You Love ME!


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Spike and Icebox are together but who is this new girl I why is she eyeing Spike. Find out what happens when someone tries to take away Becky's man.

Sequel to You Love Who?

Chapter 4 : The New Girl?

For the next couple of days I was unable to see any of my friends my dad wouldn't let them. It seems that the doctor had notified him that uninterrupted rest was mandatory for a couple of days and of course my dad being a worry wart followed my doctor's instructions much to my ultimate dismay. I couldn't stand it anymore I was going crazy with not knowing what was going on with my friends and most importantly my boyfriend. I needed to see Debbie soon she would know what was going on; she always knew what happened around the school.

After about two to three days of "resting" my dad finally let people visit me as I waited for them to show up I really wished Spike would be the first to show up. Starring at my ceiling I heard a knock at my bedroom door. I called out for whoever it was to enter. It was ... Debbie she came in looking at me she asked how I was feeling I told her I was feeling better.

"You look terrible!" she said

" yeah well so do you" I said then I really looked at her she seemed nervous or worried somehow and asked.

"So... have you seen Spike lately?" she asked.

"No actually he hasn't come to see me yet. Why are you asking?" I said to her.

"Oh... uh... Nothing" she stammered.

She was not a very good liar, I could see through her nervousness and she only stammers when she is hiding something or knows something but doesn't want to tell me. The last time that happened was when she accidently dropped my favorite jersey in the fireplace. But I'm getting off subject . She is acting way to suspicious. I stared her down and motioned for her to sit. Once she sat down by my bed I told her in a very stern voice to tell me what was going on.

"There is something you are not telling me, I know you. Tell me now." I said. She was making me a nervous wreck by now.

Noticing that she was making me upset she finally said,...

" Ok here is the deal I will tell you but please don't kill the cheerleader ok?." Right when she said that I knew there was something wrong.

Impatiently I told her. " Well tell me then what is going on, I need to know!"

finally she said, " It's about Spike "

"What happened to Spike?" I asked impatiently. "Did something happen to him?" I asked again but she kept looking at me like if she was trying to decide if she should tell me or not.

"Well" I said.

I took her about three hours when she finally said something. Okay I'm exaggerating obviously but that is how worried I was .

" Ok" She said. This what has happened while you have been injured ... Spike has been talking to this girl. It seems like they have met before" she said.

I didn't know what to think so I asked her again. " What do you mean they know each other or something?"

"Yes" she said its seems that when he was in the pee wee league after he left the cowboys he met her or something I don't know for sure, well they met and were like an item or something" she said again.

"What do you mean she used to be his girlfriend?" I asked shocked that this was happening.

" Look I don't know I asked Jr about it and that is all he said. that they knew each other but they were friends now... but I don't now it seems like she is too close to Spike sometimes. And there is also something else", Debbie said.

Something else I asked myself. what else could there be?

Finally I spoke. "What else is there?"

" Well It seems like she used to be a cheerleader and wants to be one again... she has been to try outs and is pretty good... I mean I won't her in if you don't want me too, you know I would do anything for you, right? But Spike did ask me to help her out so I don't know what to do. You tell me what you want me to do." she said again.

This was too much for so I sat in my bed looking at her to see what she was thinking but most of all too think about the situation I mean this was Spike we were talking about he was the best boyfriend ever he was sweet and caring and would never cheat on me or forget me right? But he hasn't come to see you yet the voice in my head said. I knew I could trust Spike though because relationships could not last. RIGHT! I trusted him. Finally decided I answered her .

"If you think she is good then do what you need to do." I told her

She looked at me and said, " Ok this is what I'll do I haven't made a decision but I'll be fair ok? that's all I will do." Debbie replied. " Now you must rest Spike should come to see you soon right?" She said again.

I laid back in my bed thinking about everything Debbie and I had talked about and wondered why Spike hadn't come to see me yet. I mean why hadn't he come yet. I know he has practice but I'm important too right? Feeling sleepy I closed my eyes but I kept thinking about Spike.

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