"Let me this straight: You two are finally... together? And Percy is ordering me, your mole, to head a mission that ends up with 6 innocent recruits dead?"

"And ideally, me too," Nikita shrugged off her protege's question. Michael and her had informed Alex just minutes beforeof their union, as well as the controversial operation. It was approximately two weeks before the mission was scheduled to happen, and Percy would be calling for a briefing tomorrow.

"But that isn't going to happen," Michael stressed, standing from the stool he was sitting upon and crossing his arms in a stern stance. Nikita stood beside him, both peering down at Alex who sat uneasily on the cot. She fidgeted with her hands, not meeting either of her instructer's eyes.

"Alex," Nikita commanded and the 19 year old glanced up, "We're going to get you out."

"But," She pointed to the back of her neck where the kill chip device was located beneath her skin.

Michael answered promptly, "I have a contact who will remove it in the quickest and safest fashion possible."

"We'll be sending you to him after the briefing," Nikita finished the explanation, "Your ID packet is ready to go, so after the op, we'll send you on the first plane anywhere you want to go."

However, what should be a gleeful expression, Alex's face was covered in confusion and sadness. Michael and Nikita glanced at one another, than back to the the youthful agent with concern in their eyes.

"Everything alright?" He asked first, albeit carefully; He didn't want to over step his bounds with her. Ever since she was "recurited" into Division, he couldn't deny seeing Haley in her; His first born would be close in age to her, if she had lived. But, he was in a position to do what he couldn't do for his little girl: protect Alex. The fact that Nikita loved her as family re-enforced that need to guard. He also understood that this was very new to Nikita's partner, and he didn't need to scare her with parental tactics. If anyone was the true parental figure in her life, it was Nikita- who did it beautifully.

Michael watched as Nikita sat beside Alex, putting an arm around her co-conspirator's shouldars, as if she'd been taking care of her Alex's whole life.

"I just... I want to be apart of this fight, how can I do that from island off the coast of no where?" The Russian native questioned with a pout, "These people, they..." But she suddenly remembered Michael's prescence in the room and stopped herself.

"You don't have to tell me if you're not comfortable, Alex," Michael assured and Nikita couldn't resist smiling at his comforting words to her friend. His sweetness and protective instinct were two things she loved most about him. She always knew he had cared for the kids Division reeled in, even if he denied it. Alex was a different situation though, Nikita understood he would do anything she asked of him for Alex, but it wasn't hard to tell when he looked at Alex he imagined an older version of Haley- his little princess he lost too soon; It killed her that he'd always live with that pain.

Alex looked at Michael, than Nikita, before returning her stare to the former Division 2nd in command, "If Nikita trusts you," She inhaled and exhaled, "than I do too."

Michael let a small hint of a grin pass his lips, grabbing a chair and pulling it closer to the cot as Alex began to speak, "My name is Alexandra Udinov." Both women saw the recognition hit Michael's face and Nikita nodded solemnly.

"She's Nikolai's daughter, Michael."

"But you-"

"I got her out," Nikita finished to her astonished beau, "She was twelve years old, I couldn't let her burn in that house."

Alex fought back tears, "I was kidnapped and made Russian sex slave, which you know."

Michael shrugged, he had assumptions, mainly from Amanda's assessments, but he normally didn't give recruit's pasts a second thought (except when Nikita was one, but that was for obvious circumstances).

"Nikita found me, got me out. But it didn't matter because by than I was a total junkie and took a hit wherever I could get it. Once again, she found me, got me clean..." She trailed off, a wistful smile on her face as she recalled her savior's efforts.

"You didn't make it easy," Nikita remarked, nudging her partner's shouldar with her own, "But it was worth it."

"Thanks," She said to her mentor, no matter how understated that was and turned back to Michael, "She told me about my parents, why they were murdered."

"And you joined her in her fight," He concluded with a nod.

"It was actually her idea to infiltrate," She noted, nodding towards Alex, and he seemed surprised, but none the less impressed.

Alex rotated her head to look at her favorite instructor, "Its only because I had an awesome teacher that I was able to pull it off."

"Well," Nikita smiled at her protege, before standing to her feet and manuevering to the chair Michael was sitting on, and took a seat on his lap, "Thats because I had a pretty OK teacher myself."

Alex couldn't disguise a smile as she watched Nikita pull her stare from herself to Michael, he did the same.

"Really? Just OK?" He smirked, raising an eyebrow, his left arm encircling around her tiny waist while the other rested on her leg.

