Under the Sea, on Top of the World


"Dr. Yosho is the man that killed all four of us." Misty said.

"HIM?" Ash asked in anger. "I'm gonna find him and show him how to respect both genders!"

"Ash, it's no use." Ayeka said.

"Asa," Brock started. "I don't mean any harm, I didn't mean to frighten you at all. I just want to help. Please."

Asa's eyes shimmered. The purple that rimmed the black was wet with tears. "No one has never said that they wanted to help me so sincerely." She replied.

"Please trust me, Asa." Brock said and sat next to her then took her hands in his (typical).

Let me break into the story for a second. I have a hunch that the first people who are ending up reading this fanfic are saying, "What the heck is going on here!" I know that many people aren't big fans of Brock and like Tracey better, but it wouldn't be fair for Misty, Ayeka, and Uri to get their man and have Asa be left behind still being a hybrid. Brock should get a break, a very short one, but a break. Thank you for hearing me out; now back with the story.

The way Asa became human again was like no other. She didn't get a kiss or do the kissing. She just started glowing. I guess the love in the couple's heart did the trick; there was no need to show it physically. Asa's dark purple shorts looked splendid with her short black hair. Her royal blue T-shirt blended perfectly along with the ensemble.

"Hey Misty, what was the best part of being a nymph?" Ash asked after the four girls had told their story about the whole ordeal.

"I would have to say when you jump into the water, the sensation of having all those bubbles swirling around you. Then your hair goes up on a cyclone. Also that you can breath under water with your gills but still breath on land." Misty answered.

"I'm going to miss those." Ayeka said putting her hands on the back of her neck.

There was a short time of laughter and the group that was now doubled walked to the boy's camp. They packed up and went to one of the small houses on the island. The four girls had a little trouble because they had to get used to their legs again. A Helicopter was there to pick them up in about a half an hour and they were on their way to Fuchsia City. On the way back Misty softly sang the songs that filled her head for the past few days. Ash listened to all of them.

Misty had quite an adventure for those 3 months that she was a nymph. She made new friends and got even closer to Ash. So the first week or so when they were surviving on the island of Anthemoessa and Lemnos weren't as fun; but they paid off in experience.

Brock finally got himself a girlfriend along with Tracey and Ritchie. Ash had one, I guess you could say that because he never really admitted it ^_^.

"Dreams last, so long. Even after you're gone. I know, that you love me, and soon you will see. You were meant for me, and I was meant for you." Misty sang as the helicopter landed.

"I love you Misty." Ash said.

"I know you do Ash, I love you too." Misty replied as she got off of the flying chopper.

"We were meant for each other." They said together.

Reporter Kelly Dykwell, signing off for now: ^-^