Logan's Daughter.

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Bella P.O.V.

"You- you don't want me?" I asked. Show him! A voice in my head whispered. He won't leave if he knows you are a witch!

Edward shook his head. "No Bella. Just promise me you'll stay safe, for Charlie's sake. And in return, I'll promise you that you'll never see me or my family again. It'll be as if we never existed."

I could only nod. Then, he kissed my forehead, and was gone. I slid down the tree I was leaning against. They were gone. I was nothing more than a pet to them. How could I have not seen it? They didn't love me. I was just a passing interest to them. The realisation made me angry. And that anger triggered something inside of me. It felt as if there was something in me, breaking through chains, and the anger I was feeling was giving it the strength to do so. As the last of the chains fell away, strength flooded through me, and I felt a pain begin in my hands. I curled them into fists, just as three bone like protrusions forced their way out from between my knuckles, slowly. When they stopped I saw that they were claws.

I knew what had happened. I had become a mutant. I'd read about them in school. They weren't magical, but they weren't muggle either. That meant that it wasn't a breach of the Statue of secrecy to tell them about the Wizarding world.

I willed the claws back in, and when they went in, and the wounds they left healed over almost instantly.

When I felt as if no one would notice that something was off, I stood up, and began walking back to the house. When I got there, he was waiting for me, with several men, who I didn't know.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Bella, you're a mutant." Charlie said.

"I know, I just found out."

"I could put up with the other things, but this is just one step too far."

"What are you talking about Charlie?" I asked, scared.

"If I had known that your father was a mutant, and that you were going to develop the gene, Renee and I would never have adopted you. These men are here to take you off my hands."

"What- but Charlie-"

"If I had known, then I would have turned that Dumbledore man down. We would have gone to a normal adoption agency instead." His tone was harsh.

"I'll move out- you won't ever see me again- just don't make me go with these men. Please!"

I felt a prick in the back of my neck. I reached behind me, and felt a dart. My vision blurred, and the ground rushed to meet me.

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