30 Prompts, 30 Sentences

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30 Prompts: Found on Yahoo! Answers by typing: 30 random words

Note: Set in some time in the future, in random order of timeline. Title should read, 30 prompts, 30+ sentences, but that felt a little odd.


1) Revolution

He hates that she loves the sunrise, not because he'll never get to see it again, but because she insists on waking him up so they can wait for it together.

2) Unicorn

She made him cook for himself a week after he shattered her belief in Santa.

3) Flute

Neither of them can play a musical instrument to save a life and neither of them use wineglasses.

4) Robot

They both believe that at some point, Igawa is either going to make a robot, or turn into one.

5) Wings

Sometimes, Haruka could've sworn that she can see wings on Mamorus back... and he made them look kickass.

6) Paint

They had the house bright purple, a monstrosity in a neighbourhood of white, and no one dared say a thing because the owner of the house was blind.

7) Portal

On their first night, she had to lead him into the room because Igawa needed to fix his glasses. Her gentle hands guided him as if pulling him into a better world.

8) Antelope

When she told him they ran out of meat, he walked out the door with his katana and returned five hours later with an antelope's carcass.

9) Tropical

He liked it best when they go to tropical countries because of the way her sweat-drenched clothes hung to her.

10) Fortune

The day her fortune cookie read, "Good fortune will come to you," Mamoru tore her favourite shirt in his haste to get it off.

11) Halloween

He dressed up as an ancient sword fighter and she dressed up as the person who made sure he didn't get anyone killed.

12) Moss

He chuckled when she insulted his persistence by calling him a moss.

13) Jitter

The swordsman's hands shook so much that Haruka sighed and started undressing herself.

14) Grape

The only fruit he agrees to eat are the ones small enough to fit into her mouth.

15) Bubble

He still finds it adorable when he catches her playing with bubbles in the bath.

16) Snore

She thinks it's suspicious that he only snores when they're at meetings.

17) Mantle

The previous owner of the house had dark red curtains which Haruka promptly tore off and replaced with bright blue ones.

18) Flash

It was completely accidental when the normally composed Dai tripped on a piece of paper and fell onto Haruka, bumping lips in the process. Igawa keeps the picture as blackmail material.

19) Mouse

Her classmates teased her fear of mice consistently until they saw the way she handled a katana.

20) Canada

"No," says Mamoru when asked whether they would like to go there for their honeymoon.

21) Knuckles

He couldn't help but think of the irony of it all when he had to clean her knuckles for her because she left-hooked a guy who made fun of his glasses.

22) Zombie

She squealed and hid in his shirt... which promptly turned into a make out session.

23) Watermelon

Mamoru doesn't eat watermelon.

24) Banner

Igawa thought it was funny that they had a banner on their wedding registry that read: "Fuck off"

25) Pikachu (of if that doesn't count, Metallic)

What Mamoru will never realize was that he was a replacement for Haruka's many stuff toys.

26) Milkshake

Mamoru makes milkshakes that people are willing to kill for.

27) Crayon

She drew with crayon because they only have so many colours available and because she can throw away her reds without missing any other colours.

28) Sock

He didn't think socks would have any particular meaning until Haruka reminded him that there were the only piece of clothing they failed to take off on their wedding night.

29) Sea Turtle

Mamoru had nothing personal against sea turtles until Haruka insisted he swim with them.

30) Quarterback

The Quarterback who had a crush on Haruka was promptly terrified out of his crush by the tip of an umbrella on his neck on rainy day.

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