Test of Love

"Akira, I want to go with you" Takumi desperately said trying to convince Akira.

"No, I have to do this alone" Akira replied flatly looking away from Takumi's teary eyes, seeing him pleading like that makes her weak. He loved Takumi more than anything in this world, so for her the first priority isn't them being together but his safety.

"Then don't go continue to stay here by my side, I'm sure Mai nee-chan and the others are willing to protect us"

This time Akira didn't answer anymore nor look at Takumi she continue to pack her things

"Akira please I don't want us to apart"

Akira looked down trying to hide her teary eyes "Takumi" she said weakly there was a long pause but Takumi waited patiently

"Let's break up…"

"NO!" Takumi chanted. Damn those rituals damn all the things that kept them apart.

'Why? Takumi asked himself.'

'They clearly loved each other more than anyone.'

'After the hime war he was resurrected and he is now healthy most of all he found the girl he really loves.'

'Why this is happening?'

Chapter One


After three months of medication and recovery, Takumi decided to make his move. He will not waste the second chance of life that is given to him. He went to the other side of the room where Akira is.

'So she fell asleep while watching'. Takumi stared at the sleeping figure, memorizing every detail.

He didn't realize that he was really getting too close to Akira's face. Takumi stared at Akira's eyelash her soft skin, her pinkish cheeks finally he reached a look to her lips.

Takumi noticed that Akira has a small mole just beside her lips. As he was staring at it he noticed Akira's lips were getting hard to resist.

'Just how these lips turn this attractive and hard to resist?'

In just a second an image of him and Akira kissing flashed to his mind and it was really getting hard to resist

So, he decided to relax for a second, he sit down beside her but his eyes can't help but to stare at her.

"Damn! What is this feeling?" 'I want her to be mine and only mine, I want to declare that she's mine'

Resistance is furtile a voice speak in Takumi's mind

Takumi gulped and decided

'A little smack won't hurt and besides Akira looked like she's really tired so she will probably won't wake up'

Takumi pressed his lips upon her, but this little plan thought by him never unfortunately failed.

Akira moaned as if she is ready to wake up, of course Takumi was panicking but he was enjoying the so called kiss

While Akira was starting to get consciousness she felt that someone was kissing her, massaging her lips with …. An idea stuck her mind, it was funny though.

She slowly opened her eyes, all her drowsiness was lost she saw Takumi was kissing her.

When Takumi saw Akira's eyes opened, no actions or words are taken.

Takumi stared at Akira's eyes still not breaking the kiss.

Akira closed her eyes in embarrassment when he saw that that was my cue I guess

Takumi deepened the kiss when found a small opening in Akira's lips he slid his tongue into her mouth.

Akira didn't know what to do but kissed back gave in and kissed back

Takumi can't take it any longer he lied down at the top of Akira still not breaking the kiss, as he hugged her he could feel the curves of her body.

The little plan about giving Akira a smack turned into a hot make out

Akira came back to her senses when he felt that Takumi was unlocking her bra

She broke the kiss and straightens herself up now the atmosphere was really tense as much as she was confuse

'What the hell we were just quarrelling just now when I felt tired and decided to take a little nap and now when waked up, I saw him kissing me?'

'What the hell!'

'And I kissed back!'

'We make out! Jesus!'

"Takumi may I ask, what's with you?" Akira asked while stressing the words

Akira gazed at Takumi's face and she can't read him.

There was no response, Akira hold her temple massaging it.

Akira rolled her eyes she was really feeling stupid.

What she's taken for a toy? Akira asked her self

Akira felt really stupid she decided to go out and to straighten things up in her mind while planning to go out suddenly tears escaped her eyes

While Takumi who can't speak because of shock of what he just did and tried to do.

He really wanted to say that he loved her but she can't speak he was shaking inside.

He saw Akira going out but what shocked him the most is the tears Akira tried to conceal, Takumi realized what Akira is thinking

When Akira was about to go out she was surprised because Takumi tugged her hand pulling her in to a hug.

"Don't go, look I'm sorry but I love you that I don't know what to do" Takumi said briefly

Akira's eyes both widen they can both feel each other's heartbeat

Akira attempted to break free from his hug but when Takumi felt that she was breaking free from his hug he can't think straight but one thing is for sure she doesn't want her to go

"Akira I love you, I know you feel the same way too" Takumi whispered to Akira's ear

"Please stop this! I know you're lying!" Akira shouted but as she shouts to Takumi she felt a sharp pain in her heart

'Maybe he's just confused; I must stop dreaming maybe he's just … pity of me… while Takumi is thinking this way Why? She responded from my kiss maybe it's not one sided at all.'

Once again Akira attempted to broke free from his hug but still Takumi just tighten his hug

"Please stop I know you're only …"

Takumi silenced Akira by kissing her, Akira tried to resist at first. Takumi broke the kiss

"Stop thinking nonsense I love you why you're so stupid? I thought you're intelligent enough to know my feelings that's why you responded to my kiss"

Akira can no longer speak she didn't bother to unclasped Takumi's hand

"Can you be my girlfriend?" Takumi said looking directly to her eyes


Takumi was patiently waiting for her answer, Takumi knows that Akira loves him but her answer is still important

"Takumi, I'm hungry" Akira lifelessly said

Takumi was really surprised by Akira's action

"That's what I like about you; you never failed to surprise me" Takumi gently said while patting her head while Akira blushed

Just when Takumi become this bold? But even though he's like this I can't deny I am crazily in love with him

"But can you at least answer my question before we eat?" Takumi pouted

Akira rolled her eyes "I said I am hungry can you let me go! Is my answer still important?"

