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IMMPORTANT: There will be rape, but it won't be graphic. Percy is going to get rapped several times, but only the first will be a little described the others won't be, maybe. I will just tell you what will happen when he is rapped, nothing more. And this is A/U, which means that Percy and everybody else don't have 12 but 16 years. It will be a little bit movieverse.

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Percy was walking back home from school. It was a normal day, like any other. Nancy Bobofit kept annoying him, the teachers kept asking him questions , Gabe didn't stop being smelly, his latin teacher, Mr. Brunner, came to class in a Greek armor yelling "What ho!"… yeah it was a normal day.

When Percy got home he expected to see his mom, Sally, cooking something for Smelly Gabe. But the only person he saw in the apartment, to his great misfortune, was Smelly Gabe drinking beer.

"Finally you returned you little runt." Said Gabe.

"Where is mom?" asked Percy ignoring the 'runt' comment. But Percy was a little bit small and skinny for his age.

"She is working late again. And then she is staying at one of her friend's house." Answered Gabe.

That was the reason why he was a little small and skinny. His mother started working more and more and wasn't really around much. And because of that Percy started eating less. He knew that his mother did this so that they could pay the bill and live a, at least a little, normal life. But he couldn't help but feel a little resentment to his mom for leaving him alone with Gabe.

Percy just kept going to his room, receiving the answer he wanted. He didn't notice that Gabe was strangely quiet right now, how could he? He was very tired, gym was his last class and the professor went all out on them. But when he entered his room he forgot to lock his door, which was a grave mistake. Percy just went to his bed and fell asleep before he even hit the pillow.

In the middle of the night Percy woke up finding himself bound to his bed face down, naked. He was confused, was he dreaming? How did he even end up naked and bound without waking up? He tried to free himself but the ropes were too tightly bound, and because of his struggling he made rope burns on his hands and feet. Percy heard a dark chuckling behind him. Now he started to panic. 'What is going on here? 'he thought. When he turned his head around he found Gabe behind him, only dressed in his shorts.

"You have finally woken up, now the fun can start." Said Gabe.

Percy tried to scream but in a moments notice he found Gabe right in front of him, stuffing a shirt in his mouth.

"Don't scream now. Somebody might hear you. And we don't want that, now do we." Said Gabe.

'That is exactly what I want!' thought Percy.

Gabe went behind Percy and took a knife he placed on Percy's desk. He went beside Percy and started cutting his back. Percy could only feel pain as his stepfather cut his back. He tried to hold back his screaming but the pain was too intense, Percy couldn't hold it back. So he screamed, and screamed, and screamed. He screamed until his throat burned. To Gabe it was music to his ears. Then he got an idea. He started writing on the boys back, monster it read. Gabe enjoyed seeing the boy crying and screaming beneath him. When he was done with the cutting he threw the knife to the floor and took of his shorts. This gave Percy a little time to breathe. When Percy thought the worst pain was over, he felt pain ten times worse than that from before in his rectum. But he was too tired to struggle or make a sound. He just lay there, taking the painful thrusts from Gabe, silently crying. After a painful half hour of unmerciful thrusting Gabe finally finished and cummed in Percy. After Gabe came Percy blacked out, his body and mind couldn't take it anymore.

The next morning Percy woke up to pain through his whole body. He couldn't move without feeling intense pain. The only good thing was that he wasn't bound down anymore, but that wasn't really any condolence. But then he felt a really big urge to go to the bathroom, to take a shower. He thought that it was because he wanted to wash away all evidence of last night with hot water, but it felt stronger then that. He just had the urge to get to some water, and fast.

Percy tried to stand on his legs, but he almost fell because of the intensive pain. He could only bite his hand to not scream. His whole body was shaking, Percy didn't know if he could go to the bathroom. But still he tried.

He tried to stand again, this time he didn't fall because he knew the pain would come. After 15 minutes and some falls later, Percy made it to the bathroom. He went inside and into the shower, the water turned on.

'Strange. I don't remember turning the water on.'

But it didn't matter, the water was warm and soothing. And Percy could have sworn that the water had a salty tinge to it. When he was done washing not only was he clean, but his wounds didn't hurt him anymore. The water turned itself off ('Strange.' He thought), Percy got out of the shower and was now standing in front of the mirror. He was very surprised, to say the least. He couldn't see any of his scars and wounds. He should see a dozen scars and wounds on his chest and belly, but all he found was smooth skin. His back and ass didn't hurt either. And when he tried to turn around to see his back, he could just see smooth skin, like on his front.

'What the hell?' he thought. But he didn't dwell on it, he won't dwell on last night either. That would just make him depressed, and because of that Gabe will do it again. And Percy sure as hell didn't want that. Better not to think about it.

