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Summary: Rukia comes back to the living world after a year to find out the cause of Ichigo's powers growing. Will she find out? Will this be one of the best stories you've ever read? Well you just have to read to find out. (Rated T for language)

Chapter 1: Ninja Assassin and Bento

It had already been a year since the winter war passed, and everything was peaceful. Well, except for the fact that Ichigo was late for school...

"GOD DAMMIT!" Ichigo cursed. "Stupid alarm clock, why didn't you ring?"

"OH ICHIGOOOOOOOOO~!" his dad sang up the stairs.

Ichigo ran down the stairs after getting ready quickly.

"I don't have time for this shit dad! I'm gonna be late for school!" he yelled.

"Well, who needs school when you can spend time with your beautiful fathe-"

Ichigo had heard enough, so he punched his dad in the face.

Isshin crumpled to the ground in mock-agony, "OHHHHH MASAKI, OUR SON DOSENT LOVE ME ANYMORE!" Isshin pretended to sob.

Ichigo gave a deep sigh, "...Whatever. I'm heading out," he said, and turned towards the door.

"But Onii-chan, what about breakfast?" Yuzu asked with wide eyes.

Ichigo turned to face her, "Sorry Yuzu, I don't have time for breakfast." With that, Ichigo turned to the door again.

"Wait," Yuzu said, and the teen opened the door. "ONII-CHA-" she cried, slam! Ichigo slammed the door behind him. Then Karin came downstairs.

"Great Dad, this is all your fault," she said, glaring at her father - who remained on the floor.

"What did I dooo?" Isshin howled - no one replied.

"Damn it!" Ichigo cursed under his breath. "I'm gonna be late for school."

Let me seeya, LaLaLaLa, Love me hey, YaYaYaYa
Shubidubi, ShaLaLaLaLa, uriduriYaYaYaYa...

Is that KPop? Ichigo thought, and turned around to search for the source of the noise. "A KPop store? When did they build that?" Ichigo wondered aloud. Well maybe if I take a quick look it won't hur- Wait no Ichigo - focus - I have to get to school...Maybe I'll go to the KPop store later.

"School's about to start, I wonder where Kurosaki-kun is..." Inoue said.

"Don't worry Inoue, I'm pretty sure he's not going to skip today, since we get assigned a class play and he wouldn't want anyone picking his part while he's not here," Ishida said.

"I guess you're right Ishida-kun, but let's just hope he makes it on time," Inoue had a worried look on her face.

"Yeah..." Ishida trailed off.

Almost there almost there! Ichigo thought eagerly, Just a few more seconds an- RING RING! "DAMN IT!" he cursed impatiently, "Class is about to start..."

"Okay class, we're going to start today's lesson, but first I'm gonna have to take attendance," he said, "Let's see... Inoue Orihime."

"Hai!" Inoue cried.

"Ishida Uryuu, (2)koko de," Ishida said.

"Sado Yasutora," the teacher continued.

"Here," Chad replied.

"Kurosaki Ichigo?" ... After a few moments of silence Sensei added, "Eh, Is Kurosaki not here?"

Inoue looked up shyly. "Umm,(3)Kage-sensei, Kurosaki-kun is going to be here soon..." she murmured quietly.

"There's no need to cover for him Inoue, he needs to learn how to be on time!" Keigo said in a devilish tone. This is great! Now I can put him in the worst part of the play...Hehe. Then out of nowhere SOMEONE comes in and "accidentally" punches Keigo in the face. After a few moments Keigo finally got up, and pointed a finger at Ichigo. "ICHIGOO! YOU MEANIE! I'M GOING TO RUN AWAY AN-"

"You're late, Kurosaki," Kage said impatiently. The satisfied teenager gave Kage a quick glance.

"Yeah, sort of overslept..." Ichigo trailed off.

Kage-sensei sighed quietly. "Fine, I guess I can overlook it this time, but next time it's detention."

Ichigo half-smiled, "Yeah, thank y-"

"HEY I WAS TALKING HERE!" Keigo said in an annoyingly loud voice.

