The Epilogue…

~~~ Quiet! You'll Miss the Humorous Conclusion ~~~

Charlie and Ben were playing on the playground at the park having a grand old time. They played chassy which was kinda pointless because there were only two of them but they didn't care. They played on the slide and the monkey bars. They left the swings till last because that was their favourite.

It was late afternoon and it was that time of day when it was almost time for the sun to set but it was still really bright outside. The two kids were sitting on the swings just enjoying each other's company.



"I just wanted to tell you're my best friend in the whole world and that I love you" Ben smiled

"Aw Ben...that is so sweet. You're my best friend too! And I love you too!" Charlie smiled brightly.

The little girl held her hand out and Ben gladly took it. They sat there on their swings just holding hands as they gently swayed back and forth.

"I also have a song for you." Ben spoke up


"Yep. I was looking for a good song to tell you how much you mean to me and I found the perfect one, well Elvis helped too." He replied

"Can you sing it too me?" Charlie asked excitedly

Ben nodded then cleared his throat.

Never found a four leaf clover to bring good luck to me
No rabbit's foot no lucky star no magic wishing tree
But I got lucky, yes I got lucky
When I found you, oh yeah

Charlie smiled as she listened to Ben sing to her. She had never heard the song before but she knew then and there that it was definitely going to be her favourite song. Ever.

Got no rainbow around my shoulder, no horseshoe on my door
But I got you to hold me tight and who could ask for more?
Oh I got lucky, yes I got lucky
When I found you

Becky and Hannah sat under the tree in the park as they kept an eye on Ben and Charlie, they had placed a blanket on the grass as they played with Max who was enjoying being outside looking at all the new and amazing things.

"You've totally gone soft" Hannah teased

"I have not! I'm still a b.i.t.c.h." Becky spelled out

"Ha! Yeah right if you were then you wouldn't spell it out you'd just say it"

"I don't want our son's first word to be a swear word." Becky pouted

"Well living with Quinn I bet his first word would be something like…boobs or my eyes!" Hannah laughed

Becky laughed as well.

"Well I hope not…I would prefer mom…or mama…which do you prefer?" Becky asked


"Well which one do you want him to call you?" Becky asked


"Hannah I want you to be a part of his life and I know you do too. I saw you drawing up a tattoo with his name in it."

Hannah bowed her head in embarrassment

"So which do you prefer?" Becky smiled and gently nudged her girlfriend

"You can be Mum…and I'll be Mama" Hannah mumbled

"Ok then" Becky simply replied then picked up Max settling him on her lap

"Maxie can you say Mama?" She asked her son

Hannah just chuckled and kissed Becky on the cheek then pulled a funny face making Max smile.

I always walk around with all my fingers crossed
I'm afraid the love I found just might get lost

Toby sat confidently on his horse looking all manly and hot. He held his hand out for Maya to take as she hoisted herself up onto the horse with him. He wrapped his arms around her waist to hold onto the rains.

"You're getting good at this" Maya smiled as Toby instructed the horse to start walking

"I had a good teacher" he replied.

The two rode off together down the path towards the small paddock. Toby had planned beforehand and had set up a small picnic for the two of them to share together. Maya seemed to bring out the romantic in him. She didn't mind and neither did he.

As Toby led the horse to their destination he kissed her lovingly on the cheek and then gently whispered

"I love you"

So won't you tell me that you love me, hurry up and name the day
And then I'll know that my good luck is really here to stay
Oh I got lucky, yes I got lucky
When I found you

Grace and her soccer team had just won their game as the Cheerleaders cheered for them on the sidelines Sofia cheering the loudest she did have something to cheer about though she was dating the captain the one who scored the winning goal. Grace ran up to her girlfriend and jumped into her arms in excitement.

"Gracie you're a fucking star!" Sofia yelled with a massive grin on her face.

Grace pulled the Latina in for a searing kiss

"I got it!" Grace nearly screamed

"Got what?" Sofia asked

"A full ride to any college I want! I got the scholarship!" Grace smiled wide

"But…you're not even a senior"

"I know! But they said it didn't matter…come on let's go home and celebrate" Grace stated then kissed her girlfriend again.

"Kay" Sofia replied still reeling from that kiss

Grace grabbed Sofia's hand and they ran off to their car both giggling and stopping every five seconds to make out. Finally reaching the car Grace stopped confusing Sofia.

"What is it Gracie?" Sofia asked a little concerned

"It's nothing…it's just…I've never been this happy before…I love you…so much Sofia" Grace replied

"And I love you more" Sofia added before leaning in and kissing her best friend, her girlfriend…her soul mate.

"And I am so going to be a trophy wife" The Latina smirked

I always walk around with all my fingers crossed
I'm afraid the love I found just might get lost

Brittany and Santana stood in the kitchen giggling and holding onto each other as they feed each other strawberries and gave soft sweet lady kisses.

"I love you more than rainbows" Brittany giggled

"Well I love you more than...Breadsticks" Santana replied

"Aww Sanny...that's the most romantic thing you have ever said to me" Brittany got all teary eyed.

"Well it's true. You're my everything B." She replied softly.

"Your my everything too...and then some"

Brittany gave her a big smile which Santana returned before leaning in and kissing her like it was the only thing they knew...which really it was.

So won't you tell me that you love me, hurry up and name the day
And then I'll know that my good luck is really here to stay
Oh I got lucky, yes I got lucky
When I found you

Rachel and Quinn laid tangled up together in their bed slightly out of breath.

"That...was awesome" Quinn smiled lazily.

"Mmhmmm" Rachel agreed as sleep was trying to take over.

"You know it still amazes me sometimes that we're here...that we're married and have three beautiful children" Quinn murmured

"I know...back in high school it just seemed like a dream that wasn't realistic...most high school romances end when college starts...but you and me...we were always a forever deal" Rachel replied as Quinn nodded in agreement.

"I love you Rach" Quinn whispered before kissing her wife

"I love you too Quinn" Rachel smiled softly

Then after a beat.

"You ready for round three?" Quinn asked eagerly and wiggled her eyebrows

Rachel just laughed and nodded her head. Some things will never change. They hadn't for the last twenty years and it probably won't change for the next twenty plus years that's ahead of them...Somehow I don't think either of them will mind all that much.

Oh I got lucky, yes I got lucky
When I found you.

The End.

I recommend you listen to the song while you read this chapter.

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