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Episode 9: He Can Smell It?

Raivis looked over at Alfred's passed out form, guilt gnawing at his mind and heart. Alfred took his punishment; he took a brutal punishment. Raivis walked over shakily and carefully brought a warm thick blanket to cover Alfred. He could not clean him up lest he bring the dragon's wrath down on them all but he could at least provide some sort of comfort. He leaned over the young knight.

"Thank you." Raivis whispered softly, though he knew the knight would not hear him.

Alfred didn't hear him, but he wouldn't have minded anyways. He was just doing what was right and standing up for the weak and defenseless. It was just so frustrating dealing with a jerk like Ivan who had no such qualms when it came to hurting others. He was just a big, mean bully.

Raivis bit his lip and went back to his own corner to wait for Ivan to get back. Hopefully he could protect Alfred while he was so weak and defenseless. He knew he was never very good at protecting himself let alone anyone else. But for Alfred he would try.

Eduard felt like bashing his head against a wall. He had warned Alfred about Ivan's lack of mercy and the knight just had to push it. He was lucky he hadn't been hurt worse. Or killed by the annoyed dragon. This called for some drastic measures. Like telling him he was pregnant and that he and his unborn children would die if he continued to fight.

Raivis got more and more nervous as his eyes flicked from the cave entrance to Alfred. He did not like being so far from Alfred suddenly. He quickly went back over to Alfred and sat close by twiddling his thumbs nervously.

Alfred stirred when Raivis drew close, groaning hoarsely as he did. His chest hurt and he still felt breathless, but he smiled as he looked at Raivis. He didn't look like he was hurting. Alfred beamed. He had been a hero to the little guy.

"A-are you f-feeling any b-better?" Raivis asked softly once he noticed Alfred was awake.

Alfred gave a raspy chuckle, shaking his head with a smile. No he wasn't. But it was worth it to see Raivis looking the same as before. It meant he had been able to distract the beast and that was what heroes did.

"I c-can't heal you or h-he'll get m-mad again b-but I c-could get you wat-ter or s-something." Raivis offered nervously.

"Tha's fine," he said softly, fighting back the urge to cough. He grinned, rubbing his throat with one hand, "Thirsty..."

"O-okay." Raivis replied quietly. He got up quickly and went back to his own area finding a small canteen before sneaking out quickly. He went to the nearby river and snuck back quickly after filling the canteen. He rushed over to Alfred and gave him the canteen looking around nervously.

"Thanks," Alfred smiled, drinking quickly. He made sure not to drink to much and handed it back when he was done. He sat up and winced, looking down at himself with a grimace. That stuff was so gross.

"Y-you sh-shouldn't move! Y-you might hurt the-hurt yourself." Raivis blurted out almost letting slip Alfred's certain pregnancy.

"I'm fine," he grumbled, scratching away the flakes that had dried on his skin, "I feel gross..."

"I-it always feels worse after...th-that's when the ache s-sets in..." Raivis mumbled biting his lip.

"It's fine," Alfred insisted with a chuckle, "I feel a lot better now that I've had something to drink."

"O-okay...I-I'm glad..." Raivis mumbled still uneasy for the young knight.

"Yep!" Alfred grinned widely, "So... What do we do till Ivan gets back?"

"U-um...hide?" Raivis proposed uncertainly. He really could not remember ever doing anything else.

"But that's no fun!" Alfred whined, pouting like a child, "I wanna do something."

"Um...I-I guess I c-could look for something." Raivis offered hesitantly.

"Awesome!" Alfred beamed, "Thanks Raivis!"

"N-no problem." Raivis replied with a light blush as he went over to his corner to search for something for Alfred to do.

Alfred watched while he waited, curious about all the things Raivis was picking through. This place had some pretty neat things, that was for sure.

Raivis beamed when he found his favorite puzzle. It was a beautiful thing made of small gold and silver pieces. Apart they were beautiful oddly shaped bobbles but together they formed a lovely three dimensional statue. Raivis gathered all the pieces together and carefully brought them over to Alfred.

"H-here you can-n pl-play with this. I-it's a pu-puzzle." Raivis told him softly putting it down in front of Alfred gently and lovingly. It was the only thing he remembered having from his life before becoming Ivan's.

"Cool!" Alfred took the pieces and began looking at them, becoming immersed in the simple act of putting it back together.

Raivis sat quietly by his side and watched him do the puzzle.

He smiled when he managed to connect several pieces, eager to see what the whole thing would look like. Puzzles were really fun. Almost as fun as inventing things. He sighed, wishing he had a workshop like at home when he wasn't out on quests.

