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"That would be five dollars and seventy five cents."

I look at the taximeter.

"What the fuck are you talking about? It says there three fifty! That's fucking robbery!" I think I screamed at him but I'm not quite sure. It's like everything's a blur.

"Yeah, well. You put a dead body in my car! You are lucky that's all I'm telling you to pay."

"He's not dead! Can't you see he's breathing?" I say and I immediately turn my head at Tyler -who is still laying in my lap- to check if he is actually still breathing.

"Look mister! I'm not paying you!"

"Yeah. You might wanna pay me cause your friend there don't look like he's gonna be breathing for long." he points at Tyler and -I hate to admit it- he was right. He could barely move.

"Shit. Wait."

I gently -well. As gently as I can- push Tyler's head and I search for my bag. Where the fuck is it? I must have left it back... Shit! I make a jerk and Tyler yells. I can see he's in a lot of pain.

"Sorry." I mumble and I turn to the driver. "Um... Looks like I forgot my purse... I-"

"Looks like we're staying here." I use my nicest tone possible and he still interrupts! I wanna punch this man so hard right now!...

"Why don't you help me get my friend inside and then, we can go by my apartment. I sure I'll find money to pay you..."

Who am I kidding? There is no money! Not here, not in my apartment and of course not in my bag. I guess I'm just hoping he'll eventually cooperate with me. He looks at me and I give him my most innocent look. He sighs.

"Well, alright." he says and I smile with relief.

"Thanks." I respond and open the door. "Um... Can you help me a bit here?" I ask when I realize that there is no way in hell I can get out of the car by my self.

"God..." he sighs again and opens the door abruptly. He comes over.

He could be nicer. I think but I don't say anything. After all, he decided to actually help me. He helps me get out of the car and then he takes Tyler out. He made it seem so easy and yet, a while ago, I was struggling to move him. Tyler says something like "I can't move." but -as I didn't quite get it- all I say is:

"You are going to be fine. Stop being such a baby."

That was rude I know but so much was happening all this time that there was no way I could be any more polite. Plus, come to think of it, I'm never what you'd call polite. Or very civilized as a matter of fact. But I have my days... I try to fix my purple furry coat and my skirt before I close the taxi door and walk through the hospital doors with the driver and a pretty much unconscious Tyler coming after me. A nurse sees us and she runs yelling: "Get a wheel chair! And Fast!"

That was quick. I think and I approach the girl who is behind the reception desk -or whatever it's called- and it seems like she's feeling somewhat uncomfortable having me there.

"Is that man with you?" she asks and I realize that it isn't me she's feeling uncomfortable being around. It's Tyler.


"What's wrong with him?" she asks. I wanna say that that's pretty indiscreet but instead I tell her that he was shot. I don't know why I told that girl the truth. I really don't know.

"Hey, you!" I completely forgot the driver who was waiting at the door. "What about my money?"

"Oh, shut up! I'm coming!" I say and I turn to the receptionist. "Look, I gotta go. Here's my number. Call me if anything happens." I hand her a piece of paper and I leave -not too hurryingly, to tell you the truth- lighting an other cigarette on my way out.

"Hey! No smoking in the car!" Yeah. That's what you care about. I don't pay attention to him. He's an asshole anyway. Plus, who says I can't smoke in the car? There's no sign or anything like that. Oh wait. There is a sign. Fuck. I throw the cigarette inside the car.

"Oops..." I say ironically and the driver gives me a murderous look that could send shivers down anyone's spine. But not mine. I don't care at all about what he does.

"You stupid junkie!" he says and pushes me away. "Look what you did!" I don't react. "You are gonna pay for this too!" Yeah, right... I think, open the right backseat door and step inside the car. A few minutes later, after he cleaned the car floor mat, he entered the car too.

"Where?" he asks without looking at me as soon as he closes the door.

"Start driving and I'll tell you." I respond lighting an other cigarette.

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