I know Grace and Neil will end up being together forever. I know they'll get married. I know they'll have kids. But what if all this happened to soon? Grace has never been unfaithful to Neil… but maybe she's not all she seems…

Grace Dasari.
Was that me?
I'm Grace Dasari.
Yes, you are.
It's probably another Grace Dasari.
Right. Because there's lots of Grace Dasari's in the world.
There could be!
Yeah right.

Grace's internal argument ended there, and a short, stubby nurse repeated herself a second time.
"Grace Dasari?" she asked again.
Grace walked into the nurse's office with shaking feet.

Stevie Moss watched as Grace walked into work the next morning, eyes red and puffy.
"Woah," smirked Max Carter. "What happened to you?"
"Shut up, Max."
"I'm right, Stevie, I'd rather not."
Stevie chose to ignore him and looked up at Grace, sympathising. "Come and sit down,"
Grace nodded, sniffing, and she would have taken her colleagues offer but her boyfriend (and boss!) DI Neil Manson happened to walk in at that very moment.
"Grace!" he gasped and rushed to her side. "Grace, are you okay?"
"Romantic," Mickey muttered, and he and Max sniggered. Terry shot the two a warning glance, especially Max, which baffled the other officers, but seemed to worry Max, the toughest officer they knew, yet at times the stupidest too.
Grace nodded, keeping her mouth shut, not wanting to cry, but it didn't work. Imstead, she collapsed in tears on the Detective Inspector's shoulder, hugging him tight.
Stevie continued to watch worriedly, but there were "aw" and "aah" sounds of affection from other officers.
"Quiet, all of you," Neil ordered, still holding Grace, rubbing her back to soothe her, yet he looked just as confused as everyone else. "Get back to work."
They didn't dare disobey him, but they all snuck glances at Grace. Especially Max, who was grinning to himself.
"Let's go outside," he whispered to her.

"PREGNANT?" Neil thundered. "You can't be Grace, you can't be!"
Grace nodded, still crying.
"I didn't mean for it to happen," she wailed.
Neil sighed. "I know you didn't," he said. "Grace, what are we suppoed to do?"
He sat beside her. "Have you gone to the doctor's yet?"
Grace nodded, remembering her experience from this morning.
"And you're sure your pregnant?"
Grace nodded again.
"It can't be possible, we've only… you know… twice…"
Grace nodded, though felt slightly smaled at this question.
But now she was silently praying he wouldn't ask the question she was dreading.
Are you sure it's mine?
Neil was out of questions though. Grace still hoped he had enough faith in her not to ask that.
What if it wasn't Neil's?