She seemed to be pondering her next answer, and Michael rolled his eyes, "Well, considering I still kicked your ass on a regular basis when I was a recruit, I'd say natural skill trumps all our lessons." She stifled a giggle at his expression of irritation, mainly because he couldn't dispute that notion. She leaned down and purred into his ear, "But you have other talents that are far better."

"Oh ew!" Alex exclaimed in horror, covering her ears, "First it was cute, now its just gross!" She cursed her impecable senses, as did Michael and Nikita who assumed she couldn't hear them, "It was one thing to figure out it was his jacket here, just ick! Get a room!"

"We would, but you're sitting on our bed," Nikita smirked, then chuckling as her friend's eyes widened and she leapt from her sitting position.

"Oh jeez, seriously?" The light haired beauty yelped, "And don't you guys think you deserve a real bed? You've waited long enough!"

"That's what his apartment's for."

Michael simply shut his eyes and shook his head at the womens' exchange.

"He has an apartment? I just assumed he lived at Division."

"Nah, I assumed that too before he took me there when I was an agent."

"I would say 'bow chicka wow wow' but the thought of you two doing... that is starting to become more and more like my parents doing it."

Despite the amusement he felt with Alex illustarting him and Nikita as parents, he had to put an end to the embarrassing conversation, "Ladies can we please return the focus to the operation?" Nikita mouthed to Alex, "Easily embarrassed," and her friend snorted. Michael gave his girlfriend a disapproving glance, but she distracted him by planting a quick kiss on his lips before removing herself from him.

"Alright so we're estimating a maximum time of a week for Alex's full recovery?" She asked, making her to her computer.

"Aproximately, however, I highly doubt it'll take that long," Michael answered, joing her by the system, leaning his back against the desk., "Estaban is a remarkable surgeon in this field."

"And Percy doesn't know him?" Alex chimed in, her voice a bit shaky as she asked the question.

"No, Estaban is one of my colleagues from a few years back; no ties to Percy whatsoever."

Nikita tapped and manuevered her way through the cyber images on her screen, "Meanwhile, Michael and I will strategize how to deal with the actual op and we'll brief you when you come back."

"But if I'm gone for a long period of time, especially during training-"

"I have it covered, don't worry," Michael advised, suddenly feeling Nikita's eyes on him. He turned his head and matched her gaze; She was worried, he had yet to inform her of how exactly he was going to manage to get Alex a vacation, "It won't be impossible, you've been a 'loyal agent," He managed a smirk at the ironic sentence as he looked back at Alex, "It's not impossible to fathom you'd need some relaxtion before such a heavy, important operaton."

Nikita, however, was still wary at her man's words. She knew that it would not be as simplistic as he was painting it to be, but she wouldn't say that in front of Alex- she was disturbed enough by the mere scamatic of the mission.

"So the briefing is tomorrow? Does that mean we'll find out which recruits will... are.." Alex couldn't bring herself to say anything involving the deaths of the innocent kids, some who she had even interracted with; the whole idea churned her stomach.

"We should have a pretty good outline from Amanda, however, myself and Percy grant final approval."

"Remember you'll have to put on one helluva performance tomorrow," Nikita advised, swirling around on her seat to face her trainee.

Alex snorted, "Well I've had some pretty lousy liars as an influence." She sent pointed glances to both componenets of the couple, "You two were SO unconvincing this whole time! 'Has he mentioned me?'" She interpretted the dark haired feeme fatale's comment, then transforming her voice to a deep, scratchy one, imitating Michael, "'Nikita's like a cancer' Yeah, right!"

"I'm like what?" Nikita's head whipped around to glare at her former trainer, "You compared me to a terminal illness?"

Michael opened his mouth to retort with an explanation, but simply manefested a perfect arched brow, "You wanted to know if I was talking about you?"

"Well thats enough of this conversation," Nikita, now fully flushed, reversed in her seat to stare at the computer again; She didn't handle embarrassment well and Michael and Alex share an amused look behind her back, "We need to start mapping out this location, see if we have any advantages, especially before-"

But her sentence was suddenly intersected by Michael's phone vibrating rapidly and Alex's blaring a Panic! At The Disco song.

"- you're both summoned to the hell hole," Nikita sighed soberly, finishing her interrupted thought, and both of her allies nodded glumly. Nikita bobbed her head slowly, opting to fixate her stare on a random floor tile, before her dark eyes to meet her partners, "And so it begins."