"So help me understand this: Percy and Amanda KNOW about EVERYTHING and are setting Michael, Nikita, and me up?" Alex was completely dumbstruck by the entire scenario that Birkhoff had laid out for her; it didn't help that the nerd was talking a mile a minute.

But despite that fact, he glared at her from behind his specks, "Were you involved in an explosion that damaged your hearing or are you just stupid?"

"Sorry! You're not exactly explaining this well!"

"Mikey and Niki are in deep shit- how much simpler can it get?"

Alex swallowed hard, thinking about the situation and finally realizing the severity. Trying to keep her composure, she locked eyes with Birkhoff, "Whats going to happen? Where's Michael?"

"They have him. He's in Satan's office, that's probably where Medusa is too."

"Which is why she wasn't in her office, dammit! Well what about Nikita? I just saw her..."

"Pretty sure they're setting a booby trap for her becausre luring in you and Mikey, she wouldn't exactly have a lot of help."

"Well she does now, so what do we do?"

"Woah, woah, woah- 'we'?"

"Oh don't even try it, you're already in this so damn right you're going to help."

"Geez, you really are a mini-Niki," He rolled his eyes before releasing a lingering sigh, "Fine, got any ideas AGENT?"

Alex shifted on her feet, biting her bottom lip nervously. She had always normally had Nikita to rely on for life or death situations like these, "How do you feel about explosives?"

"Son of a bit-" Michael growled viciously, now thrashing against his restraints.

"Now, now," Percy began in his usual mocking tone, "Don't over exert yourself. After all, it won't help yourself or your bedmate."

"You touch one hair on her head and I will-" His threatening eyes were aiming at Kasim, who remained silent in the midst of his boss and former friend's exchange.

"You'll what?" Percy, an amused gleam in his eye to match his near cheerful voice, "Please, enlighten us on your masterplan to save your precious girlfriend when you can't even save yourself."

Michael seethed, biting the inside of his cheek until he tasted blood, just to stop himself from speaking. Grunting in frustration, he struggled in his metal cuffs while his mind contemplated a range of topics- how to kill the two bastards in front of him, how everything happened so quickly, but most importantly, how to save Nikita.

Kasim's smooth persuian voice shook Michael's attention back to him, "I understand you're upset, Michael. But everything in this life happens for a reason. You're wife and child.." Michael lunged forward, but was inevitibly held back, his enemy resuming his speech, "And now, Nikita. You must accept this, old friend."

The former Division, 2nd in command spat some cursewords, his eyes pinching shut as he tried to block an overwhelming vision of Nikita being in a car explosion as his family had; Her beautiful face turned to ash while Kasim and Percy looked on with pride. His stomach physically knotted and his ability to swallow became nonexistant.

He couldn't do it; He just got her back in his life, he couldn't lose her. Not like he lost Lizzie and Haley- not ever. She was the biggest part of his life, his heart, his soul. He didn't care about himself, only her. It was ALWAYS only her. Ever since she was a stubborn newbie under his watchful, handler eye, it was always just her.

His hands shook, continuing up to his wrists entrapped beneath the cuff. Hissing out from behind ground teeth, Michael's eyes darkened, "What do you want?"

"Nikita! Nikita!" Alex rushed into the loft, fear propelling her with great force as she ran into the large space. When there was no answer to her beckons, she ran her fingers through her brunette locks, breathing rapidly increasing. "Dammit!" She cursed to the empty space and whipped her phone out from her pocket. "Birkhoff!" She barked into the speaker, "She's NOT HERE! Please tell me everything is OK on your end, please! I'm going to try and track her down." She ended the one sided phone call and exited the lair.

Nikita lightly treaded on the location; her gun was loaded, well gripped in her capable hands. Her eyes searched the grounds, seeing very little to insinuate that this was a Division take down. It was back behind a run-down convience store, a bit off the beaten track from the city. Secluded, definitely an advantage for the black ops organization; Nikita was always prepared for a surprise though.

