Hi, everyone.

First of all, this isn't an update. Sorry about that. It's a hiatus note.

Yes, dear readers, I am putting this story on temporary hiatus. I'm not sure if you've read my recent one-shot, Happier, but I mentioned in the author's note on that story that I was putting this story on hiatus. Today I had a thought, and it was 'What if people who read this story haven't read Happier?' Then I realised that I should put this note up to explain a bit more about the hiatus.

You don't have to read Happier. It's a Pokeshipping and Contestshipping story, and seeing as this story is about the manga characters, you probably won't have read it. Moving on.

I'm putting this story on hiatus because I don't like leaving readers hanging, wondering when I'm going to update. I know, I've been doing that for a few months, my sincerest apologies. But I've been thinking it over for a while, and to make it very clear, I'm putting this story on hiatus and making this note to explain. Anyways, the reason. Jeez I ramble.

Okay, so you may not know, but at the start of this story I briefly mentioned my Sonamy (Sonic The Hedgehog and Amy Rose) fic, and one reviewer told me that they also read that. It's called My Heart's Desire and it's been going on for a while now, and hasn't been updated. I really want (and need) to get that fic finished. It's going to have at least 15 chapters I think, and I've only written 6. I'm terrible. Anyways, I want to spend all of my writing time working on that story, because the readers of MHD are probably bored of waiting for me, and I don't want to keep them waiting any longer.

But then again, I didn't want to keep you guys waiting either, seeing as I love my readers loads. Without readers, an author is nothing. So, I thought for a while and decided that, because MHD has been going on for much longer, I would continue that one for now and put this one on a temporary hiatus.

I didn't want you guys to feel that I'd abandoned the story, so I put it on a public hiatus so that you didn't get bored of waiting, or kept checking back.

Important note: I am NOT abandoning this story. NOT. I am planning on coming back to it, as soon as MHD is finished. I've no idea when that will be, but I hope that this story will be continued in September at the latest. I'll use the edit feature on the chapters to change this note into chapter 3, so it will still say 3 chapters when you guys check back.

Because I don't know when MHD will be finished, check my profile if you want to check how that story is going, if you want a rough idea of when exactly this story will be continued again. I may post it on my profile, but if I forget, just check the total chapters on MHD, and it will help.

So, very sorry for temporarily stopping this story, but I think it's in the best interest of all of us. Thanks for being dedicated readers, despite my terrible updating. Or lack of it.

Till next time,