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Warning: 4x17 Spoiler.

For The Moment, At Least

"Just one kiss."

The words sent chills down Blair's spine. As she met his unwavering gaze, her knees gave every indication of faltering but she held her ground. As the pair of dark eyes met, it was as though this was the first time she had ever seen him clearly or at all. Every instinct, every sinew embedded in her brain commanded her to decline. This was Humphrey after all. Brooklyn. Cabbage Patch. Dirt on her threshold. What entitlement did he have to ask the Queen of the Upper East Side for a kiss, really?

The last thought repulsed her. The past months she had spent with Humphrey showed her that he wasn't altogether worthy of her unabashed stereotyping. Sure, he was from Brooklyn. Sure, he loved Cedric. But he certainly wasn't dirt on her threshold. He was insightful, witty, and humorous, sadistically so at times. But he was not the obnoxious, self-righteous, 'holier than thou' prick she had always envisioned him to be. Maybe he was, formerly. But not anymore, not that she could see. So she couldn't refrain from the words that slipped out of her mouth, words that comforted her and repulsed her. Words that she protested vehemently against in her mind, not because she did not want to kiss Humphrey, nor because she wanted to inflict any harm on Chuck or Serena. Words that she protested because she was afraid she would be slipping from the social norm, what was expected of her. Words that essentially told the god-damn Upper East Side social norm to stick something up its ass.

"I suppose that would work. One kiss. And that's that," she spoke softly.

She could've strangled herself. That's what her instinct told her to do, at least. But she did not regret what she said. Not one bit. Humphrey parroted her.

"One kiss. And that's that."

Humphrey's undying gaze dropped slowly from Blair's eyes to settle upon her lips. Blair couldn't comprehend what emotions were rattling through that thick skull of his. Were they not to his satisfaction? Why the hell was he taking so long? Why not just get the damned deed over with?

"Oh for crying out loud, Humphrey!" she groaned as she roughly grabbed the front of his coat and crashed his lips onto hers.

Dan's lips were of a foreign breed to Blair. Not like Nate's, which felt safe, easy, and comfortable to rest upon. Not exotic and rough and well-practiced like Chuck's. They were comfortable enough, certainly, and had a level of exquisiteness, of…sexiness about them. Humphrey was certainly talented, Blair remarked in her brain. Dan made to pull away quickly and Blair, suddenly yearning for more, decided she hadn't had enough. She wrapped her arms across his neck, and his tongue, almost instinctively, sought for entrance which Blair willingly granted. The tongues dueled for seconds, minutes, hours…but honestly, what did it matter? Blair wasn't keeping track of time any longer. Who needed time, or breathing, or air when you had Dan's tongue wrapped upon your own?

Suddenly, the two broke apart. Blair, about to protest, was quelled when Humphrey's lips smashed against hers' again and his tongue curled itself around her own, then gliding over the soft curvature of her mouth, ingesting all of her saliva and delicious tastes into his own mouth. This kiss was different, explorative and almost frantic, hurried, as though there would be limited time before it would end. The thought angered Blair. This was just starting and Humphrey wanted it to end? She would not let that happen.

She slowed the tempo of the kiss down teasing at the corner of his lips and entering his own mouth exploring each side of it thoroughly and then the underside of his tongue. Humphrey, seeming to come to his senses, pulled himself away, rubbing a hand over the small beads of sweat trickling from his temple. Blair's mouth contorted in rage. Humphrey held a hand up to quiet her.

"Blair. That was jus—,"

The elevator slid open. And alas, who else, but Chuck and Serena to enter the premises?

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