Author's Note:

Hello! This is my first ever Star Wars fic and well it is actually part of a very long series of Star Wars Alternate Universe. See, I never really liked the idea of Anakin Skywalker being the Chosen One and this idea just came to me with all the other stories of Star Wars I've read.

I'm trying very hard to keep into the canon of Star Wars but it will be difficult. I've already made changes like:

*Obi-Wan was born in the year 51 BBY and also that makes his friends and Bruck Chun younger than what they really are in the canon.

*Mace Windu became a member of the Jedi Council at 51 BBY rather than 44 BBY.

*Count Dooku never accepted the offer of being part of the Jedi Council

*The mission that will turn Xanatos to the Dark Side will occur in 51 BBY and not in 53 BBY.

Summary: First in the Series of Alternate Universe of Star Wars. Anakin Skywalker is not the Chosen One. A boy born from a mother who came from Stewjon is born to the world where everyone is worried for him. As young as he is, his destiny is revealed and his journey through the universe begins.

Chapter 1

"What do we do now?"

Kieran Kenobi looked at his wife for a second and thought of the same thing. It was his idea to come here in the first place and now what? Where they just going to stand there in front of the Jedi Temple and just wait for something to happen. Will they just wait till their son is born till they do something?

"Not my son. Her son. Not mine." Kieran thought to himself. It was true. By some miracle or weird cosmetic event, his wife was pregnant but still untouched. Kieran new Aislinn since birth. They were best friends and he spent every waking moment with her. When Aislinn and her sister Maura told him of what was going on, he knew it was just the push he needed to ask Aislinn for her hand in marriage. She refused at first because she thought he was only doing it to help her. Truth is, ever since they were children Aislinn was in love with Kieran, the son of the wealthy family in Stewjon while her family were just a meager family of farmers, their servants.

"Kieran, it's not good for him to stand here in the cold." Aislinn's voice brought Kieran out of his reprieve. They were still standing a few feet from the gate of the Jedi Temple in Coruscant. By the looks of it, the residents of the Temple were having their evening meal.

"Maybe we can wait till tomorrow Ai." Kieran said looking at his wife. "I mean, we did just land after all. How about we get something to eat?"

"That would be great, I'm hungry. Besides, I am eating for two." Aislinn smiled as she looked down at her pregnant belly. "Do you think they'll let us visit him?"

"No way are they preventing us from seeing Obi grow up Ai. He may not be my biological son but he's as good as." Kieran said pulling his wife into a hug. "We're giving him to the temple but we're still his parents and he's such an extraordinary boy. I'm sure the Jedi will allow us to pay him a visit every once in a while."

"I hope so." Aislinn said as Kieran led her to a dinner where they could eat.

Not all Jedi were eating.

Two were currently sparring in training room 7. A man with long grey hair had his green lightsaber positioned at his right side waiting for his opponent to strike. He faced his bald, dark skinned opponent whose purple lightsaber was raised to guard his head. Not waiting for another moment, the Jedi sprang at each other once again until the chime signaling a standard hour had passed sounded.

The Jedi with long grey hair grabbed a towel from the nearby bench and sat himself. He was one of the legendary swordsmen of the Jedi Order. A well known negotiator and an infamous code-breaker of the Jedi Temple, Maste Qui-Gon Jinn recently got back from a mission with his padawan, Xanatos. His padawan was currently meditating; a task the young man had insisted he do by himself since their arrival back at the temple. This left Qui-Gon to search for his best friend in the order, Jedi Master Mace Windu.

Mace Windu was another legendary swordsman of the Jedi Order and the youngest member of the High Jedi Council. Mace rose up the ranks very fast. The Korun Master shows a very stoic side whenever he's teaching younglings in the cr che or when he thinks matters should be taken seriously. Other times, with the help of his best friend, Mace Windu is the most troublesome prankster in the Jedi Order. Even more so than the senior padawans. Qui-Gon sometimes accompany him whenever he plans a scheme but most of the time he stirs clear of a plan he know will land both him and Mace in embarrassing situations.

Both masters excited the training room perspiring. They were headed to Qui-Gon's quarters which he shared with his padawan, Xanatos.

"Thanks for the spar Mace. I needed it." Qui-Gon remarked as they made their way to his quarters. The halls of the Temple were almost deserted since most of the people were having their evening meal.

"No way would I miss the opportunity to kick your butt in a duel Qui," Mace replied jokingly as he punched his best friend on the shoulder.

"Very funny. As I recall you we're the one the fell on his big behind the last time we sparred." Qui-Gon teased the Korun Master. "But truly thanks. I haven't had a practice like that in many weeks."

Mace looked at his surprised. "Why? Aren't you sparring with Xanatos?"