A car pulled onto the pavement and two young adults popped out, guns full blazing. Nikita didn't miss a beat, ducking behind a dumpster for cover and popping off bullet after bullet. One hit the man, the driver of the vehicle, directly in the chest. The tricky girl was harder though, Nikita having to shoot her in the thigh and then the abdomen before she finally fell to the ground.

As Nikita went to survey the scene, she suddenly sensed a prescene behind her. She whipped out, gun raised, but it was swiftly knocked from her hand. She blocked two right hook punches and a low kick.

"Listen, I can-" She blockes another hit and throws a few of her own, each unblockable by the recruit.

"I can help all of-" This kid would not give up, going for a round house kick before Nikita could even finish her last word. Grabbing the leg in mid-air, she twisted it, throwing him to the ground in the process. He screamed out in pain and Nikita knelt down, so she was face to face with him. "I can get you out of Division, all of you. You wouldn't have to do this, you wouldn't have to try and kill again."

The young guy, a blonde haired, green eyed kid that seemed to be no more than Alex's age, appeared to be listening. He opened his mouth to speak, but before he could, a bullet was sent through his head and Nikita rose up, eyes looking for the assailant. She felt a sharp pain to her back and realized it was a bullet and an excellent day to wear the bulletproof vest Michael provided for her.

But when she turned around, ready to aim for the person that tried to shoot her, she instantly a blow, that almost felt like a human elbow, piercing her the back of her head and everything faded to black.

"What I do for these people," Birkhoff huffed, crawling through the all-too-narrow-for-comfort air vents. It was unbelievable that after Niki's big escape a few months ago, they would still allow these ventilation systems to be so corruptable- than again, it was MICHAEL that headed the Nikita proofing.

The computer whiz shimmied through the paths, reaching the one that was directly assosciated to Percy's office. He pulled out the device, an instance of pure genius on his part. Alex had insisted on a different method, but he knew his had no room for failure. But as he made his way to the grate opening that peered into the head honcho's lair, he saw no one. No Michael, no Nikita, no Percy or Amanda.

"Shit!" He cursed under his breath and began to hurriedly leave.

Alex arrived at the spot, but to no sight of Nikita. She saw several dead bodies, recruits she had seen in passing at Division. She tried to regain her breathing, running to the location had left little room for normal intakes of oxygen. At her brief pause, her phone vibrated within her pocket. Retrieving it, she saw there was a text from Birkhoff.


"UGH!" Alex practically yelled, nothing but anger and worry consuming her. She couldn't think of anything. Her mind was devoid of all thoughts, ideas, plans. Her mentor, the woman that saved her life many times was screwed and there nothing she could do. Michael, the only person within Division she trusted and the man who helped her a lot was in the same dire situation. She was losing another family, another set of parents almost. Michael and Nikita belonged together, Alex knew that, but not in the afterlife. Not before they got to experience a real life outside of Division. And selfishly, Alex wanted that too. For her and her surrogate family to be happy and free, but how could that happen if she couldn't even locate the couple?

She looked down at her phone and swallowed hard, her fingers typing in a reply to Birkhoff.


Nikita's eyes opened, albeit with a hazy vision to start. Her head was pounding profusely and she attempted to lift her hand, but found it was strapped behind her; her legs faced the same situation. She tried to wriggle in the chair, but it was no use. She assessed her surroundings- a dark room, stone block walls, no furniture.

Division. She was in Division. Their plan had worked, she was there, they had captured her. Her chest constricted, an distaste filling her mouth. There was no way out and even worse, she had no idea where Alex and Michael were. Tears formed in her eyes, thoughts of Michael and Alex being captured or worse. She knew she had to rid herself of any emotion. She couldn't allow Percy, Amanda, or any of them to affect her, especially if there was any chance she could save the man she loved and the young girl she had loved like a sister.

A large, metal door slowly opened- a gust of stale, bitter air rolling in with it. Percy wandered in, a smirked plastered to face as usual.

"What? No Amanda to welcome me back? I'm crushed," Nikita cracked darkly.