It seems that neither Gabe nor his mom were home now. He went to his room, got dressed and bolted out of the building where his apartment was. It was still very early in the morning, just a few minutes past six, he had an hour and a half before school started. He could go by foot.

When he got to the school he still had 45 minutes left, so he set on a bench and started working on his homework that Mr. Brunner gave him. He hated doing it (his dyslexia didn't help) but he liked Mr. Brunner and his class, so he could at least try to do it. When the bell rang he got in, he was ready for a very boring day in school.

Luckily for Percy, it was quite the opposite, his class got a new student. His name was Grover. Percy and Grover became friends immediately. School wasn't so boring when Percy had a friend like Grover. They did almost everything together, and Percy started forgetting that night with Gabe. Although he still locked the door to his room, and went to school early and came home late.

But one night, Percy forgot to lock the door to his room. Gabe came, and it was the first night all over again. But this time Gabe made sure that Percy could feel every wound he made. And he made sure that Percy was awake even after he was done, just so he could torture him some more. The next day Percy didn't recover like he did the first time. The wounds were gone after the shower, but this time he just couldn't forget it. The first time he hoped that it would just happen one time, he hoped there wouldn't be a second. But he should have known better, it was Gabe they were talking about after all. Now he couldn't hope that it wouldn't happen again, he knew it would. And he knew that he couldn't do anything about it. He couldn't leave his mother with Gabe alone, so running away was out of the question. And he couldn't tell the police, without any wounds on him it wouldn't work. The only thing he could do was to try to get out of Gabe's way.

One night he came home earlier than he wanted to, the pool near the school where he always went to with Grover after school was closed and Grover had to go home, to see that his mother was home.

"Mom?" he asked, a little surprised.

"Percy?" Sally turned around and when she saw Percy she hugged him.

"I'm so sorry I left you alone with Gabe for so long. I should've-"but she was cut of when Percy spoke.

"It's okay mom. You shouldn't be sorry. You were just exhausted from you work. I understand." He said, smiling at her but closing his eyes so that she wouldn't see right through the lie.

She smiled back, but then she had a worried look on her face.

"Percy! You're so skinny and small! Did you eat anything? Have you shrunk while I wasn't here?" Sally asked, practically shouted. His clothes did start to hang on him a bit.

"Yes, mom. I did. You really don't have to worry so much." Said Percy.

"Like hell I don't!" Percy was taken aback when he heard that. He hasn't heard his mom talk like that, ever.

"Come with me. I'm going to get you something to eat, no buts." Sally said going into the kitchen, with Percy hot on her heals. It was really good to have his mother back.

After he ate something his mom made, Percy went to his room and, after locking the door, fell asleep.

It was really a good day today. Mr. Brunner was in greek armor again, he and Grover went to the pool, his mom got home and there was no sign of Gabe! It wasn't a good day, it was a fantastic day!

But of course, for every good day there had to be a bad day. It was karma, he was sure of it. Or it could be that somebody up there really didn't like him. And he was soon going to find out that that bad day was going to be tomorrow, just his luck.

The next day all went normal, that is until he got home. When he got there, he saw his mother unconscious on top of the table with Gabe in front of it.

"What did you do to her?" Percy shouted.

Gabe put a finger in front his mouth in a silent gesture.

"Shhhhhh, we don't want to wake her up. She just took a sleeping drug with her food" Gabe was grinning by that point. Percy knew all too well what was coming next, so he tried to turn around and run away. But before he could completely turn, he saw from the corner of his eyes that Gabe had now placed a knife at his mothers throat. He froze where he stood.

"You know what I will do with your mother if you run away. You don't want to find her dead tomorrow, now do you?"

What could he do? Gabe had his mom as a hostage, if he did anything Gabe would kill his mom. Percy just hung his head in defeat.

"That's a good boy." Said Gabe.

Gabe hit him, cut deeply into him, and wrote the words freak, monster and demon on his back, chest and on his left arm. And after that Gabe rapped him mercilessly. After he finished, Gabe threw Percy in his room like a rag doll. Percy just laid there, lifelessly, on the floor, naked. His whole body hurt like never before. He was covered in blood and cum, and he couldn't move an inch. And his deep green eyes, which were once full of life, have lost their shine.

The days after that were like a dream to Percy. He was doing everything on autopilot, his mind was not really there.

His mom and Grover immediately noticed his change in behavior, and after some time so did Mr. Brunner. Percy didn't want to be touched, much less hurt, by anyone. If someone tried it, he would first flinch away and if the person was persistent he would panic and try to get away. It happened once, Percy almost got a panic attack. A teacher tried to talk with Percy, and the teacher tried to put a hand on Percy's shoulder. But Grover was there with Percy, so they managed to get away.


When Percy and Grover got away from the teacher, Grover immediately asked him what was going on. But he refrained from touching Percy, when he saw how he acted when he was touched.