Qui-Gon sighed. Truth be told, he actually wanted to spar with Xani (the nickname he called his padawan) but the young man insisted he needed to meditate so he just ran off and asked Mace. "Working on meditation." As he said this, he checked on Xanatos through their bond.

A key thing between a master and a padawan learner is their bond, a link between the two Jedi. The master sometimes uses this bond to check up on their padawans, sometimes it is also to communicate with them. Other times, it is for the padawans to check up on their masters.

Qui-Gon sensed through their bond that Xanatos was trying to go on deeper in meditation. He could feel that something was troubling his apprentice but just didn't know what. They finally arrived at his quarters.

"Well I'm sure you're going to have a good night's rest Qui. After all you're finally going to sleep soundly in your own bed!" Mace joked. "I hope to see you tomorrow and not find out you're on another mission."

Qui-Gon nodded and smiled as his friend went off to the dinning area. He opened his quarters and prepared himself for a good night's rest. He glanced at the closed door of his padawn's room. He sighed to himself. Maybe it was good for Xani to work on his meditation after all he was a very stubborn young man sometimes, just like his master. Making his was to his own room, Qui-Gon thanked the Force that he was finally getting some much needed rest.

Mace Windu was on his way to grab something to eat when he felt it. It was like he was back at home in his home planet. It was a warm, gentle feeling that crept inside of him. If he wasn't a Jedi Master he would have also shielded his eyes from a bright light he felt he saw from the Force.

"Now that was unexpected," Mace thought. He whirled around and came face to face with the hailed greatest living Jedi in all the order. The Dagobah Master, Master Yoda.

Master Yoda was everyone's master. He teaches everyone. From the youngest in the cr che to the most senior of the padawans, even those already in the Council still learns a thing or two from Master Yoda. The greatest swordsman in the whole Order, Master Yoda may be the oldest Jedi but he is the strongest and the most powerful Force wielder of all of them.

"Felt it too, I did." Master Yoda said to his second-in-command. "Go to the entrance of the temple, we must."

Master Yoda hobbled towards the Temple gates Mace Windu following without hesitation. Mace was racking his mind for what could have been a cause of that enormous shift in the Force and by the looks of it only he and Master Yoda felt it or other Masters felt it as well but attributed it to maybe another Force-sensitive being born. But that great shift in the Force wasn't just something as ordinary as that it couldn't have been.

He and Master Yoda arrived at the Temple gates. Surprisingly, everything was silent and peaceful.

"Master—?" Mace's question was cut off by Yoda's raised claw.

"Patience, Master Windu. Wait here, we must." Master Yoda said as he looked over at the city before them. Coruscant was beautiful during the day but was even more magnificent at night, especially from the view of the Jedi Temple.

Kieran was deep in thought. He was still wording what he would say to the Jedi when they would go to the Temple tomorrow. Something like your Force whatever impregnating my wife was one of the things he turned down in his head. How could he say that his wife just suddenly became pregnant without looking like an idiot husband not wanting to admit that his wife wasn't loyal to him because that wasn't at all true. He was in really deep thought that he didn't notice something wrong with Aislinn until he threw a pillow at him.

"Hey!" Kieran whirled around to see a really distressed Aislinn. "Ai? What is it?" Kieran said as he made his way to her. They were currently staying at the apartment of a senator they both knew back when they were kids. The Senator had to go and attend to matters in their home world and told Kieran he could use his apartment while they were staying in Coruscant.

"Kieran, we can't wait any longer." Ai managed to say. It was clearly written on her face that she was going into labor. And if Kieran was Force sensitive in any way, he would feel that the young boy inside his wife was growing strong exponentially in the Force. "We have to go back to the Temple. Now!"

Kieran grabbed both of their cloaks. Good thing the senator also allowed them to use any of his speeders. The problem wasn't getting to the Temple in time but getting inside. How would he explain this to the Jedi? A groan from his wife brought Kieran back to the present. He would think about that when he was facing it, right now he needed to get his wife back to the Jedi Temple.

"Hold on Aislinn. I'll get us there in time." Kieran said as he helped her to the speeder. Aislinn on the other hand was more worried for her son and not her own safety.

"I'm not worried about me Kie. I'm worried about Obi..." She managed to say through the pain she was definitely in.

Kieran smiled at his wife as he touched her cheek. He was so proud of his wife's bravery and strength at a time like this. He got on the speeder and did not care for any of the traffic laws.

Mace Windu wasn't a particularly patient Jedi. To be more precise, he was the most impatient Jedi to date. Well, he wouldn't show it to his peers, but inside his head during Council meetings, he would complain to himself that the meeting was taking forever. If he wasn't the powerful Jedi he was, his thoughts could have been heard by every living being in Coruscant.

