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When Blue is packed off to stay with her Great-Aunt, the Queen of Chika, she finds herself a princess in an unfamiliar castle with unfamiliar cousins, who help her learn about her new life. Blue is positive that she will never fit in and live up to her role as a princess, but some new arrivals to the castle staff have the potential to change all of that.

Chika- A thousand summers, a thousand songs.

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I Don't Need A Knight In Shining Armour

Chapter 1- Unfamiliar

Blue's POV

This really doesn't make any sense. I don't even know how I ended up here, not really. It sort of went like this...

Flashback, 1 week ago, Sevii Island

"Blue! Could you come here for a second?" A motherly voice yelled up the stairs to her teenage daughter.

In a few seconds, a tall, curvy brunette appeared and bounded down the stairs, nearly colliding with her mother.

"I need to tell you something very important Blue." Her mother said seriously. Uh oh. Blue's mother was rarely serious.

"I'm sure you know your Great-Aunt Hyacinth, Queen of Chika, yes?"

Blue nodded.

"Well, as Hyacinth is getting older now, she has requested that all of her Great-Nieces move to her castle in Chika to fulfil their roles of being princesses of Chika. And, as her eldest Great-Niece, you'll have to go. The others are already there."

Blue just stared at her mother, dumbstruck. What was she saying? Move to the castle in Chika? Her Great-Aunt's castle? Leave her friends her in Sevii? Become a princess with cousins she didn't even know?

"You'll have to leave in a few days to arrive there in a week. This is such an opportunity for you, Blue. A chance to be a princess!"

Blue had barely registered anything. She couldn't see a way out. Eventually she caved in on the temptation of being a princess, and she spent the next few days packing and saying her goodbyes.

End Flashback

Sure, at the time it had seemed like a great idea to leave Sevii and become a princess in a different region. Now I just wasn't so sure. Standing at the airport, being led to a huge ponyta-and-carriage by a servant at the castle, riding in the carriage, yeah that had been great fun. But now we're so close, close to a different home, where different people and a different life was waiting for me... I felt frightened.

I wish that I'd never told my mom I'd come here. I wish that I'd run away from home until mom told me that I didn't have to go. I wish that I was anywhere but here.

The servant who brought me here draws up outside a huge iron gate. While he mutters something into the speaker on the wall, I gaze up at the long, winding gravel path that leads up to my new home. Because the path twists and turns quite a bit, I can't see the castle. Tall white walls surround the whole perimeter.

Suddenly, the iron gate creaks open, and my carriage starts heading up the long path. I twist around in my seat and behind me I watch as the gate slowly creaks shut again.

Excitement grips me as I wait for the castle to come into view. Surely it'll be huge and fancy and interesting.

I'm not disappointed.

The castle- my new home- is like something from a fairytale. Bigger than anything I've ever seen, decorated with gold and various other precious gems, like rubies, diamonds and emeralds. There are four huge towers in each corner, and a walkway going across the top at the front. As I stare, a guard walking along it waves down at the carriage. The front door we stop at is taller than my whole house back home in Sevii, and it has a phrase in a foreign language engraved into the stone around it. At the very peak of the castle, a flag flies with what I presume is our family crest.

The servant stops the carriage and comes around to open my door.

"Your Highness," he bows low before giving me a hand getting out. As he does, more servants come around to get my bags.

Waiting for me, in the doorway to the castle, are my cousins.

I think. I've never seen them before. But they all look about the same age as me, and they're dressed in some of the finest clothes I ever laid eyes on.

The first is tiny, with long blonde hair braided and plaited into elegant styles. She's wearing a golden dress which comes out at the hips and remains so until it reaches her feet, just like a traditional princess dress. Her shoes are gold flats. She's smiling tentatively at me.

The one in the middle has dark hair tied up in two pigtails. Her dress is a light silver in colour and seems to be more modern, for it doesn't have the huge skirt like the tiny girl's dress did. It's still very fancy, and the way it catches the light makes it look like silk. She is wearing white heels, and is smiling more openly at me.

The last girl confuses me. Her short brown hair is straight and smooth, but she's wearing a blue blouse with navy blue jeans. On her feet are sandals. Despite her casual appearance, she seems uncomfortable. Her eyes watch me warily, and she twitches like she wants to run away, shrieking.

"Welcome." The girl in the middle says. "I'm Crystal. Beside me are Yellow," she gestured to the tiny blonde girl, "And Sapphire." She gestured to the strange brunette. "We hope you will be happy here..."

"Blue." I provide, understanding what she meant. "Blue Seviin."

Crystal smiles at me. "We hope you will be happy here, Blue."

The tiny girl, Yellow, steps forward. "Would you like us to show you around, Blue?" She says.

I smile at her. "Please. I don't know if I'll ever get used to this...it's all so big!"

