

Takuto took out the cell phone too, "Right, it's here," he opened the flap and looked who was calling him. It was Izumi on the line, "What is it, Izumi?"

Knowing that she had nothing to do with his conversation on the line, Mitsuki played with the piano tunes again, tried to ignore his conversation.

"Where are you, Koutei? All the student council members need to talk with you," said Izumi with his serious and intense tone.

"All the student council members!" he automatically startled at Izumi's words, "What's the matter? Is it serious?"

"It haven't became worse yet, Koutei. But if we don't discuss it right away, it would turn into one in a short time."

After hearing that sentence out from Izumi's mouth, his eyes widened in shock, but he knew what to do, "I know. I'm on my way," said him then clasped the cell phone flaps again and put it in his blazer pocket.

Saw that the Koutei has ended his phone call, Mitsuki turned to face him, "Was it Izumi-san?"

"Yep," answered him simply, "I need to go now," said him while buttoned his blazer again and rose up.

Mitsuki lifted her shoulder, "I know," and gave him her sweetest yet small smile, "So, see you tomorrow, Koutei?"

He showed his gentle smile, "See you tomorrow, moon," replied him as he leaned in to peck Mitsuki's forehead then took quick steps to the door.

She hasn't managed to make the red blush on her cheeks faded away yet but thanks to Takuto, it was even redder now.

As she saw that Koutei walked outside there was no ease within her heart. All that she could feel just tons of burdens filled inside. She was too confused what to do after all of this happened, her conversation with Eichi before, and the most important thing, her feelings towards Kira Takuto. She knew that it was impossible to lie to Eichi and her classmates again about her relationship with Takuto, but it was too late to dump that Koutei too. She could see that he has started fallen for her slowly. Then as she remembered Takuto's terrible face when he broke up with Hayashi Hikari, she swear that she would kill herself if in the end she have to dump him for her classmates' sake.

She never thought that this would happen before. It was too hard for her to bear all of this alone.


As he walked slowly along the school hallway, he couldn't help himself but showed his bright smile even he didn't realize it too. Kira Takuto felt that he finally found her, his love, maybe the best and the last for his lifetime. Forgot about his former relationship between him and Hayashi Hikari, he decided to took a step forward. There wasn't no time for feeling any regrets and disappointment, Hayashi Hikari had left him, and all he could do for forgetting her was just to find someone else, and now he knew that Koga Mitsuki perhaps the right person.

He was walking and walking, slowly. That time, his thought just like divided into two, one was thinking about that Koga heiress, and the another one was thinking about what could had happened in the student council as all of the members were really need him now, moreover Izumi said that it would turn to worse if he didn't appear this time. It was just like flying to the heaven then falling to the hell, he was really happy before, as he had such a quality time with Mitsuki, then suddenly Izumi told him that ‒seems to be bad news, made him realized again if he was a student council president.

Then here he was, in front of the student council's room and stopped his steps for a while, since he thought that he would need to take a deep breath before facing his fellow members. That charismatic student council president took a deep breath and fixed up his tie and blazer, make sure whether he was tidy enough or not, and then grabbed the doorknob and opened the room door. He was quite surprise as saw all of the student council members were really there with a serious expression plastered in their faces; Izumi was stood beside his desk whilst Nachi sat on the couch with Madoka facing him.

"Koutei," said Izumi as he saw Takuto entered the room.

"What is it? Something bad seems to be happened here," he said and took steps closer to his desk which was his working place for about these two years.

As Kira Takuto took a seat in his chair, Nachi started the conversation, "Koutei, do you want me to explain first, or you just want the main point?"

Without hesitation, Takuto answered, "Give me the main point."

Nachi had expected that and before he gave that Koutei the main point of this matter, he took a deep breath first, then said, "Koga Mitsuki just tricks you all this time, Koutei," just like what he wanted, Nachi said the main point.

"What?" Kira Takuto couldn't believe his own ears; he didn't get what just he said, "What the hell are you talking about now, Nachi?"

