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They will be focused on Ellen and Keats (both individually or together), however other characters will have little cameos XD

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1. Beginning

A timid university student who found it difficult to make friends. An antisocial journalist writing for an occult magazine. Who knew that this strange duo would end up traversing numerous realms of the afterlife? That they would command an army of creatures by first absorbing their souls? That they would solve the mystery that haunted a lonely village for 17 years? That they would one day become the heroes of the Netherworld?

That these two unlikely people would one day be able to call each other friends.

Yet many great tales spoke of humble beginnings, and this was no exception.

2. Dream

"I keep having these weird dreams..."

Keats peered at her curiously. This was generally not the type of conversation you have with a professional acquaintance.

Okay, to be fair, the young woman was a bit more than an acquaintance by now. Just a bit, though.



"I-I think they might be connected to the Netherworld…" Ellen trailed off, suddenly looking like she was regretting ever pursuing the topic. Keats shook his head with a sigh.

"Well, go on then, tell me about them."

It's not so bad, playing therapist, Keats thought as he watched Ellen's face light up immediately.

3. Wave

"…So a wave is a series of disturbances, in which crests and troughs, or compressions and rarefactions, are created depending on their direction of oscillation." Keats stated.


Ellen had long since zoned out, opting to gaze at the beach instead. Keats coughed.

"Your loss."

"I asked a simple question," Ellen muttered.

"And I gave you a simple answer," Keats retorted. Ellen looked exasperated. It wasn't quite the answer she was looking for. She raised her hand and moved it back and forth in front of his face.

"What?" he said. Ellen giggled.

"That, was a wave."

Keats almost face-palmed.

4. Reflection

Logical, level-headed, and skeptical. That was what Keats was. Today would've been no different, if he hadn't noticed something strange in Dr. Lester's house, while Keats was talking to said doctor.

"Excuse me, but is your mirror a bit foggy?" Keats enquired. Dr. Lester looked startled. "No…my wife cleaned it this morning…"

Later that evening, Keats sat on the couch, exhausted. Try as he might to rationalize it, he was certain of what he saw. Everything in that mirror was crystal clear, except himself. His outline, his features, all of him was inexplicably blurred.

As if he were a ghost.

5. Pure

"Uwee hee hee, Ellen, wouldn't the world would be a better place if everyone had a painful past like yours?"

Ellen blanched at Scarecrow's suggestion. "Heavens, no! I would never want anyone to experience that."

"Hee hee, you're so kind, Ellen."

It was true. The woman was completely pure of heart.

Poor girl, Scarecrow thought, hours after their encounter, She's had it rough.

Her dreams of peace would never be realized like this! What's a halflive to do? Then it struck him. He grinned. His plan couldn't go wrong.

After all, he only wished for Ellen's happiness above all else.

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