Raivis became curious at the forlorn sigh of longing and hesitantly spoke up.

"W-what's wron-ng?" He asked softly.

"I just miss being in my workshop," Alfred smiled softly, looking at Raivis with a grin, "I had all sorts of tools I used to make stuff with, but I don't think we can do anything about it... It's okay though. I like playing with this too."

"Oh...Sorry..." Raivis did not really know why he was apologizing he just felt like he should.

"It's not your fault," Alfred smiled cheerfully, "It's that stupid over-grown lizard's fault."

Raivis jumped and looked around terrified that Ivan would jump out and punish them at any moment.

"P-p-p-p-please d-d-don't say thos-s-se thing-g-gs!" Raivis begged horrified.

"I'll say them all I want," He grumbled, crossing his arms, "Ivan's a big jerk and I don't like him and what he's doing to us. It's not right."

"Ooooh, h-h-he'll be sooo mad-d-d-d if h-he hear-rs you." Raivis warned distressed wringing his hands together.

"He deserves to be told what a big jerk he is," Alfred scowled harder, glaring at the cave entrance, "He's not nice at all and he treats all of us like toys. We are sentient and have our own personalities. Not playthings to keep for his own amusement!"

"P-p-please Alfred th-think of the b-b-baby!" Raivis yelped before covering his mouth in horror. He could not believe he just revealed the horrible truth like that.

"What baby?" He asked blankly. A sense of nervousness struck him and he looked around worriedly, expecting to see a bassinet or something nearby.

Raivis bit his lip before taking a deep breath. He knew that it was too late to take it back and that it was best that Alfred knew before he got the unborn child killed.

"Th-the reason that the o-others and I are d-d-dead...The c-cause is th-that potion I-I-Ivan us-sed on you d-during s-sex. I-it caus-ses the b-b-body to f-forcefully ch-change an-nd bear ch-children. Y-you are m-most likely p-p-pregnant with I-I-Ivan's ch-child." Raivis explained softly hoping that Alfred could handle the information.

"Raivis!" Eduard snapped, appearing at his side with a scowl. He had hoped the time spent in Ivan's hold had left him with some sense of self-preservation beyond hiding. As it was, the stricken look on Alfred's face needed to be dealt with before the knight had a full melt-down, "You couldn't have broken it to him a little more gently?"

"I-I'm sorry. I-I-I'm not g-g-good at t-t-t-talking!" Raivis cried hugging his knees and rocking back and forth.

"P-p-pregnant?" Alfred whimpered, eyes wide with horror as blood drained from his face. Eduard instinctively started forwards to catch him, but the knight crumpled to the ground in a dead faint and the ghost's insubstantial limbs couldn't find purchase.

"Alfred!" Eduard yelped, hovering over the knight fearfully. He needed help. So did the unhatched drakelings. But how could they do that? Ivan was going to be so mad when he found out. All of them were going to be punished!

Raivis jumped forward and adjusted Alfred trying to make him comfortable so the drakelings would not be hurt.

"He's going to fight, isn't he?" Eduard sighed regretfully as he watched Raivis fuss. Alfred didn't seem the type to take anything lying down. At least, not for long. And that sort of behavior often led to... distressing things when coupled with the dragon's often violent rages.

"Oooh, I r-r-really hope n-not." Raivis replied distressed. Toris walked over hesitantly and leaned over Alfred's passed out form.

"It doesn't matter that we'll be punished, what matters is that he is warned. He has more than himself to think about now." Toris said softly.

"I hope that it will be enough to keep him from running his mouth off at Ivan," Eduard sighed, shaking his head and adjusting his spectacles, "But I believe it will only be a matter of time before he says something to anger the dragon again."

"It's bound to happen. We'll just have to do our best to redirect his anger and remind him of the drakelings." Toris replied.

"I am not looking forward to that," Eduard sighed, a wry smile hovering on his lips. It was only half a joke.

"This is going to be a nightmare." Toris sighed.

"Indeed it is," Eduard agreed softly, looking at Raivis and Alfred with a grimace.

Ivan walked casually into the cave and saw his ghosts gathered around his new prize. He let it go with a shrug and walked over to the group.

Eduard gulped when he saw Ivan and discretely vanished, returning to his hiding spot. Hopefully the others would too. And maybe Alfred would remember to keep up the submissive act this time. He couldn't risk hurting himself like he had. Not for very long.

Toris and Raivis froze in horror before vanishing quickly and returning to their corners quickly. Ivan brushed off their cowardly behavior as typical and instead pulled the blanket off of Alfred to get a good look at his filthy cum-covered form. Ivan smirked, Alfred looked good like that.

