It was supposed to be just one kiss.

Later, they brushed it off but she had asked for just one other kiss, just to make sure.

Then it was him who wanted to really be sure.

Somehow one kiss had led them down a slippery slope, one that involved lots of kissing and eventually, sex. Dan was a gentleman (and also a tease, Blair had thought irritably) and didn't push it after all of their many makeout sessions. It wasn't until one day a naked Blair had thrown him again into a couch and climbed over him, rubbing her body all over his before he really could take no more. She had trailed kisses down his chest, unbuttoning it as she went. She pulled off his jeans and was giving a blowjob before Dan had frantically grabbed a condom, pulled her up and then suddenly he was inside of her and she whimpered at how good it felt. It felt different in a good way. In a really good way. She had decided to take control of the situation and ride him hard, moaning loudly (she had never felt so exhilarated) and coming so hard she thought she was having a seizure .

She promised herself it was the first and only time.

Now, probably the 5,240th time they've been together, Blair laid in total post-coital bliss on the floor. Even though she was panting and too exhausted to move, she still wanted more. Maybe it had something to do with Dan who was so infuriating and annoying and yet, she couldn't help herself whenever he was around. The only games he played were that of being a snobby hipster but even then Blair knew how to always call his bluff. He didn't fit in her social circle and it wasn't so much that she care about that, she was just afraid that once he did see everything that was happening behind the shiny gloss of tedious parties he would become jaded like everyone else she knew. Or worse: become like her.

"Hey, you okay?" Dan reached his arm out to gently caress her shoulder. "Babe?"

Blair sighed. "Yes. Oh god, incredibly so."

Dan could help but smile. There was nothing hotter than a girl admitting that you just rocked her world, especially if that girl was Blair. He had been nervous at first to ask her to go with him to D.C. for a wedding.

"It's just that you know, they're not very rich," he had said nervously, "their house in Arlington isn't very and they're being so nice in letting us stay there because I'm a groomsmen…"

"Oh god Humphrey, are you telling me not to embarrass you?" Blair rolled her eyes. "Because you do enough of that on your own."

Dan had given her a pointed look until she acquiesced with a sigh. "It's important to you. I would never do anything to hurt you."

True to her word Blair was actually…normal during the wedding. She didn't make any snide or underhanded comments about the small church or the bride's David Bridal gown or the fact that they served barbeque during the reception. In fact, Blair was getting along so well with his childhood friends she didn't even freak out over the barbeque sauce that had dripped over her Prada dress. One of his friends even told him that she was a keeper because she was so "down to earth." It took every ounce of willpower for Dan to not burst out with laughter.

Blair was many things. Down to earth was not one of them.

Maybe it's why they worked, because she lived in a world where everything was possible and he had to keep her grounded. Maybe they worked because they drew out the best in each other, with Blair getting Dan to admit that he was often a hypocrite and Dan getting her to admit that she wasn't always right. Maybe it just worked because the sex was incredible because for whatever reason, it worked. He wasn't sure how or when or what but all he knew was that he was in love with fucking Blair Waldorf and he was in love with her as well.

Dan slowly stood up only to scoop Blair into his arms so they could move from the floor to the bed. She giggled as he found her nude thong on one of their pillows, a byproduct of their last session where they had frantically undressed each other and Dan had taken Blair on a table and then the wall. He had shifted Blair's body around until he felt one angle that was practically making her come twice with one stroke. He decided to tackle that hard and fast while reaching down and gently rubbed her clit, Blair's unladylike screams being music to his ears. When she came there were spasms so hard that he barely held on enough to come before he fell over, Blair tumbling down with him. At the moment he was glad he and Blair had stayed in DC after the wedding and had booked a hotel with very soundproof rooms (which they had checked beforehand, much to the amusement of the front desk).

"Hi," he whispered tenderly, their foreheads touching.

Blair giggled. "Hi."

"Thank you for being so good earlier today," Dan said as he wrapped an arm around her and she snuggled into his chest.

"Mmmm, was that my present?"

"Of course. I mean it was so great of you to fake it for so long."

"EXCUSE ME!" Blair exclaimed as she sat up and threw her pillow at Dan. "Have you ever considered the fact that maybe I enjoyed myself?"

"You're just not normally like that. It's a complete different atmosphere than the Upper East Side," Dan said, bewildered as she huffed out of bed.

"I like your friends, asshole!" Blair screamed, hurling one of her shoes at Dan. "And I liked their charming, rustic house! And I LOVE. BARBEQUE!"

Dan groaned as Blair's Chanel bag hit him in the head as he was trying to duck. It knocked over the lamp on the nightstand. "Blair, not the vase!"

Blair stopped and looked down with a frown. She turned it over. "Well it was made in China anyway!"

Luckily Blair's aim wasn't that good and the vase rolled harmlessly along the sheet until it hit the pillow. Trust Blair to throw something just because it was made in China. Hell, she would have thrown a Terracotta Warrior at him if it were next to her. "Okay B, we need to have a talk about your elitist attitude towards China later-"

Blair scoffed. "Please, I love China and you know it. Stop thinking that just because I say one thing when I'm angry-"

"You're angry all the time!"

"Because you make me angry! You're just adding fuel to the fire now."

Dan sighed. "Can you not get offended over one comment?"

"You should know that I never fake it. Not with sex, and not with people. Please, how many times have I insulted you? Your attitude, your family's social status, your money, your lack of art taste, your clothes, your intellect, your face-"

"Please, continue," Dan said dryly.

"You of all people know that I am always myself. Especially when I'm being a bitch," Blair paused. "Which I'm being right now. And yes, I know it."

"And I'm sorry," Dan said, shaking his head. "I sometimes forget that you're an actual person and instead of the cold robot we've come to know and love. Who I've come to know and love."

Blair sat on the edge of the bed primly and crossed her arms as Dan got up and put the vase back in its place. He sat down next to her. "I'm sorry."

Blair sighed and turned away to crawl underneath the covers as Dan looked up at the ceiling and then hung his head while pinching the bridge of this nose, thinking about what he could do to make the situation better.

"Are you coming back to bed or not?"

Dan turned as Blair sat in bed waving a guidebook at him. "We need to figure out what we're doing tomorrow."

"Well, personally, I was thinking of either the Air & Space museum and Lincoln Memorial or the National Art Sculptures Garden and the National Archives," Dan said, climbing back into bed with her and pulling her into his arms. "What about you?"

Blair laid her head on his shoulder. "I actually want to go to the National Postal museum."


"It's art in little squares," Blair protested as he grabbed the guidebook from her. "You'd be surprised to see how much they can fit in such a small strip of paper." She ran her hand through his hair. "Babe, your hair is getting long."

"I know," Dan said distractedly, squinting at the guidebook. "How about we check out the Supreme Court building too? And the Capitol."

"Sounds perfect. As for your hair…keep it long," Blair said devilishly. "It's more for me to hang onto when we're having sex."

Dan laughed and kissed her temple. "I'm sorry about earlier. You know I love you, B."

"Thank you. Despite your lack of tact, I suppose I love you too."

Blair arched into him for a kiss and just like that all of a sudden his hands were tangled in her hair as she pulled him in closer and frantically pressed her body against his while reaching down and grabbing his dick. The next thing Dan knew she was whimpering as he moved slowly in and out of her, her smiling at him tenderly, him moaning her name loudly as he came.

It was supposed to be just one kiss.

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