Oh the pains of unrequited love~~ Poor Hinata, her love is so quietly beautiful. Grr Naruto, why you so oblivious?

I'm not much of a NaruHina shipper but I do love Hinata and hope she finds happiness so here you go. Sorry it's so mini! :')

See You Round



Trapped in a current, she 'talked' to him.

As he spoke of trivial things and stupid rivalries, it was painfully clear he didn't think of her, not the way she did him. But she couldn't help time and again convincing herself that it wasn't that he wouldn't look at her, it was that he who was loud and oblivious, reckless and always existing at a quick my-pace, moved past her so quickly that he didn't give himself time to see her. He was like that with everyone… But maybe one day he'd take just a second…

She looked into his eyes; a bright summer day sea blue in which she was drowning. A current; once dragged in, swept away from any other thought, any tiny little irrelevant thing that wasn't to do with the boy in brilliant orange. Anything that wasn't admiring how his blue fire eyes shone and shimmered in the afternoon sun, anything that wasn't attempting to count how many times he added his multi-purpose punctuation word that she found the use of so endearing, to the end of his sentences.

Anything that didn't revolve solely around him.

He asked for an opinion but she didn't speak.

Out of breath.

Out of pace.

A heat creeping up her neck and her heartbeat pounding under her cheeks. She merely smiled nervously to show her agreement with his thoughts.

And then he was off again, holding up the one sided conversation as she played with her fingers, the hem of her jacket. All of which went unnoticed.

Even if she could find enough air to speak, her vocabulary has been significantly slimmed to down to just three short words that she might never get to say.

He complained about a team mate and then his voice jumped up into something about a girl and with her fingertips pressing together in a delicate little tent, she felt her heart sink.

It was better to give up; this love that made her heart flutter and swell with warmth only to have it clench and fall again… She couldn't keep doing this to herself when all he ever did was stop for a moment and then flit right past her. It wasn't healthy to keep-

"I gotta go Hinata, I'll see you round ne?"

He touched her shoulder briefly, his hand a warm heavy weight and his voice seemed to hold a promise.

"A-ah un. Bye, Naruto kun…"

And there it was. Her heart lifting up, up, up as she muttered something of a farewell and then watched him from the corner of her eye for as long as the straight of the road would allow.

And there it was. The knowing that she could never give him up.