He was about to ask Master Yoda what they were going to do when he saw a speeder from the distance and it was headed their way. He glanced at Master Yoda, and the diminutive master just eyed the vehicle.

"Go ahead to the healer's wing, you must." Master Yoda said as they saw the young man land their vehicle and immediately attended to his pregnant passenger. "Inform them of the situation, you will."

Mace didn't hesitate. He quickly said, "Yes, master." Bowed, and took of at a run towards the Healer's Wing. Hopefully Healer Che was already doing her nightly rounds.

Master Yoda eyed the couple heading his way. "The greatest light of the Jedi, this may be."

Kieran couldn't believe his luck. Just at the temple gates, he could see two Jedi standing there like they were waiting for their arrival.

"Maybe they did sense something. Sure glad I don't need to explain anything so Ai can get some help quickly," Kieran though as he landed the speeder near the Temple gates and carried his wife towards them. He saw the human Jedi running inside.

"Oh please be running for help!" Kieran thought as he carried his wife up the Jedi Temple to the other Jedi who remained. "From what I can recall from the HoloNet, I think this must be Master Yoda..." Kieran thought as he finally reached the Jedi.

Master Yoda eyed the couple in front of him. "Go the Healer's Wing of the Temple, we must." He said then began to lead the way.

Kieran gave a huge sigh of relief. But he figured if he wasn't being interrogated now, it would be later after Ai is alright. He followed the Jedi inside the temple. He looked down at his wife.

"Don't worry Ai, we're here. We've made it. Everything's going to be ok."

"He knows something. Why doesn't he just share it? I mean, the man's practically digging a hole in the floor with his pacing but Master Yoda has to be the face of calm and serenity..." Mace thought as he followed their guest's pacing inside the waiting room at the Healer's Wing of the Temple.

When Mace arrived at the Healer's Wing, Healer Che immediately bombarded him with questions about the shift in the Force. She had felt it too and was wondering why not everyone had. A few moments after, Master Yoda came hobbling in with their visitors in tow. By the looks of it, they were a husband and wife, and by bulge of the wife's belly, she was pregnant and about to give birth. Healer Che quickly motioned to one of the empty bed's and had asked calmly for the young man to wait with the two Masters at the waiting area of the Healer's Wing.

"Calm yourself, you must. For the sake of your wife and yours, it is." Master Yoda said breaking the silence. The young man finally stopped his pacing to stare at the small green master. He let out a sigh, and sat opposite Mace.

"I'm assuming you must have a lot of questions..." it was more of a statement rather than a question. "I'd be happy to answer them, if I actually knew them."

"Yes, we do have a lot of questions," Mace started and the young man looked at him. "But they can wait after your wife is out of harm's way and your child is born."

The young man snorted and started fidgeting in his sit. Mace was surprised by his actions. "What does he not want the child?"

The man saw the look Mace was giving him and let out another sigh. "I'm's just's not my child she's carrying." The young man suddenly found interest in the floor as he bowed his head. "It's not anyman's child she's caring...she...well...according to the Healer that saw her...she's pregnant but was never touched by any man."

The answer hit Mace right in the face. That's why the birth of this Force sensitive is different from any other. If what this young man was implying correct, then the child his wife is carrying is not any ordinary child of the Force, but THE child of the Force itself. The child about to be born was conceived by midi-chlorian itself that is why she is untouched This Jedi is said to be the greatest light of the Force and the Jedi Order...their savior in the darkest hour of the Jedi. The child about to be born into the world is the prophesized Chosen One, the one to bring Balance to the Force.

Mace tried with all his might to sense whatever it was going on inside the room where the young man's wife was about to give birth. But he couldn't sense anything at all. He was about to try again when he heard the Grandmaster of the Order give a little chuckle.

"Raised a Force shield in that room, I have." Master Yoda said as he looked to Mace. "Won't sense anything, we will."

"Damn you diminutive troll!" Mace thought. Good thing his own shields were strong because if Master Yoda heard what he said, the Master's gimmer stick would have made contact with Mace's shin. And that alone was why Yoda was the Master of them all.

"Force shield?" The young man asked.

Mace looked at him. He knew the young man was very worried about his wife and even if he wasn't the father, he was also worried for the child.

"You may not have sensed it, but all those other Force sensitive may sense your child's power. Your child is a very special being. That Force shield prevents other people from sensing who he may be."

"And who is he really?" The young man asked. "Who may he be?"

"Not yet the time for answers, it is." Master Yoda said. He then stood and made his way towards the door to room where Healer Che and the man's wife was in. "Time to welcome a person to the world, it is."

Healer Che then came out from the room and made her way towards the young man. "Congratulations, you have a son."