Name: Tilt

Author: Sdfreeze

Chapter: 18

Stephenie Meyer is the owner of Twilight Characters, no matter how weird I make them.

Chapter: 18


I stared at the teacher like she was talking a foreign language. Her description of Budge's behavior was making me proud, not upset. I couldn't understand why she wanted me to come to the school and meet with her. She had asked for a conference to discuss Budge's inappropriate behavior and I kept waiting for her to get to the inappropriate part.

"I never had this problem with Trooper," the teacher said and I laughed. Did she honestly believe just because they were brothers they were identical personalities? I was suddenly grateful I was an only child, because I would have hated to be a little bitch like my sisters.

"You realize they are two different children, right?" I asked her.

The woman tightened her jaw and said, "I asked for Mr. Cullen to come but he was out of town, perhaps we should wait for him to return for this conference."

God, I was sick of everyone getting all hot over my husband. I stood and picked up the end of the ribbon tied around four year old Dreamer's waist to leave. I didn't keep my daughter on a leash, but the ribbon worked better than giving descriptions to strangers every time she wandered off.

I walked into the hallway to see Budge looking sheepish and Trooper looking so much like his father I almost sent him in to talk to the teacher. I walked up to the boys and said, "Budge, until daddy talks to the teacher, stop coloring on your teeth."

He smiled up at me and asked, "Did you see the Hipposauraus I made out of clay? They live in the flat mountains."

Trooper shook his head and chuckled, so I refrained from asking to see it, I bet it was cool. We all climbed into the car and I asked what sounded good for dinner.

"Pepperoni tacos," Budge yelled. I had allowed it once and he asked for it every single night from that point forward….but it actually was kind of yummy.

"No," Dreamer said. "I want…." A passing bus caught her attention and she stopped talking.

"If we go to the Grand Buffet everyone gets what they want," Trooper pointed out and I smiled at my lemniscates son. He was my rock, just like my husband, able to understand his squiggle brother and his sister who was like a floating cloud, not a hard shape, but more of a slowly moving breath of air.

Edward, ah, was in Los Angeles at a small concert venue he was invited to perform at. Music was still his passion, but he never did it for the recognition. He sang once a month at the Cube, but mostly at the Driftwood, bringing in more and more clientele.

He managed to be present for the birth of Budge, and I didn't care if this time Jasper had to deliver him in the Pacific Ocean, I was naming my baby Budge and that was it. I showed up at the hospital and ordered an epidural during check in. Those things are freaking amazing, and I didn't almost bleed to death this time, proving it was all Emmett's fault last time. Edward, ah, was supportive but refused to look further south than my breasts proving he was indeed a northern man.

We waited four years after Budge before having Dreamer. She was so sweet and loved her daddy fiercely. If I ever spoke harshly to Edward, ah, Dreamer would burst into tears. "Don yewl at my daddy," she would say and cover his face with kisses.

Daddy screaming in the dark and pounding on the wall never seemed to bother her, but if I told him he forgot the trash she rushed to his rescue.

I realized it would not be Trooper having his way with Scarlet on the table, who incidentally was named Jasmine, when Budge came running through the house with Jasmine's panties on his head calling himself 'Super Pooper.' Jasmine cried with humiliation and Budge begged her to let him keep the panties.

Trooper was more into ugly Emma. She taunted him with her blonde curls and he was at her beck and call constantly. Their son Patrick was so much like Emmett and basically sat on the floor picking his nose for hours. The kid was fifteen months old and had absolutely no interest in walking when Rose finally admitted her son was not 'advanced'.

Carlisle was true to his word and redesigned Cullen Corporation. Each employee sat at a counter that looked like a big squiggle bar with filing cabinets above and below. They were free to interact with each other and nobody felt contained or stuck in a cube. Ideas were coming so fast and furious beating Microsoft became a regular occurrence.

Jessica got divorced from Mike and I ran into her at a town celebration in Forks. Nastyalie was wearing a short top exposing her midriff and had a temporary tattoo on the small of her back…and she was only ten. When I saw her staring at Trooper, licking her lollypop when he met her gaze, I pulled him from the game he was playing and said, "Don't you ever marry her, understand?"

Edward, ah, walked past the salsa booth where Jessica, CuntSwayLow, Stanley stood and he shuddered from head to toe. He tried really hard to forget that part of his life and was concentrating on keeping Dreamer from following a clown she happened to catch a glimpse of.

"Mom," Budge said to bring my attention back to our table at the Grand Buffett. "What color is this?" He tossed and tomato in his mouth and a slice of yellow pepper and chewed for a minute before opening wide.

