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Characters: Burgh/someone secret!
Genre: Creepy Romance

with a light from above


"Hey, Burgh, over here!"

"Leader Burgh, we have a few questions!"

The artist raised his hands in acknowledgement, basking in the praise, grinning at the reporters with all their flashing cameras and prodding microphones. A large population of Castelia City's residents were currently gathered at its famed art gallery, where Gym Leader Burgh had recently unveiled his newest collection of art.

As the Bug-trainer was about to enter his conspicuous green and pink striped limo, he was approached by a reporter he recognized from Castelia's number one television news source.

"Burgh, we are airing live, right now. Mind if I ask you a few questions for our viewers?" The young female reporter gave him a desirous stare.

The normally confident artist looked hesitant for a moment. Burgh wasn't a fan of most reporters; a lot of them were from cheap, rumor-filled tabloids that circulated in the shady parts of the city. But part of Burgh knew he could trust this reporter; otherwise, why would channel 11 be the most watched news source?

"Sure, why not?" He gave his widest, reserved-for-public-outings smile.

"Great! So this is your very first gallery featuring paintings as opposed to your signature pencil sketch work. What prompted this change?" The reporter held the microphone to Burgh's face expectantly.

"Well I've recently been spending a lot more time in Pinwheel Forest to gain inspiration, to get in touch with my -" he glanced down dramatically and placed a hand on his chest, "– pure heart." He stared back up at the reporter with vivid green eyes, causing her to blush. "While in the forest, I began to realize the vibrancy of all the colors – between the green of all the foliage, there were pinks and yellows of wild flowers, blues of the clear skies – and I knew I had to capture them somehow. Through painting, I decided." Burgh straightened back up.

"I see, I see. You've made it clear you're a big fan of illustrating nature. Are there any other subjects you enjoy drawing?"

The artist tapped a finger to his pointed chin, pondering. "Well…" A sly grin appeared on his face as he seemed to daze out…

I swirled my brush in the beige paint glob on my palette and used it to deftly apply finishing touches to the shading of my subject's jawline.

The top half of his body was almost complete, almost perfect.

As I went to blend more colors to match his creamy skin tone, I saw him twitch out of the corner of my eye.

Was he coming to…?

That definitely wouldn't do; an artist's model must remain perfectly still.

I slowly approached his limp form, which was sprawled out on a platform before my easel. The closer I got, the more he seemed to struggle against his restraints.

And then, his eyes opened.

I could hear his gasp get stuck in his throat, trapped behind the ball gag forced between his lips. He squirmed around, helpless, much like an injured Sewaddle. His screaming, his cries for help, were muffled.

Oh, Brycen, how I really wish I didn't have to do this to you.

I bent down to his level and looked straight into his icy blue eyes. He had this look of pleading; I had never seen him look so weak, so vunerable. But it struck my pure soul with such intense inspiration!

"I'm sorry, my Muse."

And I pressed the rag to his face.

His body went flaccid once again. With all his struggling, I had to take some time to repose him. Although it looked as though I would already need to edit some aspects of my painting due to this mishap...

I sighed, and stared at his lower body, only covered in a thin, white sheet.

It was time.

Removing it in one swift motion, I could only stare, wide-eyed. For before me laid...a masterpiece.

"Burgh? Excuse me, but do you have an answer to the question?" The reporter spoke, snapping the brunet Gym Leader to attention.

Burgh cleared his throat, and stood up a little taller. "Well lately, I have been working with human anatomy…"

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