Title: The Reading of the Riot Acts

Author: AllOverTheWorld

Ships: Alex/Olivia

Summary: Sometimes friends can be over protective. Elliot Stabler and Elizabeth Donnelly (independent of each other) make sure that Alex and Olivia, respectively, undersntad what will happen if hearts are broken.

Authors Note: Consider this me dipping my toes back into the pool of SVU fanfiction. I want to make sure the water's warm and I still know what I doing, well writing, before I jump right back in with Damages Done. Enjoy :D

It was still relatively early when Detective Elliot Stabler walked out of the precinct under the premise of getting coffee for both himself and his partner, Detective Olivia Benson. However, while he knew that they would both need the caffeine later, that evening when they were slogging through mountains of paper work, that was not his reason for leaving the precinct. No, at the moment he was currently preoccupied with what he was going to say to Olivia's new lover.

She had disclosed the name of said lover to him only that afternoon but he had been suspecting something for a while now. Her increasing happiness and seemingly never ending good mood had not slipped past him, nor any of their coworkers. There had been some teasing and some questions but she had dismissed them all with a wave of her hand and averted eyes that basically confirmed all of their ideas.

It hadn't been hard. The fact that her eyes lit up when a certain blond ADA walked through the precinct doors or she had taken a couple days off right around the time the very same ADA had the flu were no coincidence. And those were only the noticeable things. It was the smaller gestures that gave the couple away. For example, last week Olivia and Elliot had enlisted the SWAT teams help to bust a warehouse where a serial rapist had been hiding his latest victim. It had al been going well until the bastard had fired off a single shot from behind a shipping crate. The bullet had blasted through a stack of wooden pallets before grazing Elliot's arm and burying itself in wall of the warehouse.

The man who had shot him now strongly resembled Swiss cheese, thanks to his partner and the SWAT team that had joined them. He on the other hand had dropped his gun and clutched his arm in pain, the searing, burning sensation still tingling in his left arm. Olivia had fired off three rounds of her own in seconds, before dropping to her knees, desperate to make sure he was okay. After he had reassured her that it was only a graze she had insisted on calling a bus.

"We need a bus at 56th and Calumet. I repeat we need a bus at 56th and Calumet, the warehouse, we have an officer who's been shot."

He had, through gritted teeth, told her that her transmission had made it seem like he was dying or something. She had replied that it could be arranged very easily if he didn't like the way she called for a bus. He had grinned, which looked more like a grimace, and told her that he was fine with his injury as it was.

Olivia had wanted to accompany him to the hospital except he had told her that they still needed to pick up the rapists accomplice over in Hell's Kitchen. A half mile foot chase later, that involved vaulting a low standing wall, they had finally caught both of the rapists that had been terrorizing New York City for three weeks.

After swinging by the hospital to pick him up again Olivia had driven them back to the precinct where, to Elliot's mild surprise Alex Cabot was waiting for them. He had noticed the eye contact she and Olivia mad. He had noticed the sigh of relief that escaped Alex's lips as she saw Olivia, unscathed. He had heard, a short while later, the murmured apology from Olivia to Alex and something being whispered about a phone being dead.

As he fought through a web of New York City rush hour traffic, Elliot considered the past months. Olivia had been happy, happier than he had ever seen her in all the years that they had worked together. For that reason alone he had decided to support her, whoever the new relationship was with. Then she had told him it was with Alex. He had always seen their ADA as a bit of an ice queen, determined on putting the bad guy behind bars, no matter the cost. If Olivia saw something beyond the crystal blue eyes, then all means, let them be happy.

It was only as he parked his car and made his way into the court house that Elliot's mind began to play out the 'what if' scenarios. The very scenarios that drove him to be here. In some way he felt that it was his duty, as both best friend and partner, to make sure that Alex wasn't playing games with Olivia. His mind wandered towards what Olivia would be like if Alex was playing her, not that he thought Alex was, but Olivia had been hurt so many times before in her life, another one (especially one like this) might just destroy her.

So here he was, walking down the quite halls of the court house, making his way to an office he knew very well. Many a night over the past decade had been spent in that office, with Olivia, trying to talk Alex into getting them a warrant. Rarely did he visit the ADA on his own, only if Olivia was working a different case or she was sick (and even then she might drag herself along), so he paused for a moment outside the door, taking one last moment to reconsider.

He knocked.

"Come in."

Elliot pushed open the door and saw the blond haired lawyer sitting at her desk, looking about as worn out as he did, maybe more so. He also saw a slight exhale, as if she had been expecting (or hoping) for someone else to be walking through that door "Sorry if I'm not the person you were hoping for." He says, with a smile as he hangs his coat up on the rack.

Setting her pen down and pushing her glasses a little farther up her nose, Alex leaned back in her chair and replied "Haven't even know twenty four hours Stabler and already cracking jokes?"

"What can I say?" he shrugged

There was beat of silence before Alex said "I assume you're not hear to have some small talk Elliot." In fact, Alex was pretty sure she knew what this was all about because both herself and Olivia had been expecting it.

Elliot nodded, the smile gone from his lips "I'm only going to say this once Alex, because I don't think you're going to need to hear it twice. Olivia is my best friend, she's been there for me through all of the craziest types of shit and I've done the same for her. Over the past few months she's been happier than I've ever seen her and I'm pretty sure it's thanks to you." Elliot paused for a second, so he could take a breath "If you are leading her on, screwing with her, or anything, if you hurt Olivia, I will make sure your life is a living hell."

"Elliot," Alex said, looking into his eyes you never have to worry about me hurting Olivia. I am not leading her on or playing around with her emotions. I love her, I love her a lot."

Elliot gave a quick, short nod "That's good because you should see her every time you walk in the squad room, it's like Christmas day for her. You two are good for each other."

Alex smiled "That we are." She agreed, once again picking up her pen and glancing down at her paper work.

Eliot stood up, he had intruded on her work for longer enough and although he believed her, he just needed to be sure she understood "So we're straight?" he asked, meaning that they had a mutual understanding of what would happen if Alex broke Olivia's heart.

A smile played at the edge's of Alex's lips "I don't know about you detective, but I certainly am not." She said and laughed.

Elliot laughed with her, their shared laughter echoing around the small office. A few minutes later, after he had left her office, Alex thought about what Elliot had said.

"I will make sure your life is a living hell."

Never before had she heard words spoken with more passion or more honesty behind them, Elliot's warning had been heeded, that was for sure. However it was completely unnecessary, Alex and Olivia weren't going to be separating anytime soon.

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This was my first time really (well sort of) writing Elliot out so if anything is horribly off please let me know so I can work on it in the future. I hope that you enjoyed this one shot.