Sapphire laughs. "I know what you mean." She says.

It's then that I notice the servants have gone.

"They give us privacy, and only hover when they are instructed to." Crystal explains when she notices me looking for them.

"Let's start the tour!" Sapphire says, bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet. "I want to see her face when we show her how amazing her new room is!"

"Watch your informalities, Sapph!" Yellow whispers, looking around frantically. "You don't want Great-Aunt Hyacinth to schedule even more speaking lessons do you?"

Sapphire waves a hand airily, before turning to me. "We'll explain about everything that happens here on the tour. So let's get started!"

She turns inside before I can respond, and Crystal shakes her head, giving Sapphire and amused look.

"You get used to Sapph." She explains. "Come on, let's go before she gets annoyed."

I follow Crystal and Yellow inside, where we meet up with Sapph. "You have to meet up with Great-Aunt Hyacinth in half an hour. We'll give you the quick tour." She says.

I nod. Meet up with Great-Aunt Hyacinth? The Queen?

The girls lead me from room to room, from dining rooms to recreation rooms, sitting rooms to servant quarters. Every room makes my eyes go wide and my mouth fall open. It's all so different, so fancy here. Even the servants have bigger rooms than my whole downstairs floor back in Sevii. All the while, we talk.

"Great-Aunt expects a lot of us." Crystal says. "So we have to speak formally when we are around her or guests. Well, we're supposed to speak formally all the time, but we don't when we're with each other. So, you can call me Crys."

"Call me Sapph." Sapphire says. "Yellow just stays as Yellow."

"Just call me Blue." I say. "But what were you talking about earlier 'lessons'?"

"Oh!" Yellow puts a hand over her mouth. "Forgive us, we never explained about the lessons! You see, Great-Aunt Hyacinth gives us extra lessons in what she feels we need to work on. For Sapph it's etiquette. For me it's confidence. Crys' is less aggressive stances."

I shoot Crys a look, and she huffs and crosses her arms. "I don't get it." She says. Then she realises how she's standing and gives me a sheepish smile. "Well, maybe I am a bit hostile with my stance sometimes."

I laugh at her expression. "Mine will probably be speaking formally. I never had to speak posh back at Sevii."

"What's it like there?" Sapphire asks me, her deep blue eyes curious.

"Um, its weather is quite unpredictable. Some days it's very warm and then the next day the ground might be covered in frost."

Sapphire nods.

"Where are you guys originally from?" I ask them, simply to gain some more knowledge about my mysterious cousins.

"I came from Kanto." Yellow begins. "Crys came from Johto and Sapph came from Hoenn."

"I used to live in Kanto." I say surprised. "I don't remember you though."

Yellow smiles sadly. "I moved here very soon after my birth and have lived here for most of my life."

I gape at her. "Why?"

Yellow lowers her eyes. "My father died shortly after I was born, and my mother needed somewhere to stay, so Great-Aunt Hyacinth let me stay here. She's been training me to be a princess from the day I could walk."

I bite my lip. "I'm so sorry about your father, Yellow."

She takes a deep breath and smiles. "No worries. I'm just lucky my mom was related to Great-Aunt Hyacinth."

"Oh yeah. How are you guys all related to Great-Aunt?" I ask Sapph and Crys.

"Our moms. Our dads are both Pokémon professors, mine is Professor Elm of Johto and Sapph's is Professor Birch of Hoenn." Crys says.

"Really?"I ask in surprise.

"Yeah. And Yellow's dad was Spanish, that's why her surname is De Viridian Grove." Sapph confirms.

"Wow. My parents aren't anything particularly special." I say.

We walk around in silence for a while, each of us lost in our own thoughts. I never realised that I had all of these relatives I never even knew about. It's both weird but nice, like getting everything you wanted for your birthday and then getting some surprises you've always wanted but never really mentioned.

"Oh, Blue, you should really know about the deal." Crys says suddenly.

"What deal?" I ask, suspiciously, Yellow looks upset and Sapph annoyed.

"Within the next year, we have to find a guy that Great-Aunt deems suitable for us to marry someday. If we can't, then she will put us in an arranged marriage. If we do find someone, we have to be engaged by the time the youngest of us, Sapph, is 18."

I stared at Crys in horror. Find my future husband in a year? Seriously? Or be put into an arranged marriage? To some dude I don't even know?

"Is that true?" I whisper.

Yellow nods. "We don't like it either, but Great-Aunt Hyacinth has made this deal with us so we stick to it."

Sapph shakes her head. "I never planned on getting married in the first place." She snaps. "It's so unfair."

Crys pats her arm soothingly. "Don't worry. Hopefully we'll be able to find someone within this year."

Sapph mumbled something that sounded suspiciously like 'all the boys here are fucking dorks'.

