A pedestrian little GP
Tried his best a detective to be,
But he soon would discover
When he went undercover
He still looked like a little GP.

A consulting detective named Sherlock
Could find nothing to do but to mock
And his VERY LAME joking
Was so provoking
That it made the GP want to hurl rocks.

A blogger attempted to rhyme
And to beat out a meter in time.
His failed enterprise
Came as little surprise
Since his prose work was far from sublime.

Really, Sherlock? Making fun of my poetry now?

Really, John? Calling that drivel poetry now? You have heard of meter, haven't you? And did you really work on that travesty for an hour?

We didn't all go to public school you know. And another thing. It wasyOUR idea for me to chat that girl up in the pub for YOUR case.

It was not my idea that you tell her you were an actor! But point taken. In future I will sit back and watch you make a spectacle of yourself without comment like a true friend should.

don't you hvae something better tobe doing?

No, actually. I'm bored. You, on the other hand, are obviously tired and cranky, and your typography is suffering. Go to bed.