Alfred stirred at the change in air temperature, but otherwise remained still. The time the ghosts had spent worrying had been enough to allow him to begin to wake on his own. However, that was probably a bad thing with the dragon so close to him.

Ivan began to touch Alfred in various places simply feeling the soft flesh.

He whined softly, shying away from the touch before his eyes opened as he hissed in pain. He regarded Ivan quietly, though the spark of rebellion that had flared was gone. Alfred looked away and tried not to move, waiting for the dragon to speak or do something.

Ivan smirked at Alfred's compliance and leaned down licking a path from Alfred's nipple up his throat and to his cheek.

He whined quietly and scrunched his face up, closing his eyes tightly. He didn't like this. And he really didn't like knowing that the beast had done something to him. He just hoped that whatever it was up to, he could be left alone afterwards. He was still hurting really bad from earlier.

Ivan smirked and nipped Alfred's ear.

"You're going to suck me." Ivan told Alfred hotly.

"S-suck you?" He repeated, looking up at Ivan warily. He bit his lip and looked to the side, trying to think of why that would be something the dragon would want.

"Yes." Ivan told him pointing to his hard thick cock.

"B-but..." Alfred turned red. How could he do something he didn't ever know about. He was going to screw up and then he would do something to make Ivan mad and that would be bad for both himself and the … whatever was inside of him...

"Do it." Ivan ordered grasping the back of Alfred's head and leading his mouth to his cock.

"Wa-wait!" He yelped, struggling futilely. He was afraid and he didn't want to risk angering the dragon by not being good. He had to figure out how to say it, but the dragon wasn't giving him enough time to build up the courage to say what needed to be said.

"Open mouth, relax throat, and swallow." Ivan instructed lustfully.

"Oh... Okay," He nodded, opening his mouth obediently and waiting for Ivan to take charge again.

Ivan pushed Alfred's head down so that the other was forced to swallow his cock.

He choked, struggling weakly as it blocked his ability to breathe. He panicked, struggling weakly in an attempt to pull away and be able to take in precious air.

Ivan released Alfred's head with a sigh noticing his struggles. He would have to be trained gradually.

He pulled back, coughing violently before he could catch himself, and wiped away tears that had formed during his struggles. He looked away, embarrassed at being so bad at this. He glanced up, worried that the dragon would be angry with him. He didn't want to be hurt.

"You need practice. Practice." Ivan ordered looking pointedly at his still hard cock.

He nodded, swallowing hard before opening his mouth and carefully trying to do what the dragon wanted. He took the long, thick cock in his mouth and began swallowing. He tried not to think about the taste and tried even harder not to gag or bite.

Ivan growled with pleasure. It was not the best he's ever had but it was good enough. He simply sat and allowed Alfred to suck.

Alfred tried to be good at this, but he didn't like it and really didn't like the fact he had to do it in the first place.

Ivan tangled his hands into Alfred's hair enjoying the blowjob he was receiving.

He winced, expecting some sort of violence, but was very glad when there wasn't any. He just had to hope it stayed that way.

Ivan could feel himself get harder in Alfred's mouth as he began to approach his climax.

He struggled to stay focused, but the knowledge of what was to come was making him more and more nervous. He just hoped he could handle it when it happened.

Ivan soon orgasmed into Alfred's mouth. Not the best orgasm he had ever had but satisfying.

Alfred gagged, pulling away and closing his eyes as the white fluids ended up on his face rather than in his mouth. It tasted so nasty. He'd rather not eat it if he had to.

Ivan chuckled at Alfred's inability to swallow his load. He was quite sexy with all that cum dripping down his face. Ivan wanted to throw Alfred down and fuck him again.

He blushed and looked away at the laugh. He was glad that Ivan seemed to be pleased, So that must mean he had done a good job.

"Such a pretty little sunflower." Ivan cooed pulling Alfred into his arms.

"I'm not a sunflower, nor am I any other kind of flower!" He snapped, though he didn't struggle. Instead he was very stiff. He knew what disobedience entailed.

Ivan squeezed Alfred tightly for a moment in punishment for snapping.

"I told you not to speak to me that way. Need I punish you again?" Ivan asked darkly, smirking down at Alfred.

He shrank into himself, a frightened squeak escaping. He didn't want another punishment. He still hurt from the last one and he didn't want another on top of it so soon. especially not when he could have babies inside of him leeching away his strength and energy

Ivan smiled at Alfred's fear and kissed Alfred.

He whimpered quietly, trembling as he was kissed. He didn't know what the dragon was planning, but he knew it wasn't any good.