"Keigo, I don't have time for this, one more outburst and you're going to the principal's office," Kage said in irritation.

"But...but...ICHIGO PUNCHED ME!"

Certainly not in the mood to deal with this Kage and Ichigo both said, "SHUT UP KEIGO!" at the same time and Keigo went to a corner to cry.

"Okay, now let's begin class. Anyone have any ideas for the play?" Kage asked, bright-eyed.

"Why don't we do Ninja Assassin?"

The whole room turned around to look at Chad sitting innocently at his desk.

"Umm, Chad, Ninja Assassin is an action/violence movie. I don't think they'll let us do a play on it..." Ichigo said quietly.

"Well it was worth a shot," Chad declared.

"O...kay any other ideas?" Kage-sensei said awkwardly.

Chizuru quickly raised her hand and yelled "Pick me! Pick me!" Sensei couldn't refuse.

"Yes Chizuru?"

"What about Romeo and Juliet? I can be Romeo and Orihime can be Julie-"

Kage cut her off, "No homosexuality in this play!" he announced. "But, Romeo and Juliet does sound like a good idea..." he mused.

"HELL NO!" a random boy in the class yelled. "Romeo and Juliet is too sappy, and common, I'd rather go with Chad's idea!" he yelled.

"YEAH!" All the other boys agreed.

"Okay, well do you have any suggestions?" Chizuru said angrily.

"Actually, yes, I do. What about (4)Kintaro?"

"Nooo, that's so boring!" Chizuru whined.

"Well not as boring as Romeo and Juliet!" the boy cried.

"Okay, that's enough fighting you two!" Kage said while letting out a deep sigh.

(5)"What about Ice and Snow?" Michiru asked shyly.

Silence flooded the classroom...

"It's been settled then, since no one is arguing, we'll be doing Ice and Snow," Kage said, relieved.

All of the boys moaned, and all of the girls cheered with excitement.

"I just have one question though. What is Ice and Snow about...?" Everyone stared at Kage like he was crazy.

"You don't know what Ice and Snow is?" Ichigo said in shock.

"Well, I'm not in your age period!" Kage flushed.

"Sensei, Ice and Snow was written around 200 years ago," Tatsuki pointed out.

Kage glared harshly at Tatsuki and sighed.

"Sorry, but can someone just please tell me the story?" he snapped.

"Su-Sure," Michuru said to break the awkward silence.

"Ice and Snow is the story of a boy named Elliot, a nobleman's son and the village girl Freedert. It was said that they fell in love regardless of social ranking. They were very happy together, however the two got separated. Not because of the people's protests, but because of war. Elliot promised to come back and Freedert believed in him. Freedert would always go to the church to pray for her lover's safety, but her prayers were in vain. Elliot was shot with an arrow at the back. He was defending their last stand, to protect the village of the one he loved. When she heard the news, Freedert went to the village's church, and prayed for her 'time' (life) to be transferred to him. Freedert's prayer...was answered. Elliot was risen from the dead, and when he woke up he was surrounded not by his blood, but by the red petals of Freddert's favorite flower. By the time Elliot returned he learnt of Freedert's sacrifice. He pleaded: "Please exchange her stopped time with my own." The God took pity on them having seen their care, and love for each other, so in exchange for their time he promised "eternity" upon their village. The End..."

Everyone nodded in agreement , and Kage-sensei had a tear in his eye.

"I-Is that so, well thank you for telling me that beautiful story." He sniffed quietly.

"You're welcome, Kage- sensei," Michiru said with a light chuckle.

Just as Kage was about to continue the lesson, the lunch bell rang. "We will start picking characters tomorrow, see you then." Kage said.

The class nodded and went to go eat their bento.

Everyone sat down on the usual rooftop, and Mizuiro noticed Ichigo didn't have any food.

"Ichigo why aren't you eating?"

Ichigo being the lazy person he is used the most original answer you can get. "I left my bento at home."

Mizuiro sighed. "But aren't you going to be hungry?"

Ichigo shrugged. "I guess... but I have an idea."

Mizuiro watched curiously as Ichigo took Keigo's bento right out of his hands.