"Anyway, we'd best show you your room so that you can pick out something to wear for when you meet Great-Aunt. You can't stay in that." Yellow says, looking me up and down.

For a moment, I'm offended. But then I realise that she's right. I can't exactly meet the Queen in a short red skirt and strappy blue top.

The girls lead me up a winding staircase to the second floor. Crys points to the rooms, two on the left and two on the right of the corridor. "Your room and Yellow's are on the left." She says. "And my room and Sapph's are on the right. We each have our own tower to decorate as we wish."

"I have my own tower?" I repeat, stunned. Would this place ever cease to amaze me?

"Yes, and your own en sui- well, just look inside your room, you'll see."

I push open the door with a plaque on it reading 'Blue'.

My room is amazing. Like all of the rooms in the castle, it's fancy, decorative, elegant, but this room has a hint of me in it. Some of my favourite things have been bought, and my bags sit at the foot of my bed. And it's Queen Size! A four-poster! Just for me! I can hardly believe my luck. Not only that, but I have a huge wooden desk that hints at antique history, where a laptop and printer sit, as well as a phone set and- no way - room service numbers! As well as a mini fridge! My carpet is a pale blue in colour and there are sets of rugs leaning against the wall next to a coat rack. The walls are painted blue to match the carpet and my huge sliding window connects to a big balcony. I push open the window and step out onto it, and the view from there is incredible. I can see all the way down to the beach, complete with golden sand and turquoise ocean. Next to my balcony is another balcony, which I presume is Yellow's.

"This is unbelievable." I say, walking back into my room.

"Check out the bathroom." Sapph says.

I push open the door connected to my room and gape in wonder at my en suite bathroom. The shower stall is huge and has a dolphin mosaic on the wall inside. I also have a giant bathtub, with real gold taps encrusted with diamonds.

"This isn't real." I breathe. I have to be dreaming. No way can all of this possibly be for me.

"It is, so start believing it!" Crys says excitedly.

"You also have a big wardrobe." Yellow says, taking my hand and leading me to another door, tucked into the corner of my main bedroom.

My wardrobe is about the size of my kitchen and living room together back in Sevii. Rack after rack of intricate and elegant ball gowns, silk and satin, and then some stylish casuals. Shoes have a giant shelf all to themselves at the back, and every single one is somehow very expensive. Another wall has shelves of jewellery, necklaces and bracelets and rings with gems the size of golf balls. The final wall is like that of a superstar's dressing room. There is a big mirror with a plush chair in front of it, and all over the desk is make-up and beauty products. I run to the chest of drawers and more make-up and hairsprays litter the inside.

It really is like I've walked into a fairytale land.

"This is...it's..." For the first time ever, I'm speechless.

Crys smiles at me. "I know. It takes some getting used to."

"Anyway, put on a fancy dress! You have to see Great-Aunt in five minutes." Sapph cuts in.

Yellow hands me a red velvet dress, it's skirt style is similar to the one on her dress but it's not as big. I take it and she disappears, returning moments later with some red heels and a necklace covered in rubies.

"Thank You." I say. "You sure know what you're doing around here."

Yellow smiles. "I know what Great-Aunt likes to see. I also helped choose your wardrobe based on the research Crys gave me."

I smile around at them all. "Thanks you guys...really. This all seemed so scary to me at first."

"No worries!" Sapph says. "We've got your back."

"Change quickly, Blue. Great-Aunt dislikes tardiness."

They leave and I quickly pull the dress over my head. It's purely because of the amount of formal parties I've been to that I can actually get it on properly. And my practiced fingers have no trouble with the clasp of the necklace. I quickly slip on the shoes, check my hair and then go out to show the others.

"Ta-da!" I say, twirling for them to see every angle. "What do you think?"

The others study me, before smiling and nodding.

"You look lovely, Blue." Yellow says, and I beam at her.

"Come on. We'll take your down to the parlour where you can wait for Great-Aunt Hyacinth." Crys says.

Again I follow the girls through the castle, but this time to a different room. Outside is a man in his mid-twenties, dressed in a smart black suit. He bows when he sees us.

"Your Highnesses." He says. "How lovely to see you. Ah, you must be the fine Princess Blue Seviin, arrived today. I'm the personal servant to Her Majesty, Lance."

He extends a hand and I shake it.

"Her Majesty is waiting inside. You're right on time." Lance continues. He extends him arm this time and I tuck my hand into the crease of his elbow, like the women do in movies.

"Thank you, Your Highnesses. I will send Princess Blue to your sitting room when the meeting is over."

The girls nod and turn to walk away, and I could have sworn Lance winked at Yellow before she turned away.

Lance knocks gently on the door, and a voice from inside says 'Come in!'. It sounds old, yet wise, and it rings with authority and grace.