"No, I thought I should handled this, well, lets just say, delicate situation," Percy started, his mock sympathic inflection on the word 'delicate' sending a new rush of hatred and extreme through Nikita; he was obviously talking about the two people Nikita loved most in the world, "I assume you already know why your dear knight in shining armor did not come to you rescue."

"Where is he?" She growled, she was not going to play Percy's game when it came to Michael; she couldn't afford the cost.

"Wouldn't you like to know," He winked, walking closer to her.

"What about Alex?"

"Never showed up, I was sure she would. Its quite disappointing."

"So you have your hound dogs out there looking for her?"

Percy waved off her accusation, "Please. Your recruit is barely a blip on the radar. I must say, she was impressive, but not quite up to your standards, I'm a little hurt you didn't train her as well."

"Obviously I trained her better than I thought- you don't have her."

"Ah, thats right, but I do have Michael."

"Tell me what you want, Percy," She was past impatience. She was furious, she was scared, she was anxious. Michael was in trouble and at the moment she was physically unable to help him, "I am the reason he betrayed you, I deserve whatever your sick ass mind thinks up- lets settle between US."

"As much as I wish I could blame Michael's tarnished potential on you, he was always weak. Always letting emotions get the best of him- its sickening. Your honey trap waltzing in here just peaked his downfall, but it was invitable really."

"What do you want me to do? What will it take for you to let Michael go, Percy?"

"Aww, thats so sweet. Your boy toy was willing to go the distance for you also."

"Well don't listen to him. You want me. You could care less about anything else," Nikita spat, tension mounting in the room, "It wasn't just the past few months; I was on your mind as soon as you realized I had escaped. My memory knawed at you, every second of the day. 'How could one of MY agents get out?' 'How could Nikita escape?' Face it, Percy, I was the best you ever had at this miserable place and I was so good, I was able to breeze past you. That has to sting, a 20-something year old girl proving you're nothing but a tired, old man with no control whatsoever."

"Big words from someone who wants to save MY prisoner," Percy responded cooly, but Nikita did not quiver.

"Exaclty, let Michael go and we can do this, because whether you kill Michael or me, you won't win. You don't have the box, you're in jeopardy, you're once again vulnerable, Percy." She was almost shaking, her nerves getting the best of her, but anger trumping it. She needed to protect Michael and she knew Percy wasn't going to kill him, because Nikita would have no reason to live, but always a reason to die with the location of the box.

Percy stomped up to her, looking down at her and she noticed his eyes enflamed with fury- she had gotten to him, "I will NEVER be vulnerable."

Nikita showed her own smirk to him, but suddenly the large door cracked open again. Nikita's face drained of any pride she might have felt for getting a one up on Percy, because Michael was being dragged in. His legs and feet were shackled, he was bruised, and Kasim Tariq was handling him- a gun in his hand and to Michael's back.

"Michael," She breathlessly called out and he merely mouthed, "I love you" to her.

Percy's victorious voice broke the overwhelming silence after, "So you were saying, someone is vulnerable?"

"Alex, this is quite a surprise. You're late," Amanda's voice naturally flowed, seeing Alex sitting upon the couch of her office.

Alex, shaking, held up in her left hand, the coveted black box, "Where are they?"

Birkhoff's fingers pounded onto the keys of his precious computers, nothing moving as fast as he desperately needed it to even though any other normal day, this was the fastest system he's ever known.

Cameras. He searched every camera tape, every hall way, every room, there was no sign of Michael or Nikita. But he knew secrets no one else knew about this place, not even the commander-in-chief.

"C'mon baby," He spoke to his machines, "Don't fail me now."

Tap, tap, pound. Tap, tap, pound. Tap, tap, pound. The keys were the only noise, not even Birkhoff's breathing or heart beat was audible to him.


"Ofcourse," Nikita scoffed, "Ofcourse YOU would be behind Michael's family dying!"

"Actually, it was more of an unintentional error, but eh," Percy casually shurgged, "What can you do, right?"

