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In the beginning, that's all it was. The quest to make the world a better place. The genuine desire to eliminate evil.

That all changed the moment Light Yagami saw the Death Note of the shinigami Ryuuk fall from the sky.

The moment he picked the notebook up off the ground, he sealed his fate.

He gradually lost sight of his righteous motivations, becoming consumed in the quest to become a god and rule the world. He killed a man he called a friend, and used the women who loved him. Ryuuk watched this in amusement, with no regard for what was happening right before his eyes. He didn't notice how far Light had been corrupted by the killer notebook, warped and twisted into something that he never intended to become.

Or perhaps he noticed, but simply didn't care.

In the end, Light died before his time, effectively atoning for the sins he had committed.

All for the sake of idealism.

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