Okay. It's my first ever chapter fic. Let's see how this goes. I will try to update as quickly as possible but if I wanna graduate high school, at some point I'll have to do my homework. But all the reviews I received were so encouraging and I just can't get enough. Thank you everyone for your wonderful words. I seem to enjoy telling stories from Mr. LeBeau's POV, so I can't wait to hear your feedback on this new format I'm trying out. Please enjoy!

Chapter One: Once 'pon a Time

Okay, kiddies, gather 'round. Remy gonna tell you a story.

What's funny? My name? What's so funny about Remy? Well, what makes your name so damn—I mean dang—special? What's your name anyway, pup? Amy? Your name is Amy? That's a stupid name. No substance. No character. See, my name got character.

Are you cryin'? Why are you doin' that? Hey, there, stop it. Don' cry. Your name ain't that bad, kiddo. It's…classic. Maybe a little borin' but there's no harm in that. No one makes fun of Amys. Except me. But my name is Remy. What do I know?

Okay. Everyone gather 'round. It's story time. Yes. I'm tellin' you a story. Why? What do you mean why? Why wouldn't I? Look, do you wanna hear the story or not? You do? Then sit your butts down and listen.

How many of y'all have heard of Cinderella? All of you? That's good. How many of like that story? All of you? See, kiddies, that ain't so good. And Remy gonna tell you why.

See, the original Cinderella fairy tale is borin'. 'Member what I said about substance earlier? That's what Cinderella is lackin'. Substance.

What do you mean you don' know what substance is? I don' know how to describe it. It's like…the stuff that makes things kinda…special. Damn—I mean dang—y'all got some short 'tention spans. Makin' Remy forget what I was talkin' 'bout in the first place. Oh, yeah. Cinderella.

The original story is fine and all but it's lackin' somethin' a little special. See, good ol' Remy knows a better version of Cinderella. And it's not 'bout some blonde wit' singin' birds and mice. Let Remy tell you somethin' you should always remember:

Mice ain't your friend. If one comes into your room, don't try to sing wit' it. You kill it. Or scream so someone else bigger can come and kill it for you. And I don' wanna hear nothin' 'bout how killin' is wrong. Mice are nasty. End of story. And as for birds, they get poop all over your brand new motorcycle. That ain't very nice of them, is it? Non, it isn't. So next time you see a bird, you throw a big ol' rock at it. Jus' don' let your mamma or papa see you do it.

You distracted me again. Where was I? Oh, yeah. The Cinderella movie. That's a borin' movie. That ain't even Disney's best movie. You know what is? The Princess and the Frog. Takes place in good ol' New Orleans. Remy loves the prince from that movie. And the princess is kinda pretty, too. Though I'm none too pleased at how they portrayed the Cajuns wit' that firefly. But Remy can forgive them cause that movie was good. The only movie that's better than that is The Lion King.

What? Jus' come I'm a grown up don' mean I can't like Disney movies. They're classic.

The one movie Remy don' like is Cinderella. And Snow White, but that's cause that movie was borin' and she had an annoyin' voice. But Cinderella has so much potential. You do know what potential is, don' you? You do? Good. I didn' feel like splainin' that one to you.

The reason we're here—you and me and every other kid in this room—is to tell you the real story of Cinderella. But before we begin wit' the whole "once 'pon a time" thing, we gotta establish a few things.

One: the story don' take place in some far away land. It takes place in Louisiana. Do you know where that is? You don'? Hmm…it's way at the bottom of America. Right near the water. Y'all outta go there one day. And you should go to Mardi Gras. But, err, not 'til you older. In 'bout twelve or so years. Then, when you old 'nough, go to Mardi Gras. Trust Remy, it'll be the most fun you'll ever have. You might not remember it the next day but it'll be fun.

Okay. Item number two: Remy's version of Cinderella ain't starrin' no silly blonde. My Cindy has brown hair with white streaks in it. Now, don' ask me why there's white streaks in it. Remy's always wondered that himself. But, take my word for it kiddies, sometimes it's better not to ask. Remember that: Just accept, kiddos. No questions.

One more thing and then we can start the story. My version of Cinderella isn't named Cinderella. We gonna call her Roguearella. Rogue for short, kay? We good? Good.

I think I like you batch of kids. You're a smart bunch. Short 'tention span but that's okay. You also ask a few too many questions but you're young and none too bright so Remy can forgive that.

Where were we? Oh yeah.

Once 'pon a time…

So that's the first chapter. Let me know what you think. Fingers crossed that the thoughts are positve. There will be more soon...enough.