"It's orange," I said.

He swallowed and said with a sigh, "I love the color orange."

"Red and Yellow will always make orange," Trooper said, "What other foods can you mix to make orange?"

I winked at my perfect boy, who was getting Budge to eat vegetables while teaching him the color wheel.

"Can I have…." Dreamer started and we all went back to eating until she refocused.

"Daddy comes home tonight," I said and Dreamer, still looking away said, "Ice cream," to finish her previous thought.

"Can we use the chalk and write messages to Dad?" Trooper asked and I nodded enthusiastically. As soon as we arrived home I got out the chalk and handed pieces to the kids.

Budge ran to the far end of the sidewalk and began drawing a snake all the way to the driveway. Trooper was asking Dreamer what she wanted to tell her daddy and she was giving him an entire dissertation in snippets as she watched a bird on a tree limb.

I drew hearts all the way down the driveway, connecting them with a long squiggle line. I walked back to read Dreamer's thoughts. I miss you, Come home, I love you, and finally, I like ice cream. Trooper wrote, Dad, I listened and took care of mom. I like it when you are home. Emma is beautiful. I laughed and wondered if he would be climbing out the windows in high school to sneak into her room.

I headed over to look at Budge's drawing and tried to keep a straight face when he pointed out various body parts of his father's inside the snake's belly.

The kids bathed and had on pajamas when Edward, ah, walked though the back door. He still managed to take my breath away. And he still managed to think it was a miracle I wanted him. Dreamer screamed and ran into his waiting arms. He tossed her in the air and hugged her tightly as his entire face lit up with joy.

"Dad, did you see our messages?" Budge asked.

"I sure did, it made me feel very welcomed," he said and made his way over to me for a kiss.

I held the collar of his shirt and let my hand move into his hair until Dreamer began to squirm and wanted down. "How was the concert?" I asked and he shrugged.

"Good, but I hate being away. I miss you guys too much," he said and pulled me into his arms.

"Dad, my teacher wanted to talk to you, but mom took care of it," Budge said and Edward, ah, groaned.

"I tried to take care of it, but she wants to talk to you. I bought a new box of rubber bands," I told him and he only chuckled, still oblivious to the women panting for him…and Eric.

"What did he do?" Edward, ah, asked.

"He colored his teeth with his crayon and I don't see anything wrong with having orange teeth. I mean, it is only wax after all and a child should be able to have whatever color of teeth he wants."

"Budge, you can color your teeth at home, but at school only color what the teacher tells you to color," Edward, ah, said to solve the problem. "Trooper, there are some surprises in my suitcase, and Dreamer, your juice box is dripping."

He pulled my hand up the stairs and into the bedroom before locking the door behind us. "Bella, are you happy?" he asked and I moaned as I nodded emphatically letting my entire body lean into his. "Do you love me as much as the day we met?" he asked and I kissed his neck and answered again with a moan. "I have a gift for you," he said into my ear.

"Call it what you want, just get it out," I said and he laughed before pushing me back and stepping away about a foot. He reached in his pocket and pulled out an orange squiggle pen. I felt like Dreamer as I screamed and reached for the pen. He quickly pulled it back out of my reach and shook his head.

"You know what you have to do for this," he said and I pushed him back onto the bed and began taking off his clothes. He didn't try to help me, only laid there and allowed me to strip him bare. I began removing my clothes and he raised his head to watch my every move.

I finally got onto my knees to straddle him and let my hair fall around his head. He reached up to hold my hair from my face and I noticed how he was breathing fast and moving under me as he stared into my eyes. I closed my eyes and he called out for me and I looked at him again. "Look at me," he said with a lot of difficulty.

I kept my eyes open and watched his face as he strained to keep control. "Edward, oh my God," I said as he continued holding my face.

"Don't look away," he said as he gasped loudly. "I want you to see it."

"See what," I cried as my own sounds got very loud.

"My eyes, because I finally know you will never cheat on me," he said and arched back as his entire body went rigid but he manage to keep looking at me.

"Ah God," I screamed loudly and his hands fell from my face and pounded on the mattress. It wasn't profanity he screamed this time; it was assurance, absolute certainty of my love for him, and that I would never cheat.

It sent me over the edge and into total shock as the words, "Mother effer so effing good!" left my mouth and echoed throughout the house as I pounded on the wall over Edward's, ah, head. We looked at each other in stunned silence and then both screamed with laughter.

After all these years, I was still such a whore for a squiggle pen.

The End.

The third part of the trilogy is 'Drift'