On a hill overlooking the cemetery, five Guardians stood vigil over the scene. They were each dressed in monotone colours of their station: White, Red, Gold, Blue, and Silver.

"He was my closest friend, and I daresay a better father than the one that claimed me," the one in red stated.

The lady in gold held him close. "He is and was a great man. I'm very proud to have known him."

"He even accepted me when he had no right to," the man in blue said.

The lady in silver held his hand and kissed his cheek. "Of course he did. I seriously doubt that he would ever not have done so."

The man in white turned to them. "He was and is a veritable credit to his species."

Darkness crept over where they were standing, and a man dressed in black appeared next to them. He sneered when they looked at him. "Oh what? Can I not pay my respects to a great adversary?"

"No," the one in red said with a growl. "Get away, before I knock you to the beginning of time."

"Oh fine," the man in black said. Giving a final look to the congregation below, he gave a two fingered V'd salute and laughed as he vanished.

"Impossible creature," the man in blue said. "The very nerve..." he was stopped from his rant by the lady in silver, who shushed him with a kiss.