Percy licked his dry lips and said "It-It's nothing."

"Nothing! Percy you're shaking! And you look like you're going to run away if you see a shadow! Percy I am your friend, you can tell me everything." Grover's voice softened at the last part of his rant.

Percy just looked at him then hung his head. He said softly "Please promise me that you won't tell this anyone else. I don't expect you to be my friend anymore after this, just promise you will keep this to your self."

"I promise." Said Grover, who was really worried now.

Percy walked away a bit, and sat down on a nearby bench. His hands were in his lap and he looked at the tree in front of him, but his eyes were distant. He kept wringing his hands and he still wouldn't look at his friend. Finally he spoke in a soft voice, so soft that Grover had to strain his ears to hear it. "Gabe has been more brutal then usual."

Grover didn't understand at first. He knew that Gabe wasn't one of the nicest people around and he also knew that he had a tendency to hit Percy when Sally wasn't looking, but what could he have done that got such a reaction out of Percy? Grover got a little closer to Percy, but it seems that he didn't notice.

"What are you talking about Percy?" he asked, he was getting more worried as time went by.

"Gabe, he…" but Percy couldn't finish the sentence as there were tears in his eyes, but they were still distant, as if he were seeing everything right in front of him.

Grover was about to have a panic attack. If he didn't have to hold his crutches, he would be tearing his hear out. The worst scenarios were running through his head, his mind screaming bloody murder.

Then he heard Percy murmur something, but he didn't quite catch it.

"Sorry Percy but I didn't hear you. Could you repeat that?"

Percy looked down at his hands and took a deep breath. "He r-raped me." He said a little louder but still in a very soft voice.

'I should have known! Gabe's smell was a lot stronger on Percy some time now. I should have known that something was going on!' thought Grover.

Percy took Grover's silence the wrong way and thought that Grover was thinking about leaving him.

"I understand if you don't want to be my friend anymore, I'll be-"

"Come on Percy! What kind of friend would I be if I left you when you needed me the most!" said (or more like shouted) Grover with a shocked look on his face. He couldn't even think about leaving his friend in a time where he needed him the most.

Percy's head shot up to look at his friend, surprised. He couldn't believe his ears, Grover will stay with him! He honestly didn't think he would. Tears were brimming in his eyes, first out of sorrow but now out of happiness.

"Thank you, Grover. You have no idea how much this means to me."

"Hey, don't worry man. That's what friends are for, right?"

Percy just smiled and nodded.

"But from now on you have to tell me if you feel okay with anything we do, okay? I don't want to do something that will make you feel uneasy, okay?" said/asked Grover.

"Yeah, that's okay with me." Said Percy.

"It will be hard, Percy. But don't forget, I will always be there to help you. And, are you going to tell your mom about this? This is very serious."

Percy was a little alarmed at that. How could he tell her? How will she react? Will she be ashamed of him? There are so many questions.

When Grover saw the alarmed look on hid friends face, he knew that he didn't even plan, or didn't know how to, tell her.

"Percy you have to tell her. She will be a major help to you." Grover said.

"I know that. But, what should I do? How will I tell her? How will she react? There are so many questions, Grover." Percy said, repeating what went through his head not too many moments ago.

Grover didn't have an answer to that. He just said: "We will think of something. Don't worry, I'm sure it will all work out."

Percy just hoped he was right.

Flashback end

And they have thought of something. It was quite simple, really. They will wait until Sally was alone in the apartment, and then they would come in and tell her. The only really big problem was for them to get the courage to tell her, Percy especially had that problem. Since the rape he always doubted himself, didn't believe that he could do anything right. But he did, gradually, become used to being touched, if only by his mom and Grover. But Sally suspected something was wrong with her son, he started acting weird and was very nervous.

They were going to tell her that day, after school. Percy and Grover went to Percy's apartment. But, they didn't find Sally, they found Gabe with his friends playing poker at the kitchen table.

"Where's mom? We need to tell her something." asked Percy, feeling a bit courageous with his friend by his side.

"Get that little friend of yours out of here runt." Spat Gabe. Percy shook his head.

"I said to GET HIM OUT!" he shouted. Percy flinched at his tone and turned to Grover.

"I think it would be better if you leave." Said Percy, shaking slightly.

"Are you sure?" asked Grover. Percy just nodded, looking down. He knew what would come next and he didn't want for Grover to be here to witness it. But it would be the first time with Gabe's friends and he was scared.

Grover looked at him one more time, nodded, and left. Percy turned to Gabe with his head down.

"Come here, you little whore." Said Gabe as he got his dick out of his pants, his friends doing the same. They all chuckled at him. He started shaking a little harder. He put his bag on the floor and, with his head bowed in defeat, went to them.

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