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When Kagome receives a golden lamp for her birthday, she had no idea an actual genie was hidden inside… Canon, Divergence. Written for Dokuga's Impromptu Drabble Drawble Night… or just because. A romantic adventure told in 100-word chapters!

When I say each chapter is written in 100 words, I mean it! So please don't ask for them to be longer, because they won't be.


A Thousand Tales


By: Luna

Kagome laughed while tearing apart more wrapping paper. It was her second birthday since returning from the Feudal Era, but she tried not to think about that as she admired a new sweater her mother made her.

"Last one, Kagome!" Her mother told her cheerfully, reaching for a present wrapped in brown paper. "It's from Grandpa. He says it's a family heirloom, but didn't tell me what."

Curious, Kagome opened the present slowly. Inside was a small, golden lamp… keychain.

She sighed and held the tiny lamp up for inspection, letting the laughs and jokes flow through her. "Oh, Grandpa…"

Prompt: Brown

Words: 100