Takumi finally let her go

Akira is proceeding to the door when she turned back

"Hey, aren't you going to guard and accompany you're girlfriend in the canteen because someone was stubbornly hitting on her?"

Takumi was really surprised and happy at the same time he's really speechless

"You know I can change heart too" Akira said with a smirk with her face (She's threatening him perhaps?)

Akira closed the door leaving Takumi behind

"A-Akira wait for me! What do you mean, you can change heart?" Takumi nervously said

Akira grinned because of Takumi's foolishness

In no time Takumi finally got discharged in the hospital. Takumi and Akira finally got back from Japan

"It's been a long flight ne, Akira?" Takumi said smiling

Akira nodded in response

'Akira is so quiet since that phone call I wonder who is it? But I will not give up'

"Akira, since were back in Japan why don't we eat in a sushi house?" Takumi said brightly

Akira looked at Takumi "No, you're probably exhausted from your flight, the doctor said that even though you're feeling strong-"

Akira was cut by Takumi's kiss

"Ok I understand don't scold me ok" Takumi said pouting

The taxi driver laughed at what he saw

Upon hearing that, the two straighten their backs and blushed really hard.

Akira and Takumi was really happy because their finally back into their dorm. As Akira opened the door "WELCOME HOME!" everyone shouted. They were both surprise. "Is that the face you're going to show us after not seeing us a long time?" Mai said pretending to be hurt.

"Nnn-no we were just surprise, ne Akira?" Takumi asked facing Akira. Akira nodded in response. Takumi could feel that Akira was thinking something.

"Just Joking!" Mai shouted as she hugged Takumi tightly

"Aiyo, I'm sure they wanted to be alone" said Nao smirking intensely looking at Akira who was clearly not in the mood. Akira glared at her in response

Memories flooded their minds which caused them two to blush "Hey look at them Takumi and Akira are red" Mikoto said innocently while hitting on the chips.

The party Mai and the others throw for those two is really lively until Fujiwara suddenly started to throw a topic "Ne, Tokiha it's really unfair why is that you can live with your girlfriend"

Akira forgot her worries and just blushed being called Takumi's girlfriend and she forgot she's a girl now while Takumi felt lucky because everybody is considering him her boyfriend Akira is really beautiful

"Oh the air is getting tense" Shizuru commented sipping her tea, Natsuki smiled a bit, "Hey their getting red again" Mikoto said who continue eating while looking at them, "I bet if we their intending to do something naughty if we're not around" Nao said.

"Takumi is so lucky getting Okuzaki as a girlfriend" the other boy from their class mumbled "Yeah, and not to mention Okuzaki is so darn cute who knows what Takumi can do to her" the other boy said gazing at Akira's figure.

Suddenly Akira felt dizzy and she felt like vomiting. Akira runs to the bathroom and throw up. All of them stared at Takumi. "Ne, oneechan vomiting is a sign of pregnanacy right?" Shiho innocently asked Tate. Mai panicked "Takumi you must take responsibility, oh my god I'm going to aunt already" Mai excitingly said as if she's going to faint "Mai, why are you happy? You should be angry by now" Haruka said rolling her eyes. "Pretend at least to be angry" Natsuki said

Tate and the boys grinned at Takumi "Ne, Takumi you're so fast" Takumi blushed really hard.

"Akira is not pregnant!" Takumi shyly shouted. Everybody ignored him, when Akira opened the door smiles welcomed her. "Ne, how's the baby?" Mikoto said touching her tummy. Akira gave a questioning look "What's with you all, what baby?"

"Don't act all innocent so how was it?" Nao slyly asked "huh?" Akira didn't understand what's happening. "Is he good, is he rough"

Akira looked at Takumi, he motioned her to come "They think you're pregnant" Takumi whispered. Akira was shock "That's foolish we didn't even do anything" Akira shouted blushing.

Everybody stopped "Look I'm not pregnant I was just tired and ate too much crabs" Akira lifelessly said everybody went dumbfounded.

RING! RING! RING! Akira's eyes widen, Takumi could feel Akira's nervousness. Everybody went quiet

"You're phone is ringing" Nao said flatly. Akira took her phone out, after seeing the caller ID she looked away refusing to look at her phone.

That's it for now!

This is the following reasons why I decided to write this story

1. Because I truly love Takumi and Akira

2. I want to revive those who used to write about Takumi and Akira in other words I want them to continue writing again

3. I want those who left their story hanging continue writing because it's kind annoying because frankly I don't like cliff-hangers! It drives me crazy

That's all I just wanted you to all know because I know saying sorry for my wrong grammars isn't enough so I thought that if you know the reason why I was writing will keep all the readers from criticizing my way of writing LOL

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