Toris could watch no longer and floated forward.

"Ivan, maybe you should allow Alfred a small break? He might die if you don't." Toris whimpered trembling and knowing he just made himself a target.

"You wish to take his place?" Ivan asked darkly. Ivan reached out and grabbed Toris, solidifying him and thrusting his tongue into the ghosts mouth.

Toris didn't struggle, but he did press his teeth against the invading tongue in retaliation. He didn't bite, well aware of the repercussions, but he wasn't just going to lay down. He was Ivan's old 'favorite' after all.

Ivan bit at Toris lip hard enough to make him bleed and kissed him more harshly. His rough hands felt every bit of Toris in bruising holds.

He yelped, but reached up to cling to Ivan. He allowed himself to open up to the dragon's harsh demands, knowing that the knight wouldn't survive long if he didn't.

Ivan lay Toris down slightly away from Alfred and wasted no time with preparations of any kind, simply slipping inside of Toris without a second thought.

He gave a strangled shout of pain, sinking his nails into the dragon's shoulder as his body tore to fit around the fleshy invader. This wasn't the first time, but it still seemed to hurt more than any time prior.

Ivan began thrusting into Toris with complete disregard.

The ghost groaned in pain, tossing his head as he tried to keep from screaming. He just had to make sure the dragon enjoyed this.

Ivan lasted a long while before he finally came inside of Toris.

Toris sighed in relief, glad that the dragon was done. At least for now. Of course, it could always want more, but with how much his insides were hurting, he wasn't sure he could last.

Ivan sighed in pleasure and lay down, pulling both Alfred and Toris to lie with him.

Alfred stiffened at being pulled into the dragon's embrace, but stayed quiet. He looked away and bit his lip, squirming to get comfortable. Sleep would be nice after all that had happened.

Ivan relaxed with his toys.

Alfred woke, feeling ill. He clamped a hand over his mouth as a heave wracked his frame, squirming to get away before he could go through with what his body was already trying for.

Ivan woke immediately when Alfred moved and released his hold.

Alfred immediately bolted for the entrance, his body trembling as he tried to get far enough away that he wouldn't vomit over anything that could get him in trouble.

Ivan watched him go and got up to make sure he would not try and escape.

Once he was outside, he sank to the ground and emptied his stomach of the meager contents it had retained from his last meal. He continued heaving even after there was nothing left, the smell making his nausea even worse.

Ivan saw Alfred's nausea and instantly knew what was going on. He smirked widely.

He glared up at Ivan, but it dissolved into discomfort as another set of heaves wracked him in its clutches.

Ivan stepped forward and rubbed Alfred's back soothingly trying to ease the nausea.

It did help soothe the the discomfort, giving him enough relief to force himself to stand, though he felt shaky and gross and tired.

Ivan was so pleased with Alfred's obvious pregnancy he decided to lift his punishment.

"Let's go to the hotspring. I'm sure you'd like a bath." Ivan said smugly.

"Please..." Alfred grimaced at how gross he was, "I really reallyneed one."

Ivan scooped Alfred up into his arms and took him to the hotspring quickly. doen

Alfred squirmed, wanting to get put down so he could get in the water himself. He didn't want to keep this stuff on him any longer than the time it took to get wet.

Ivan eased Alfred gently into the water and allowed him to clean himself.

He grumbled at being carried, but was quite content once he was actually in the warm water. He loved being clean, worming out of Ivan's arms to get into deeper water.

Ivan watched Alfred go and clean himself.

Alfred smiled as he finally got clean, swishing the water around in his mouth and spitting it out to rid himself of the taste of bile. He started playing in the water, feeling much better now that he wasn't covered in dried semen and other things.

Ivan watched him play for a short while before coming up behind him and embracing him from behind.

He squeaked, but forced himself to relax in Ivan's hold. He was already showing strange signs and it had only been a few days. Or something. Being unconscious so often made it hard to know how long he had been here.

Ivan began kissing Alfred's throat.

He groaned quietly, lifting his chin to give the dragon more access. He didn't want to anger it just yet.

Ivan spread Alfred's legs out and pressed his hard cock teasingly into Alfred's entrance. Slow and steadily he thrust into Alfred.

He groaned, face twisting in discomfort at the size of the thing moving inside his unstretched body. He was glad that Ivan was moving slow cause it would really hurt otherwise.

Ivan wanted to enjoy this and take his time so he fucked Alfred slowly.

Alfred whined softly, letting his head rest on Ivan's shoulder as he waited for the dragon to finish.

