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Chapter 17

Isabella P.O.V

I had just set the potion to one side to let it brew for the night, when the door bell rang. I was puzzled. I didn't know of any new mutants that were supposed to be turning up, or maybe it was a mutant who'd just heard about this place and didn't get the chance to call ahead, perhaps?

I wandered out of my room, down the corridor, and the stairs, in time to see Storm letting three people in. They all seemed to be covered in soot!

"Ugh! I knew we shouldn't have let Moony near that cauldron Harry! Hello, I'm Sirius Black, a.k.a Padfoot, Remus Lupin, a.k.a Moony and Harry Potter, yet un-nicknamed. We're looking for the Howletts."

"What potion exploded?" I asked in a bored tone. It was obvious that there were pieces of cauldron shrapnal lying around somewhere.

The four of them turned to look up the stairs at me. Sirius grinned. "We were trying to summon a couple of ghosts."

"Is the operative word 'trying'?" I asked.

"Well, we ended up summoning bodies instead."

"Wait, bodies?"

"Well… we thought they were Lilly and James' dead bodies. It wasn't. It was their living bodies."

"Ok, you've lost me."

"We made a mistake in the brewing. We brought them back." The other guy, Remus said.

"That's impossible." I said.

"Yeah well, the impossible seems to have a knack for happening." Harry said, and he coughed, and it looked like he'd puffed out a cloud of black smoke.

"That's not all." Sirius said. "When the two woke up, we noticed that the cauldron was going to blow, so we got the hell out of there. When it did blow, someone walked out of the smoke."

"Let me guess, another dead war veteran?" I asked.

"Sort of Isabella." A new voice said. Three more soot covered people had come into the building. It was one of the two women that had spoken. Someone I recognised. Athena Alexis Black. My mother.

"Daad! Dad get over here!" I yelled. "You aren't going to believe this!"

It wasn't long until dad came running. "What's wro- oh."

"Am I hallucinating? Have I inhaled too many fumes?" I asked, desperately hoping this was real.

"I don't know about fumes, 'cause it seems real to me kiddo." He said. "Athena?"

"Hey Logan. Long time, no see, I guess?"

"You could say that, but how?"

"Potion mistake. We only meant to bring back their three ghosts. Moony made a mistake. His cottage blew up, and one has a gift that they didn't have before."

"I don't care about the damn cottage Padfoot!" Remus laughed.

"No spell can bring back the dead!" I said weakly, holding onto the banister for support.

"Well, no one said anything about potions." Harry said grinning.

"Did you write down what potion it was, and the mistake you made was?" I asked.

"Hell no!" Remus said. "We burned all the evidence. We couldn't have the Death Eaters getting a hold of it, could we?"

I ran down the stairs, and caught my mother in a hug. She laughed and hugged me back. I didn't care that I was getting covered in soot, I was hugging my mother! Who was dead! Or at least, had been.

"It's good to see you too Isabella." She said, and I could hear the smile in her voice. She then held me at arms length. "Look how much you've grown! Tell me, are you a mutant?"

"Yeah, like dad." I said, smiling.

"That's good to know!" She grinned, "I guess that makes all of us then."

"What do you mean?" dad asked, coming down the stairs.

"Something happened when I came back. I now have a healing factor. Lilly and James don't, but I do. Something must have happened in between Prongs and Lilly coming back and me coming back. It must have been part of the reason why i came back a minute or so later, and why the potion and cauldron exploded."

Just then, Victor and Demitri came round the corner, and Victor stopped short. "What the hell?" Victor asked.

"Potion mistake!" Sirius said jovially. "We managed to bring three dead people back from the dead, and give one of them a healing factor!"

"I think we may need to talk to the Professor." Storm said. "And get all of you a shower and a clean set of clothes."

I pulled out my wand, and waved it over each of the new arrivals, and myself, banishing the soot off us all. "Sorted. Now, lets go!"

Storm rolled her eyes as I started to bounce. I'd been hanging round Jane too much. She led the way to the Professors office, and the rest of us followed.

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