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Chapter 1

Naruto stared blankly, unbelievingly, ahead of him. The words that were spoken not a second ago running through his head, blocking out the shouts of the people around him.

He stood in front of Tsunade and the Konohagakure Council. The villagers and his fellow ninja stood behind him, their cheers and shouts ringing in his ears. He looked up at Tsunade. Hurt, anger, and remorse flashing in her honey colored eyes. The Elders, Homura and Koharu, sat beside her. Their faces were impassive but anyone could see the satisfaction in their eyes.

His hands were bound in front of him by chains that connected to the ones around his ankles. His signature orange jacket was missing—he'd left it lying on one of the many training grounds when he was forcibly retrieved. But that was days ago. His wounds from earlier had yet to heal and would take longer to heal than they normally would, with the chakra blockers around him, blocking out his and Kyūbi's chakra.

"Please Baa-chan! You can't honestly believe that I would do that? I would never hurt Sakura or those other girls! You have to believe me!" Tears threatened to form in his eyes but he refused to let them fall. He refused to show any weakness. "Please…you have to…"

Tsunade didn't even look at him when she stood and turned to leave.

"Baa-chan…" He tried, in one last attempt to prove his innocent, but that attempt was quickly silenced when Tsunade turned to face him. He shrank back a little at the rage that clouded her eyes.

"Enough! How dare you think you can hurt my student and citizen of this village and think you can get away with it! You have committed these crimes and you shall be pay for them. I will not listen to any more of your lies."

He didn't say anything when she finally left. He didn't struggle when he felt two ANBU grab him by the shoulder and roughly led him away—their fingers gripping him hard enough to bruise. He didn't look up as he passed the ones he once called friends with looks of disgust on their faces. He didn't think about anything as he was transported to one of the Konoha prison, nor when he was dragged into the darkest level and the steel door slammed shut, sealing his fate in that damp cell.

He did notice the tears that ran freely down his cheek, dropping almost silently onto the cold floor.

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