This time was Madoka's turn to explain it, "Koga Mitsuki is one of 2-B class members, and now they want to destroy us because all this time they think if we have made all of the students in this school suffered‒"

And before Madoka could finish her sentence, Takuto cut her up, "So, what does Mitsuki have to do with that intention of theirs?" he suddenly raised his tone at them.

"Of course they have, Koutei! Mitsuki is their leader! You know, since the attack from the outside is useless, they intent to attack from the inside, and they use Mitsuki to do the plan! All of this time Mitsuki just put an act to befriend with you ‒or even make you fall for her, then she will use you for destroying this student council from the inner side, Koutei!" Nachi couldn't hold it anymore, and he raised his anger through that president too, "She just using you all this time, Koutei, and unfortunately you fell for her, didn't you?" he continued.

As he heard all of those things out from Nachi's mouth, Kira Takuto suddenly felt bewildered. For a short time, he couldn't think about anything anymore, but then came back to his senses and said, "How could you know if that's true? You just made it up right? Do you have proof, Nachi?" as his head was in a mess that time, he couldn't control his anger.

"Nachi has the proof, Koutei," finally Izumi spoke something, and as he said that he gave Nachi's cell phone to that Koutei, "Listen to that record, Koutei. You'll find that what Nachi told you just now was true," said him.

Izumi could saw if Takuto's hands were trembling that time, whether if he should grab that phone then listened to that record or not, but then after that Koutei took a deep breath, his tremble was slowly fading away and he calmly took Nachi's cell phone.

Kira Takuto opened the file and then played it with a quite high volume since he wanted to hear it really clearly and didn't want to miss even the smallest thing in it. He listened carefully to the record and as he heard Mitsuki's voice, he could realize that his heart trembled for a while. For finding out that it was really her voice, and for finding out that Nachi's saying could be true. Then as the record reached its end, as he heard with his own two ears that Mitsuki had admitted herself if she just put an act and used him all this time, he stopped the record and pounded his hand on the table hard.

Madoka was the one who spoke first, "Koutei…" she seemed concerned.

"So, now you know the truth, Koutei. I know that you can do something about her," Nachi said to him, smoothly persuaded him to destroy that Koga heiress as their counterattack.

Kira Takuto didn't say something at first; he just clasped his hands and supported his hang low head with it. He closed his eyes, still didn't believe this matter at all. He was sure that just this morning he and that girl were chit-chatting happily in the music room and they even made promise to go to the book fair tomorrow. He even imagined if he would spend a great time with her, but suddenly this afternoon all of the hope that he had was lost in a blink. Mitsuki just played a trick on him, to make him fell for her, just for destroying the student council. Takuto realized that he was too stupid for falling for her so easily, believing that she was the one and the last for him, it was the silliest thing to believe.

He was furious, not only to Mitsuki, but to himself too.

"What should we do now, Koutei? If we don't make a move, they will win over us," Izumi asked him.

"What do you expect, Izumi? Of course we must plan our retaliation," that Koutei answered, without any hesitation in his tone.

Other student council members sighed, they already knew that Koutei would say that, and it was as they want it to be too.

Madoka said something, "Izumi has the plan, Koutei," she folded her arms in front of her chest.

"What is it, Izumi?" Kira Takuto said as his deepest voice tone appeared.

Before Izumi told him his plan, he took a deep breath, "It's concerning Koga Mitsuki's best friend, Meroko Yui, Koutei…"


Right now, Meroko's heart was pounding like crazy. She could feel it for sure, the continuous hit within his heart which was like a drum being hit but much harder. She didn't know why her heart was like this. Just a while ago, Izumi suddenly called her and asked her to go to the school backyard and wait for him to meet her there. At first, she confused whether she should fulfill Izumi's request or not, but then as she tried to be honest to herself, she secretly went to the backyard alone. She was waiting there alone, while tried to control her wild heartbeat and figure out what was Izumi planning to do.

Suddenly a deep yet soft voice reached her ears, "Meroko?" said him, calling her name.

That pink haired girl turned around and then caught a figure of that student council vice president stood a few meters behind her.

