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1) Inability

Haruka punishes his so-called 'inability' to put down the toilet seat by offering him chopsticks for his dish of peas.

2) Dilemma

It wasn't exactly a dilemma, but Mamoru heard 'Victoria's secret' and 'thongs' in the same sentence and decided that the meeting wasn't all that important anyways.

3) Potato

She chopped them into little pieces and throws them into a pot, knowing full well that Mamoru hates mashed potatoes but not caring because he had just ruined her fifth pair of tights.

4) Proper

She told him it was only appropriate that they wear wedding attire for their wedding despite Mamoru's insistence he was wearing the right clothes all the time.

5) Anatomy

She never pegged him as one to have weak spots until she nibbled his ear in a moment of curiosity.

6) Convenience

They told everyone that it was just a matter of convenience that they should get married and live together; everybody knew better.

7) Share

He doesn't share very well, so when they suggested asking Haruka to seduce the guards, the temperature in the room dropped and breathing became a challenge.

8) Pilot

He made her learn to fly a plane when she was eighteen and they discovered that Haruka has a knack for operating airborne vehicles.

9) Scandalous

'Haruka drinks tea without sugar,' Mamoru told Igawa, not realizing that he was harbouring a disgusted look on his face.

10) Snake

'A snake?' Haruka said, her eye twitching at his suggestion of a good house pet.

11) Bush

If he weren't careful at hiding her weapons, Haruka would shoot at every movement in the bush.

12) Wall

When she came back uninjured from her first solo mission, Mamoru pushed her against the wall and kissed her senseless.

13) Juxtapose

It never occurred to everyone that they've never seen one without the other, inseparable as they are, until she had to go overseas for her masters.

14) Airport

Heads turned when she walked out of the plane, her blond hair and bright smile a sharp contrast to the weary faces of her fellow passengers, and the men sighed in envy when she went straight into the arms of a blind man in a tux.

15) Alleyway

She tries not to use shortcuts, but the dark draws her in sometimes and she remembers where they first met.

16) Garden

He plants a multitude of colors in their backyard and she arranges them alphabetically.

17) Queen

She became known as the queen of the shooting arena because she can do the impossible with her premonitions; she only does it so that she can stop thinking of all the worst case scenarios for her friends to die.

18) Dessert

She didn't need to know how to cook wonderful meals, all she needed to know was how to prepare the perfect cake to get Mamoru to go home in time.

19) Bone

Their first warning of the dark days to come was a single bone of the right trigger finger.

20) Superfluous

They received five more of the fleshless bones in the next five days and on the sixth, a message saying, 'We're coming for Haruka.'

21) Game

It was all a game to him; the fighting was just a means to sharpen his swordsman skills until it became his only way to win her back.

22) Curls

Her hair, wrapped in a map of the world, was sent in a black box decorated in red ribbons, taunting their inability to find her.

23) Sand

She felt the sand beneath her feet and contemplated running towards the ocean, but images of bullets whizzing towards her prevented her for doing anything of the sort.

24) Alien

The idea of going home to an empty house without her baking and teasing was so uninviting that he did not step foot in their house for the entire length of her disappearance.

25) Book

No one could escape her college books, scattered across their base, reminding them that they're missing a vital part of their crew.

26) Pressure

Every passing minute felt as if they were being slowly deprived of air, so when she found her way back to them two days later, it felt as if she brought a fresh batch of oxygen back into their lives.

27) Mayhem

It was pointless and needless violence, but it made everyone feel better.

28) Wardrobe

Her attempts to swap Mamoru's collection of black tees with baby blue and light green shirts were rewarded with a pile of lacerated cloths.

29) Deceiver

They never thought she'd be any good at lying until she admitted that she only managed to escape because of her 'incredible and awesome lies!' though she would never tell them what.

30) Bikini

'Good thing I'm not wearing any then,' she said with a smirk when Mamoru commented on how impossible it was to take them off.

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