His venemous smile made Nikita physically ill, so she glued her eyes to Michael instead. Their eyes were locked, attempting to think of something, anything, to rescue the other; hell, even just REACH eachother.

"Nikita, ah, the little warrior from Ubekistan," Kasim commented out of the blue and the femme fatale watched her boyfriend's jaw tighten.

Her eyes left Michael's momentarily, opting to look at Kasim, "Thats right, and my one regret from that trip is not getting my 'warrior' hands on you."

"You insult my best employee like that? I always knew you were inconsiderate trash," Percy stated and Michael rotated his head to look at him.

"She's not a piece of shit like you, though."

Percy, in retort, smiled and nodded to Kasim, who shoved the barrel of the gun deeper into Michael's lower back. Nikita took in a sharp breath, involuntarily. Michael and her eyes flew to one another, tears forming in both. He could distinctly tell by her shaking head and pleading eyes that he be careful; she knew from his ever stoic response that he wouldn't just abide by Kasim and Percy, but she hoped he would, more than anything.

"Enough of the chit-chat," Percy said, obviously gaining in impatience, despite his manipulative fun, "Where is the box?"

"Destroyed," Nikita responded in a lower volume than before.

"Where. Are. Michael. And. Nikita?" Alex demanded, the box in her firm grasp.

Amanda smirked, her high heels punctuating every step she took closer to Alex, who simply backed away, "Alex, be smart about this..."

"No, YOU be smart about this. One move and I can upload this box all over the world. Is that what you want? What PERCY wants?"

"And how do plan on accomplishing that?"

"Lets just say you're not the only one who has resources," Alex couldn't hide her pure joy over Amanda's, albeit, momentarily, shocked expression.

"Bluffing, a clever trick, Alex; you're more like a Division agent than you realize."

"I learned from the best manipulative assholes out there."

"Hand over the box and perhaps I can spare your life."

"I don't think you understand," Alex unbuttoned the top few hooks of her shirt, revealing a small mic, "I never bluff." Amanda's face darkend in expression as her former student continued, "If anything happens to me, if this mic is ripped off, if anyone so much as touches me or this box without my consent, the contents will send the world into chaos. You have the power to stop that, Amanda. You can keep your precious Division a secret and protect those dear innocent souls you care soo much about." At her sarcastic quip, Amanda's eyes narrowed, but it didn't faze the 19-year-old. "Everyone makes choices in life, whats yours?"

"What do you mean its destroyed?" Percy's voice boomed throughout the basement dungeon, the other two men staring just as expectantly at Nikita.

"Gone, in pieces, never to be fixed again. You have no leverage here, Percy. Let Michael go," Nikita stated, Michael wanting desperately to voice an objection, but his girlfriend's eyes begging him not to.

"Well I should just kill you both then! Good for nothing, idiots! Kasim-" But Percy's complaint was immediately cut off by a sudden spout of rapid gunfire and Nikita's face dropped as she saw what she was witnessing.

"Hand me the box and I will give you descriptive instructions on how to arrive at Michael and Nikita's location," Amanda reasoned, eyes on the box and nothing else.

"Doesn't work like that, take me to them FIRST," Alex instructed,but looked down at the box, eyeing it carefully before holding it out to Amanda, "Alright, fine. Take it."

Amanda smiled with her usual icy demeanor, snatching the box from Alex's hand, "Very good, Alex. I think with the right conditioning, you could still be a valuable asset to this agency."

"Where are Michael and Nikita?"

Amanda's smile grew, "You should Alex, I ALWAYS bluff."

And with that she flew from the room, Alex immediately hearing the the barrior locking of the door that Division only used upon emergency situations- it was imperiable to escape, but Alex maintained a smile, "So do I, Amanda."

"What the hell were you thinking?" Nikita screeched, her body shaking from head to toe.

"I just saved both your asses and THATS your greeting to me?" Birkhoff's insulted face demanded, completely beffudled by the response to him being a savior.