"Why did you call me here, Izumi?" Meroko asked him with her deep voice, pretend to be calm in front of him.

Izumi walked toward her then stopped as he thought it was close enough to her, "I want to talk with you, Meroko."

"What kind of thing do you want to talk about?" Meroko being aware, she didn't look up to both of Izumi's eyes.

"Meroko, I know that you are a capable and smart person," Izumi started.

"So what?"

"You know that now Hayashi Hikari had left for Milan and we, student council, don't have secretary anymore, right?"

"What do I have to do about that?"

That blond guy didn't replied fast, he took a deep breath first then answered, "I want you to become our secretary, replacing Hayashi Hikari's place."

Meroko felt like stroke by a lightning after Izumi's words reached her ears, "Wha-What are you talking about, Izumi?" she said haltingly, "I think that you know if student council is one of the thing that I hate most, don't you?"

"I know," answered Izumi.

"So, why me? I'm sure that you have some plan behind this right, Izumi?"

Izumi paused for awhile, "Yes, I have."

Both of Meroko's eyes widened as she heard that sentence out of Izumi's mouth, "So, I'm out of your plan, Izumi. Bye," said her as he took steps heading back to her classroom. But before she could take steps further, Izumi grabbed her wrist.

"I have a plan to make you mine, Meroko," Izumi said, without any hesitation within his words.

Meroko was freezing as she heard Izumi said that, she suddenly felt her heartbeat stopped for a second, "Don't make fun of me, Izumi."

All of the sudden, that blond guy pulled Meroko's hand to make her face him, "I'm serious, Meroko."

Meroko was surprised, but she couldn't do anything beside looked up at those fierce yellow eyes.

"I love you, Meroko. I'm sure that you always know that I do, right?" Izumi stared straight to both of Meroko's eyes, and it made her felt more uncomfortable.

That pink haired girl lowered her gaze, "I don't know. I know nothing about that!" she squeaked as she tried to deny that. She always knew that Izumi love her all of this time, but she just tried to bury it inside her heart, never want to feel that kind of warmness again.

"You're lying, Meroko," he said, "By lying like this, I know that actually you still love me, don't you?"

She was like being hit by a car, as Izumi said the right thing that she wanted to avoid the most all this time, "I'm not."

"I love you."

"Stop saying that!" she shouted at him. She tried to close her ears, but Izumi held her hand.

"I care about you," he was still persisting.

"I don't need you to care about me, Izumi!"

"But I need you, Meroko."

In his last sentence, Meroko didn't reply anything; she was frozen by his words.

"I need you to beside me, Meroko. I need you for brightening my days, just like those days two years ago…" said Izumi, "I want us recall back those days, when we were together, it was the greatest time in my life, I never being that happy before."

Meroko still stood there, not moving at all.

"I'm truly sorry that I tricked you that time, Meroko," he continued again, "At first, I just did it for money, but then as I knew you more and I felt your warm heart through me, it was the first time for me to have someone care about me," he paused for a while, "Do you remember the time when for the first time I got scolded by my father as I couldn't do my work right?"

As she heard that, Meroko's memories rolled back to the past time.

"You were the first one who knew if there was something wrong about me and you reached over me," suddenly a slight smile plastered on Izumi's face, "That time, I know that I had found my reason for live longer, and it was you, Meroko."

Meroko couldn't control her mind, she amazed by his story. She remembered that time too, when for the first time she cared about someone else beside herself, she couldn't help it too as she completely fell for him. Her heart became warmer and all she thought that time was just to make that blonde guy showed his smile again, she could do anything for just saw him smiling. It was just that time, two years in the past.

But as Izumi recalled that memories back, her heart trembled again.

"Come with me, Meroko. I love you. I really need you now," Izumi said and he pulled Meroko closer to kiss her.

Meroko realized if that time Izumi's face came closer to hers, but it was so strange that her body didn't struggle at all. She looked deep into Izumi's yellow eyes and then slowly closed her eyes; letting his lips became one with hers and feeling its smoothness.


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