a/n: contains references to the "Adventure of the Speckled Band"

A variation on the Luc Bat.

Holmes and companions do not belong to me.

Speckled Band

"It was the speckled band."


At first we did not understand

How foul murder was done.

When this tragic case had begun,

Holmes deduced something bad

Was abroad on that night, and mad

Twisted threats declared quite

Clearly that plans were laid which might

Harm an innocent maid.

She lived in constant dread; obeyed

Him, or suffered instead.

Her way out? She yearned to be wed.

And to start life anew.

He would not let her dream come true;

But would rip at the seam;

Rend to shreds her last careful scheme.

She would not be the heir;

He had resolved to claim her share.

Such a desperate game.


The night; shadowed, and doom-filled, came;

We entered the girl's room.

A stark chamber; a cold, dark tomb.

Where vile plans would unfold.

Holmes sat, with his cane; calm, controlled,

And waiting. Then alarm;

A soft hissing was heard. What harm,

What dark deed had occurred?

Holmes sprang without a single word

And lashed out at some thing.

A whistle, a scream, bone chilling;

Which faded to a moan,

Then stopped. Holmes' voice, as bleak as stone,

Hardly daring to speak.

"It's over." Lamp lit; we could seek

What the horror might be.

He lay lifeless. We'd set her free.

There was no real regret.

She could now move on and forget,

In time,

That speckled band.

a/n2:The Luc Bat is a Vietnamese poetry form , meaning "six eight".Alternate lines of 6 and 8 syllables. In a correctly written luc bat, the last syllable of the 6 syllable line rhymes with the 6th syllable of the next one. The 8th syllable of that line rhymes with the end of the next line, and the 6th syllable of the next. There are therefore sets of 3 rhymes running through the poem. I could only make the above poem work if I followed this pattern in reverse...I clearly need to get out more:-)