Chapter Two

Nervous breakdown and someone crashes the party

"Hello ladies and gentlemen also so know as boys and girls," Spirit chanted, "I would like to welcome you to a very special evening of drink, food and dance."

Meanwhile back in the boy's bathrooms Stein had decided to use Kids nervous opportunity to lay out his mouse on Kid's back. At this point Kid was throwing up.

"What is that hot, warm thing on my back?" Kid asked.

"Ohhhhh just a mouse's intestine," Stein answered back casually as Kid threw up even more.

"The guest your about to see and meet is the most important person in this school excluding Lord Death himself and me," Spirit blithered. How long was Kid going to take he should be back by now he thought to himself.

"Ok, I think I've finished throwing up," Kid whimpered.

"Brush your teeth!" Stein ordered him.

"What?" Kid asked unsure of what he meant.

"Brush your teeth," Stein repeated.

"Over the toilet?" Kid asked in disbelief.

"No the sink," Stein sighed, "But don't stand up straight whatever you do or my experiment will be ruined."

"Umm...We're kinda running late so I'll introduce Reapers son weapons' first, this is Liz and Patti the Thomson sisters, twin pistols in weapon form." Spirit gesturing over to where Liz and Patti stood, he was trying to stall.

Papa sure looks panicky I wonder what's going on, he really sucks at stalling, Maka thought she was standing in the crowd with the rest of her friends and fellow students.

Stein threw the remains of the dead mouse and Kid's over coat that was covered in its blood in the bin.

"Come on, we are 8 minutes late," Stein called to the young Reaper behind him, while they were exiting the bathrooms.

Kid desperate to get there before they where 9 minutes late, as it was asymmetrical, broke into a sprint.

"May I present to you, Death the Kid!" Spirit said finishing his long speech, just in time as Kid ran onto stage in a very graceful and symmetrical way.

Everyone gasped, people cheered and clapped.

"Let the party begin!" Spirit yelled clapping.

Then their eyes met.

Kid slowly made his way off stage, as Maka was pushing her way to the front. It had been years since the last time they saw each other, they didn't recognise each other at first, but they both remembered. All the stupid get-togethers that their fathers planned, from first Christmas to 7th Halloween, even to Maka's 13th Birthday. Their time together was the best part of their childhood, they were joint at the hip.

Kid came off the last step, as Maka pushed through the last couple of people.

Three years ago not long after Maka's 13th Death the Kid moved away to Brooklyn, where he met Liz and Patti. While Maka was finding it hard to trust anyone, with the stuff with her mother and father then Kid leaving, she joined the academy, met Soul, Black*star and Tsbacki, and the rest of her friends. She always tried her best to make them proud 'cause as stupid as it seems she wanted to give Kid a reason to come back.

"Hey!" Kid exclaimed in delight. Maka smiled which turned into a frown when she gave him one heck of a slap.

"That was for not saying goodbye," Maka said while giving him a hug, "And this was for coming back and remembering me." Kid was taken back by this and soon returned the hug grinning like an idiot and winking at Liz and Patti.

Spirit looked over at Kid and Maka as he was walking behind the stage and smiled. Just as he walked behind the stage into a small room where Kid and they waited before going into the hall a slow song started to play. Even being in there you could hear it pretty loud; Stein came out from behind the door way to meet Spirit who was lounging sexily against the banister of the balcony. This made Stein think about how lucky he was to have such a man to go home to at night and to see during the day. He knew that if people knew about their relationship they would all be jealous. I mean everyone knows that Spirit is the sexiest guy in the whole town.

"Hey hot stuff would you like to dance?" He asked a small smirk on his lips.

"Hell yeah!" Spirit said pulling them into an embrace as they swayed to the music while grinning like a mad man and giggling school girl at the same time.

Everyone has been dancing for a while and Kid looked around for Maka who had wondered off somewhere, he then saw through the glass doors a small blonde in black sitting on the edge of the balcony, the stone railing with her legs hanging.

He smiled and went over to the bar and got two glass bottles of coke. He then walked over to the glass doors and pulled them open and sat down next to Maka handing her the drink while he took a sip out of his.

"I never wanted to leave you know" He said looking directly at the moon while she took a swig out of her bottle.

"I know, but that doesn't mean it didn't hurt" she said not breaking eye contact with the moon.

"It hurt me too" He said slightly getting offended his voice ringing with in a bitter tone.

"I know" Maka said in a softer tone as if not at all swayed by the bitterness in his voice and eyes. "But" she paused as if deciding what to say next "I've already had enough people walk out on me, so why should I care when you left" he voice became very thick and you could hear it in her voice the tears she was holding back as she was almost in hysterics "I came to you for everything Kid, everything, as cheesy as it is you're the only reason why I didn't just give up and let the rest of the world win and you left not even with a goodbye, just the day after my birthday coming down the stairs to find Lord Death, Stein and Papa all with grim faces. They told me the news that you just HAD to move away because you wanted to spend time with your mother and you weren't coming back ever. Do you know how hard that hurt you where the only person I fully trusted, after all the shit with my parents, I wasn't good enough for mama, and I know papa hides it but he doesn't fully love me there are times when he gives me looks like he wants me to burn in hell, and I was never perfect enough for you" Maka sneered. Kid broke his eye contact with the moon and looked down at the girl next to him.

The moon light shining on her as if she was the light in all the darkness, as her tears started to fall Kid felt like the ultimate sinner. He took the bottle out of her limp hands and set it on the floor out of the way next to his, he put both his hands on either side of her face, wiping her tears as he did so, he put his forehead against hers and looked directly into her eyes.

"Maka you are perfect in every way, screw your dad and your mother can drop dead for all I care, don't ever doubt yourself, I had to go, if I didn't go spend some time with that wicked old bat she would have taken full custody and I would have never seen you again, at least this way you could have moved on, but boy I'm a sinner, cause Maka well I umm...L-L...ov..." Kid's voice ran out in authority until the end where he blushed and began to stutter, Maka blushed too. They slowly leaned in more and just as their lips where inches apart someone screamed.