Lance opens the door, and as he does he says,

"Presenting Her Royal Highness, Princess Blue Seviin."

Something about the situation caused me to act in a way that I had never done before. I held my head high and kept my back straight as I walked. Each step I took gently and with confidence. When I reached my Great-Aunt I curtsied and said, 'Your Majesty'. The reason I acted this way was due to the woman sitting in the armchair/throne. My Great-Aunt was dressed so extravagantly, her dress was made of fine purple silk, she had two rings on every finger and each one glinted with gems of all descriptions. She was wearing several necklaces, some long, some short, yet they all caught the light. And Great-Aunt held herself magnificently. Not a hair out of place, not a single slouch.

At my words and my curtsy, Great-Aunt smiles.

"My dearest Blue. Do sit down, my dear."

I do as I'm told. Great-Aunt puts down her book and looks me straight in the eye.

"I am Queen Hyacinth Eleanor Porter, ruler of Chika. You may call me Great-Aunt or Mistress."

I nod. "Yes, Great-Aunt."

She smiles. "I presume Yellow, Crystal and Sapphire have explained to you the terms of our agreement regarding your consorts?"

I nod again. "Yes, Great-Aunt."

"And do you understand and accept this deal?"

"Yes, Great-Aunt."

What is it about this woman that's making me suddenly subdued and polite? I mean, sure she's a Queen but she's also related to me!

"Good. Based on the information your mother gave me, I feel that we should schedule you for language lessons. You will be taught how to speak to people, regarding the situation and their social status. We will sort you a timetable, so you will have one week to memorise the layout of the castle. After that you will have to make your own way around, and of course, show your personal servant around too."

"Excuse me?" I say. What personal servant?

"Oh, forgive me Blue. I completely forgot that you do not know. Now that you are all here and are beginning to live as official Princesses of Chika, you must have a personal servant, like I have Lance. We are currently searching for suitable boys to take on this important role. However, when they arrive, it will be up to you to show your servant the way around. Understood?"

"Yes, Great-Aunt."

"Excellent. Aside from that, the only rules we have are that you are only allowed to leave the grounds in an evening and at weekends to visit the town. You will go in a carriage with Yellow, Crystal and Sapphire. Curfew is 10 on a weekend, 9 on a normal evening. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Great-Aunt."

"Good, Blue. The initiation of you, Yellow, Crystal and Sapphire as the official princesses of Chika will take place two weeks today. You are dismissed."

I rise slowly, curtsy to Great-Aunt and leave the room quickly. Once outside, I start shaking. As nice as she was to me, Great-Aunt scared the hell out of me.

One week later

(A/N: Very sorry about skipping a whole week and making it the same chapter, but you want the guys to get here don't you? So that's next chapter. The rest of this chapter will just be a short little ending.)

It's been a week since I arrived here in Chika. I'm startled to find that I'm taking to life quite well. I know my way around the castle and grounds now, and I'm starting to bring the fashions I had in my old life into my new one. My flirty nature is coming back day by day. In a few weeks I'll be acting just like I always did with the boys back home. And, if I need to come up with an excuse, at least this way I'll be more likely to fulfil the deal Great-Aunt set us. After all, I can't find a future husband without actually talking to a guy.

Yellow, Crys, Sapph and I are best friends as well as cousins. We stick together to survive the trials of being a princess. Being the oldest I'm sort of the leader; but then again so is Yellow because she's been here the longest, so is Sapph because of her aggression and so is Crys because of how organised and efficient she is. We make a good team.

The servants here are more like friends to us than servants too. The maid of the whole castle, chief server to us and hand maiden to Great-Aunt, Nadine is very bright and cheerful. She's great fun to hang around with and despite her being older than us, she is still smaller than even Yellow. We all love Nadine dearly.

Today there is more excitement in the air than before. Today we will be given our new personal servants. Apparently they come from very good, very famous backgrounds. And they're guys. I hope I get someone cute.

Me and the girls are lounging about in our sitting room. We share this room as Great-Aunt uses her parlour. We're waiting out the time until we meet our new servants.

"I hope he's not a scruff." Crys says worriedly.

"They come from famous backgrounds, remember?" Yellow says. "Of course they'll look smart."

"I hope they aren't some stuck up prissy dudes." Sapph mutters.

"Language." Yellow and Crys mutter back to her.

"I hope they're good-looking." I say. The others stare at me. "I just don't want some ugly, scruffy, stuck-up priss." I hasten to explain myself.

Sapph laughs. "Let's hope not."

Just then, someone knocks on the door.

"Come in!" We call, and Nadine pushes the door open, eyes bright.

"Your new servants are here." She says. We all unconsciously hold our breaths. "And they are yummy."

I breathe a sigh of relief, and get up to follow the others out, preparing to meet...our new servants.

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