"You see I can just have this."


Ichigo put on his famous smirk. "Well you eat twice as much as I do, so I'm pretty sure you'll survive fatty."

Keigo went to cry in a corner again.

"Ichigo don't you think that was a bit too much?" Ichigo glared at Ishida.

"I was only messing with him. I'm only going to eat half anyway."

It got silent until they heard giggling in the background...

"Ichigo you should do this more often I'm getting great shots on my phone," Mizurio said excitedly, Keigo turned around and hugged Mizurio.


"Urghh, get off of me you fat cow!" Mizurio yelled.

Everyone laughed until they heard a cell phone ring.

"Oh, that's me," Ichigo announced. As he looked at the caller ID he sighed. Great, it's the Xcution.

Rukia woke up to the sun shining and the birds chirping, she despised it all.

"Damn, I hate mornings..."

After quickly getting ready she left to go to her squads barracks.

"Hey Rukia!" She turned around to see Renji in the distance.

"Hey Renji." She smiled gracefully.

"Ukitake told me he needed to see you in the captain commanders room did something happen?" Renji asked curiously.

"No, nothing happened." Rukia looked confused. "Well if the captain commander wants to see me I should be off, I'll tell you the details later okay?"

Renji smiled. "Okay."

As Rukia ran to the captain commanders room she noticed the usual: Captain Hitsugya yelling at Rangiku for partying, Kenpachi running around with Yachiru on his back (probably lost), and Ikkaku and Yumichika walking around like loners because they have nothing else better to do. "Idiots," she mumbled.

When she finally got to the captain commanders room she looked around, and noticed Ukitake smiling at her. Thank god I'm not in trouble. Her thoughts were cut off when the captain commander started speaking. "Kuchiki Rukia, you have been sent here to do a mission."

Rukia looked surprised. A mission? I haven't done one ever since I left the real world...

"It turns out Kurosaki Ichigo is gaining his powers back, so I chose you, and Abarai Renji to go to the real world to find the source."

Rukia was in complete shock. "A...are you serious Yamamoto-soutaichiou...?"

Ukitake noticed Rukia's sudden change in mood, and gave her a light smile. "Of course he is, you two have been chosen because you know him the best. I hope you have a great time Kuchiki-san."

Rukia started bowing excitedly. "Arigato, Yamamoto-soutaichou."

Yamamoto felt a smile forming around his face, but it didn't last long as he quickly snapped out of it. "Now go tell Abarai the mission, you two are to leave at 4:30 tomorrow morning, so make sure to get plenty of sleep."

Rukia paused. "If you wanted to also tell Renji why didn't you tell him to come here?"

Yamamoto shifted slightly. "I forgot..."

"Yamamoto," Ukitake said with a laugh...

It became slightly awkward...

"I'm gonna go tell Renji the mission..." Rukia said quietly.

"Ah, yes go tell him, and good luck," Ukitake said quickly.

"Hai, arigato." After bowing she quickly left the captain commanders room to tell her best friend the great news.

End Of Chapter 1

(1) Artist- T-ara Song- Yayaya

(2) Koko De means here in Japanese XD

(3) Kage is a fictional character that my friend (mrsichigodarcy) made up. :) He was in her first story, and she also wrote a oneshot about his life, so if you read the one shot just remember that my kage is COMPLETELY different then hers. (I choose what he looked like :D He has black hair, and purple eyes. I based him off of lelouch from Code Geass)

(4) Kintaro is a story about a child of superhuman strength, he was raised by a mountain hag on Mount Ashigara. He became friendly with the animals of the mountain, and later, after catching the terror of the region around Mount Ooe, he became a loyal follower of Minamoto no Yorimitsu. (Warrior)

(5) This play was in the anime DN Angel (Hint: I'll be doing ice and snow NOT Ice and dark)

Author's note: I had help from my Beta on this chapter *cough* *cough* mrsichigodarcy *cough* ;) but she is currently working on her own stories, so I'll be doing most of the editing from now on (du du duuuu.) I hope you guys liked the first chapter of my story, and do be expecting more in the future!

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