Ivan continued to fuck Alfred slowly reaching around and fisted Alfred's cock stroking him slowly and in just the right places.

Alfred gasped, clinging to Ivan's shoulders tightly. The dragon was too good at changing his mind and making him want whatever it did to him.

Ivan smirked and lifted Alfred a little, angling so that he could go deeper.

He whimpered, wrapping his legs around Ivan's waist and clinging to him even tighter.

Ivan thrust slow, hard, and deep into Alfred's body.

Alfred sighed, closing his eyes and resting his head on Ivan's shoulder as the dragon moved slowly. It seemed almost loving the way he moved.

Ivan showered Alfred's neck and shoulders with languid kisses as he fucked him.

He whined softly, the soft movements bringing him to the edge. He wasn't sure what was going to happen when he did, but it was going to be soon.

Ivan could feel himself getting closer to orgasm as well and started to move just a little faster and deeper.

Alfred whimpered, reaching up to force Ivan into a frantic kiss as he came between them.

Ivan allowed Alfred to kiss him, deepening the kiss and fucking Alfred a little harder as he reached his own peak. He filled Alfred quickly and pulled out to allow him to clean himself again.

Alfred felt boneless as the dragon pulled out. He didn't want to move, but he did. He pulled away and began washing himself off again. He was going to make sure he stayed as clean as possible for as long as possible. Even though it wouldn't last long at all.

Ivan pulled Alfred slowly into his arms and captured his lips in a slow deep kiss.

Alfred whined, but followed his lead and kissed back. He just hoped that the dragon would lose interest quickly.

Ivan caressed Alfred's thigh and ass as he pressed Alfred's body closer to his own continuing to kiss him.

He sighed softly, waiting to feel the dragon take it even further.

Ivan reluctantly pulled away.

"You need to eat." Ivan sighed.

"Alright," Alfred nodded, smiling in relief. He was hungry, so this was definitely a good thing.

Ivan picked Alfred up and carried him back to the cave so that he could go hunting for more food.

Alfred sighed at being carried again, but he was glad that the dragon was going to feed him this time. And not fucking him into unconsciousness.

Ivan made it back to the cave quickly and put Alfred down. He left quickly to find Alfred some food.

Alfred sighed as he lay there on the bedding, relieved to be left alone. He was sore from being taken without any stretching, but it had felt really good anyways. He just hoped that Ivan would do that more often rather than taking him roughly.

Toris rolled over and looked over at Alfred.

"He didn't hurt me more than usual..." he said softly, a little confused as he looked at Toris, "Is it okay? He's not going to make it worse, is he?"

"He'll try to keep himself under control now that he is sure you are pregnant." Toris tried to reassure him.

"He's sure?" Alfred blinked, tilting his head, "How did he decide I was pregnant? Isn't it a sure thing with that potion?"

"Sometimes it takes a few times before the potion actually works." Toris explained.

"Oh..." he nodded, "So... I might just have had a sudden stomach bug?"

"It's not likely I'm afraid. Ivan can smell it. He must have smelled it this morning." Toris told him.

"Damn..." Alfred sighed, sitting up and rubbing his temples, "What's going to happen to me?"

Toris bit his lip and sat up.

"You'll be alright just...You just need to conserve energy and stay out of trouble." Toris told him weakly.

"Alright..." Alfred sighed, looking away. He didn't want to, but there wasn't much he could do till the dragon got what he wanted or the unknown rescuer arrived, "But I am not going to like it."

"I don't think anyone would." Toris offered slightly amused.

"Too true..." he sighed, letting his head droop.

"Hey...everything is going to be okay." Toris promised gently.

"I know..." he nodded, "I just don't feel like it at the moment..."

"Don't give up just yet." Toris pleaded.

"I'm not giving up," Alfred sighed, "I'm just tired. My head feels funny."

"You'll be rather exhausted for a while. The baby is taking most of your energy." Toris told him.

"Alright," he nodded, smiling at him, "I think I'll take a rest then."

"Okay." Toris agreed.

Alfred took a deep breath and lay back down, curling up and falling asleep quickly.

Toris watched Alfred sleep for a while greatly concerned for the young knight.

Eduard solidified his appearance next to Toris, sighing in frustration. This was not going to end well at all.

"That guy needs to come back soon or I fear he won't last much longer." Toris whispered so as not to disturb Alfred.

"I know," Eduard ran a hand through his hair, "But we have no knowledge of how far he is from here and when he will arrive. We just have to keep hoping for a miracle."

"I really hope it's soon." Toris sighed.

"All of us do," Eduard agreed softly, "Let's keep watch for the dragon while Alfred rests."