Nikita had just finished kicking ass against a large, muscular secruity guard outside of a posh penthouse apartment before entering a posh penthouse apartment, making a mad dash towards a gawdy painting on the wall. "No accounting for taste," she mumbled and removed the frame from the wall, revealing a wall safe. She entered the number and opened the door, immediately finding what she was in search of. The black box. However, the high she momentarily felt from succeeding this mission disappeared when she heard the all too familar sound of a gun cocking and soon a smokey voice accompanying it.

"Weapons AND box on the floor; Hands in the air."

Nikita rolled her eyes, "Michael..."


He was so frustrating she thought to herself. She bent down slowly and placed her gun on the ground, the black box lying next to it. She then heard him add, "And the knife", so she placed the blade on the plush white carpet too. She stood up straight and turned to face him, palms where he was able to see them. She smirked and Michael, in turn, swallowed hard. Any way her lips contorted, he found it hard to focus, until she brought him back to the subject.

"I thought you tried to stay away from Percy's dirty work."

"And I thought you never did what you're told," He countered, trying to avoid the accusations she had thrown his way.

"Well if anyone would know, it would be you," Nikita meant it sincerely, but could have been percieved as sarcastic.

The two stood in silenece for a minute, niether knowing the next move. Michael was the first to break the tension in the air when he cleared his throat.

"Slide the box over here and we can be done with this whole thing."

"You want it? Fine, fight me for it," Michael's eyebrows raised at her suggestion so she explained further, "No weapons- just hand to hand combat."

He took a chance and lowered his pistol and smirked, "Now why would you want to risk your pride that way?"

Nikita walked closer to him with an old, playful sparkle in her eye and his breath hitched in his throat. She was confident though, being in close proximity to Michael was hard and most notably tempting, but its when she performed the best, "I think you're just terrified that I'll kick your ass; that the student will surpass the teacher...again."

A smirk found its way onto Michael's face unintentionally again. He holstered his gun and strode across the floor to where the pair were only mere inches apart, if they were going to be close, he was going to make sure he was confident enough to handle it.

"I'm not terrified of anything," He whispered in his husky, sexy voice and suddenly Nikita felt a sharp jab to her abdomen. She released a groan that Michael found strangely arousing. However, she was quick to come back and they were quickly in a full on sparring match. They moved rapidly, but each were able to counteract eachother's moves. Finally, Nikita was able to get him in a headlock underneath her arm, but he surprised her by flipping her backwards over his shouldar. She regained composure and went after him once more.

But in the middle of their brawl, Michael mistakeningly lost his footing, entangling him with Nikita as they both crashed onto the floor of the apartment. Him ontop of her. An immediate rush of deja vu flooded both their minds but only for a moment because the only thing they could concentrate on was the intense lack of space inbetween them. Nikita could feel Michael's hot breath brushing against her face and he could distinct every curve on her body underneath his own.

After a few moments of peering into eachother's eyes, their stares dropped to eachother's lips. It had been so long since their lips last locked; too long. Before he knew it Michael found himself leaning down, while Nikita was being drawn upward. Finally, their lips caught one another's and it was as if an electirc shock within them imploded.

Nothing else in the world existed except for them and the scorching heat sparking between the couples while savoring eachother's taste. But the deep kiss wasn't enough, especially for Michael. He yearned to have the rogue agent's hot skin rubbing against his; to kiss every spot of body she owned. He had to be that intimate with her, he needed her and more importantly, he wanted her. Finding her arms, he forcibly griopped her wrists and pinned them over her head. Nikita smirked against his lips, he was trying to show her that he was in control and she was more than fine with that, but she wasn't going to allow him to get too bog of an ego boost. She unfortuantly tore her lips from his, him making due by planting passionate kisses down her neck. When he was close enough to her, she arched up so her lips were grazing against his ear, "You know I can be rough too Michael." She proved her point by biting down on his earlobe, hard, drawing blood. Michael groaned, but couldn't resist a smile curving on his lips. He retaliated in full force, ripping open the button down, white blouse she was wearing, no dubt for her cover to enter the building , though the intial reason they had both arrived at this apartment was totally forgotten at this point. He kissed down her chest and to her stomach, throughly enjoying the pleasurable moans he erupted in her.

Nikita had to even the score, psuhing off his black blazer and then quickly undoing his black shirt. He was swift to assist her and when he discarded it on the floor beside them. She pulled him back down on her, however, the after a few moments of fiery smooches, he pulled back ever so slighty.

Their noses were touching, but Michael could clearly see into Nikita's eyes. The look said a thousand words and it was all that needed to be said before his lips descended onto hers. It didn't last long though, nor could they fully give themselves to one another because there were suddenly rumblings outside of the room. The couple , breathing heavily, eyes shot to the entrance and they were able to get up and throw on their clothing in record time.

Michael was the first to have his gun out of holster and poised to defend, "Take the box, go to the bedroom. First door on the left, elevator disguised as a closet takes you down to a private exit." He didn't extract his eyes from the door.


"Go!" He snapped, but softened his tone as he finally pealed his eyes off the door and glanced at Nikita, "I can't protect you and the box." He thrust his blazer towards her and with one last look she was gone.