"Orion bit me!" I hear coming from outside.

"What?" asks Peeta. "Orion, why did you do that?"

"Clara took my bear!" Orion screams.

"So? You still shouldn't have bit me!" Clara yells back.

"Both of you go to your room," says Peeta. The kids are at just the right age to share a room.

"Aw!" Clara and Orion say in unison. They both come inside followed by Peeta. They walk up the stares.

"Give me my bear back!" we hear Orion yell.

"Here!" yells Clara. We hear he walk to her room and slam the door. Orion laughs and goes in his room.

"We have to do something," I say.

"I know," says Peeta. "They're getting out of control." Clara is 6 and Orion is 4.

"Maybe they'd like to see Annie. She always gets them to calm down," I say.

"Maybe. What about Johanna?" asks Peeta. It seems like all of our old friends are able to get them to calm down.

"I would suggest…" I trail off.

"No," says Peeta. "Last time we saw him was after his bomb killed Prim. We aren't letting him ruin Orion and Clara too."

I sigh. "Peeta, do you remember where I got the name Clara from?" I ask.

"Yes, and I'll never let that go," he says. I got it from the name Gale. Gale, Clara, they have the same beginning sound with the A. And G and C make sort of the same sound.

"Hey, if you had just said, 'No, we're not naming her that,' I would have tried to think of something else," I say.

"Fine, but that just emphasizes what I'm saying. He already sort of got to our children, I'm not letting him get to them anymore," he says.

"No!" we hear come from upstairs. "Give him back!"

"No! He was my bear first! I loved him first. Mom and Dad made me give him to you!" Clara yells.

"So? I love him more! If you want him to be happy you'll let me have him!" Orion yells.

I turn to Peeta. "Sound familiar?" I ask.

"Shut up," he says. He knows that I'm referring to him and Gale. Clara is like Peeta and Orion is like Gale.

"So? I went with mom to buy new thread when he was falling apart! Without that he would just be cloth and fluff!" Clara yells.

"The games," I say.

"I cleaned him when he was dirty! You make mom do that!" Orion yells.

"The hunting," I say.

"Stop it," says Peeta. I look up at him and give him a kiss.

"Don't worry," I say. Clara will get the bear. We'll buy Orion a new one," I say.

Peeta smiles at me. "The bear will always be better than the new bear," he says. I kiss him again.

"Give me the bear!" yells Orion.

"Wow, Orion is desperate," says Peeta. I smile and go upstairs.

"You two calm down," I say. I take the bear-Katie according to Clara, Cruiser according to Orion- away and Orion starts screaming. Clara just smiles. Her smile says if I can't have it, no one can. The bear has yellow fur and brown eyes.

I walk downstairs and hand the bear to Peeta. "Fix the bear while I go get a new one," I say.

"How do I fix it?" asks Peeta.

"Wash it. Resew it. Put new eyes, but the size of button has to be the same. The color can be different. Take out the stains," I say.

"How do I take out the stains?" he asks.

"Put the spray on it. Rub it around. Rinse it off," I say. "I'll go get Orion a new one."

"What if Clara likes the new bear better?" he asks. "Or what if Orion likes Cruiser better than the new one?"

"We'll let them decide who gets who," I say. I kiss him. "I love you."

"I love you too," he says.

I walk out the door and down the street. On the way I pass the place where the bakery used to be. I sigh. I really miss the bakery. Peeta should build a new one just like the old one.

I finally get to the store and I go in. I go to the little kid toy section and walk to the stuffed animals. I find the teddy bears and pick a black one with gray eyes. It was the toughest-looking one there. Will Peeta be upset?

I walk to check out and buy the bear. I walk home and am greeted by Orion and Clara screaming.

"What's wrong now?" I ask.

"Clara wants green beans for dinner and Orion wants peas," says Peeta.

"The stupidest things," I say.

"I know right?"

"Did you clean Katie/Cruiser?"

"Yes. Did you buy a new bear?"

"Yes," I say.

"Let me see it," says Peeta.

I bite my lip. "Okay," I say. I take it out of the bag and show Peeta.

"Danget," he says.

"What?" I ask.

"Look at the old bear," he says. I look over his shoulder and at the table.

"No," I say. The bear is still yellow, but has blue eyes. "You're kidding me."

"That was an accident," he says.

"I was just buying a tough-looking bear. It is supposed to be for Orion after all," I say, holding up the new bear.

"Well," he starts. "Let's see who picks what bear."

"Okay. Clara? Orion? Can you come down here?" I ask.

"Coming," they both yell at the same time. They come down the stairs and their eyes lock on the bears.

"We have options for you two," says Peeta.

"Pick wisely," I whisper.

"Which bear would you like?" Peeta asks.

They both look back and forth from the bears. Their eyes sparkle on both of the bears and I can tell this is a tough choice.

"Well?" I ask.

"I- I- I- I don't know," says Clara.

"Me neither," says Orion.

"I know how to do this," says Peeta. He looks at Orion. "Orion, I'm going to hold a number behind my back. You're going to guess if it's even of odd. If you get it right, you get the new bear. If you get it wrong, you get Cruiser. Do you understand?"

"Yes," says Orion. Peeta puts his hand behind his back.

"Katniss, stand behind me and look at the number to confirm that I'm not lying," he says.

"Okay," I say. I walk behind him and see that he has a five up. "I got it."

"Okay, Orion, what do you think it is?" he asks.

"I think it's… even?" he asks, unsure.

"You got it wrong, you get Cruiser, Clara gets the new one," he says.

"What?" asks Orion right as Clara says, "no!"

"So neither of you is happy?" asks Peeta.

"Definitely not!" they both say.

"Then never mind. Clara gets Katie and Orion gets the new one," Peeta says.

"Okay," they both say, smiling.

Later that night when Peeta and I were tucking the kids into bed, Clara held out Katie.

"Will you kiss Katie goodnight too, Mommy?" she asks.

"Sure honey," I say. I lean down and kiss the blue-eyed, yellow-haired bear.

"Thunder too?" asks Orion, holding out his new bear.

I turn to Peeta and raise my eyebrows. "Sure," I say as I walk over to Orion's bed. He hands me Thunder and I kiss the black-haired, gray-eyed bear.

Peeta sighs. "Enough of that," he says. "Goodnight kids."

"Goodnight," I say.

"Goodnight," they both say. We turn out the light and walk out the door.

"I like Katie better than Thunder," says Peeta.

"I know," I say. "But now Thunder has a new owner. So don't worry."