Michael, who was now on the floor, proceeding to get up, with assistance from the nerd, "You almost killed us both!"

"Hey! I have bettter aim than that!"

"Keep thinking that, Nerd."

"It worked didn't it? You both are still breathing, aren't you?"

"We're both still shackled so its a little hard for me to jump for joy over your big hero moment," Michael snarled, turning his back to Birkhoff where his hands were still tightly wrapped behind him.

Birkhoff, taking out the appropriate tools to release both Michael and Nikita, rolled his eyes, "Let me reiterate, I saved both your asses from certain death."

In a second, Michael was freed from both arms and leg retrainsts and Birkoff worked on Nikita's, who smirked, "Fine, you did good, Nerd."

"Good enough to not be called, nerd?"

"Never," She winked and she was freed despite Birkhoff's huff of frustration. Once alleviated from the constraints, Nikita stood and wrapped her arms around her favorite nerd, "Thank you."

"Thats more like it," Birkhoff said, returning the embrace, "I missed ya, Niki."

They pulled apart and Nikita smiled at him before punching him hard in the arm, "But next time be more careful, trigger finger!"

Birkhoff scowled at her and she just smiled, looking past him at the man she loved. It only took an instant, a blink, for Nikita to be running into Michael's arms. He held her fiercely, his arms securely around her lower back, her legs tied around his hips. Tears sprang to both their eyes, realizing they were finally free and finally together.

"I love you so much," Michael whispered hoarsely, tickling her ears with his warm breath.

"I love you too," Nikita moaned, feeling as if her arms could not lace around his neck more than they were, but wanting to be even closer to him. They each retracted their heads a tad, to face eachother and were swept into a magical lip lock, full of passion, desire, and love.

"Gross," Birkhoff mocked gagged, "But hey, lovebirds, we gotta get going because part two of this nifty little plan is about to set off."

"Whats part two?" But Michael's question went unanswered as they left the room, trailing behind the tech geek.

"Its about time!" Alex exclaimed exasperately, flinging herself from Amanda's couch as Michael, Nikita, and Birkhoff entered the office.

Nikita made a beeline for Alex, her arms instantly around her, "I'm so sorry" she muttered into the young girl's hair.

"You have nothing to be sorry for, I'm just glad you're OK," They seperated and Alex looked at the men, "All of you."

"So this was part two? Rescuing Alex?" Michael asked, turning to Birkhoff.

"Not exactly," Birkhoff smirked, matching Alex's.

"Whats going on?" Nikita now asked and her protege shrugged.

"Birkhoff and I may have put a bomb in a fake black box that Amanda just took down to whereever you guys were being held."

Michael and Nikita looked dumbstruck, "Are you serious?"

"Yup, stilletto bitch will get down there and KABOOM!" Birkhoff demonstrated, using his hands to simulate an explosion.

"And you guys went through all of this for us?" Nikita's lip quivered, a feeling of protection and love she had never had before, a family she had never had before.

"We weren't just going to let two of our favorite people die," Alex smiled, her arm wrapping around Nikita's shouldar, "You guys belong together, all of us do."

"Theres few people to understand our mutual badassness," Birkhoff proudly stated and Nikita's eyebrows raised.


"Let it go," Michael advised, going over to her and kissing the side of her head as he went inbetween the girls, wrapping a arm around each of them.

"Aww thanks Mikey, but if we're done with the mushy-ness now, we really should get the hell outta here, put this place out of our minds forever."

"Consdiering we're all togetehr because of this awful place, I doubt thats possible," Alex responded but Birkhoff gave her an annoyed look.

"Well that doesn't mean I still want to be here, Mini Niki, so can we go please?"

And with that, the newly united, newly formed, alligiance of four left together, Division fading into the backround of their lives. It may have been where their relationships began, but it was not where they belonged- Michael and Nikita knew that better than anyone. And as the explosion happened, a loud sound unmistakenably heard in the distance, the couple kissed- if not for love and affection, but as one last sign of proof that Division was not the beginning or end of their lives- they were.

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