Contains mild spoilers for the First Season eps with Wizardmon!

I look up with my jade-hued eyes upon the sky above,
And see in stars the light of hope and faith and life and love.
Of purity and courage held to trudge that extra mile.
Their friendship gives this digi soul a cause to stop and smile.

You see, it wasn't long ago I'd given up all hope;
Expelled my breath and figured I'd come to my end of rope.
But for a chance encounter with my valiant feline friend,
Who saved my life when I was sure it had come to an end.

"Gatomon," I say to her, my small, white, well furred charge,
She turns to me with eyes of blue, so wide and very large.
"Trust you," they say in mute assent as I lift up her weight
And rise into the heaven's air to charge the Dragon's gate.

"Will we survive this next campaign?" I know she wants to ask.
But holds her tongue as I do now--- we each aware our task.
To free our realm from Darkness bold intent on laying waste
The twined together worlds of ours and theirs: the human race.

Our chances are not good we know despite the portents told
Thru musty data logs unearthed by Gennai in his hold.
But we are soldiers in this fight and so in quiet flight
I take us both across the land beneath the stars of Night.

We fought then 'gainst the Dragon, the Beast of Evil Mind,
Who wished to take all to himself both our and human kind.
We fought; it didn't matter---his strength was Death Unfurled.
I fell before his power and into the Sea was hurled.

My charge was taken prisoner; was held against her will
To find for him the one who would the Prophecy fulfill.
And what was I to do then---when cold and drained of fight?
Two other soldiers came across and saved me from my plight.

We gathered all together then, the Champions of the Light
And fought against the Undead Lord who wished Eternal Night.
The Champions went to Ultimate, but still it did no good,
The Darkness laughed and flung them as if they were but wood.

I watched in mute attention as circumstance grew dire.
For I was but a Champion whose arm was prone to tire.
But when the moment came when Darkness struck at mine
I leapt into the battle and paid the gift of Time.

T'was Time I gave my savior, sweet Time she used to sow
The deeds that helped her new friends the Dark to overthrow.
Now all is well in Heaven and Lightness shines on down
And, I, her faithful servant, can find no cause to frown.

My soul was not for fighting or tossing foes on knees
Nor as I thought for wasting on casting spells for fees,
My life was made for better, for a truer purpose kept,
And I, this data wizard, at last repaid my debt.